Chapter 189: Wind Magic Beast, Lan Yi (1)

While Yun Feng quietly sized up Lan Yi, Lan Yi also looked at Yun Feng silently.
However, a long-lost passion burst out of his blue eyes, like fire hidden in an iceberg, cold on the outside and scorching on the inside!

Lan Yi’s arm stretched forward slowly and he pointed at Yun Feng with his finger.
“Human, let’s fight!”

Yun Feng curled her lips and smiled when she heard this.
The young man on the side also smiled abruptly.
“Old man, Lan Yi seemed to be having fun.
When have you seen him so excited before? He spoke voluntarily.

The old voice also chuckled.
“Human, this will be a one-on-one battle.
Do you understand?”

Yun Feng’s smile at the corners of her mouth became even wider.
“Of course!” She wasn’t planning to let Little Fire out at all.
That short and powerful wand appeared in Yun Feng’s hand again.
She infused her mental strength inside the wand as the six crystals on the wand emitted beams of dazzling light!

Lan Yi looked at Yun Feng’s weapon and there was even stronger excitement in his blue eyes.
His body flashed and had already started attacking!

“Haha, Lan Yi is so anxious.
I was planning to enjoy the show.” The young man with gray eyes laughed weirdly as he saw Lan Yi rush forward.

Yun Feng only felt that her vision was blurred.
Her body sensitively turned to the side as a gust of wind flashed right next to her dangerously.
Looking at Lan Yi who had already turned into blue light, Yun Feng decisively waved the wand in her hand!

“Fire Arrow!” An arrow formed by the fire element immediately gathered around Yun Feng’s wand and shot out, aiming at Lan Yi’s body!

Lan Yi’s eyes didn’t even blink.
He stood there without moving at all, while Yun Feng watched her Fire Arrow hit Lan Yi’s body quickly!

The moment the Fire Arrow touched Lan Yi’s body, it pierced through it! Yun Feng’s black eyes popped out and she was terrified in her mind.
A shadow!

After the Fire Arrow touched the shadow, it immediately vanished and Yun Feng only felt a gust of blade-like wind appear behind her abruptly, attacking her back very fiercely!

“Earth Shield!” Yun Feng shouted.
The blade-like wind was attacking too quickly and her body couldn’t dodge in time at all.
She could only use the Earth Shield to block in front of her.
The blade-like wind clashed against the Earth Shield, as the wind dissipated and the Earth Shield immediately shattered as well!

What speed was this? Yun Feng stood right where she was.
She dared not make any excessive moves right now.
Lan Yi’s body kept flashing in the sky continuously, but those bodies were all shadows!

Being able to leave behind afterimages, how fast was he? The shadows were left in this space one after another, as if there were countless Lan Yi attacking her!

Yun Feng suddenly felt like she was trapped, trapped by countless shadows.
She could only withstand the attacks from the blade-like wind from all directions passively.
If she was careless, the blade-like wind would penetrate her body!

Many Earth Shields rose in front of Yun Feng and they all shattered one after another under the clashes of the blade-like wind.
The speed of the appearance of the Earth Shields and blade-like wind was almost the same.
Apart from defense, Yun Feng couldn’t do anything else at all!

“Tut-tut, this girl is a double-element mage.
That’s quite rare.” The young man with gray eyes looked at Yun Feng’s Earth Shields and whispered.
The old voice only chuckled.
“Lan Yi has only used half of his strength.
If that’s what the human has got, I’ll have to send her out later.”

The young man stood in the air with an upset look.
Seeing that Yun Feng was in a situation where she could only defend, he couldn’t help feeling a bit unhappy.
He had a lot of hope for this little girl.
Was he really wrong about her?

“Damn it!” Yun Feng kept using the Earth Shields to block Lan Yi’s attacks.
The constant passivity made Yun Feng feel annoyed.
Meatball on Yun Feng’s shoulder only stood on her body and looked at Yun Feng worriedly.
If Meatball made a move, its speed would probably not lose to Lan Yi, but there was already a rule.
Yun Feng could only fight with him by herself!

“Human, is this all you’ve got?” Lan Yi’s voice came again.
Yun Feng saw four Lan Yi standing around her.
The next second, four gusts of blade-like wind slashed at Yun Feng from different angles!

“This is certainly not all I’ve got!” Yun Feng shouted with a deep voice as the wand in her hand suddenly emitted dazzling light.
“Earth Shield!” An Earth Shield that was completely different from the ones before rose.
This Earth Shield surrounded Yun Feng’s body firmly on all sides, making the four blade-like wind disappear completely!

This change made Lan Yi’s attack pause all of a sudden.
Yun Feng’s body flashed gently and she waved the wand in her hand abruptly.
“Earth Field, appear!”

Lan Yi’s shadows were all gone.
His original body stopped in the air and he gazed at Yun Feng without blinking.
The young man looked at the earth element surrounding Yun Feng’s wand in shock and suddenly burst into laughter.
“Old man, we still don’t know if Lan Yi will win or not.”

As Yun Feng yelled “Earth Field,” the earth element in the space suddenly surged and clouds of dust stirred up.
A radius of dozens of meters in the dimension had already become an enclosed space formed by the earth element completely, with Yun Feng as the center!

Yun Feng gazed at Lan Yi, who was locked up in the space, with her black eyes with a smile.
Since your speed is your greatest weapon, all I need to do is to restrain your speed completely!

As Lan Yi felt the rich earth element that filled the entire space, his body flashed once again.
However, different from before, even though there was still a shadow, it disappeared the next second and Yun Feng could see Lan Yi’s movements clearly!

“Fire Arrow!” Yun Feng waved the wand in her hand abruptly.
The Fire Arrow quickly shot towards a spot in the space swiftly.
Lan Yi looked at the fire element dashing towards him in shock as his body turned quickly and avoided the arrow barely.
Yun Feng smiled after seeing this scene.
Very Well! She couldn’t even touch his side earlier.
Right now, she could finally touch him!

“Interesting…” Lan Yi whispered.
Yun Feng stood there and replied to him, “You too.”

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