“Those people at the Martial Arts Institute are all older than thirty no matter how young they are.
Where did this little girl come from?”

“Maybe… Some masters like to go out in this form, so…”

The mercenaries immediately looked at each other and dared not say another word.
They only felt a gust of chilly wind and they all shivered slightly.
Luckily, they weren’t like that idiot earlier.
Many masters, who had reached the Commander Level, could maintain their youth and those at the Monarch Level could even change their appearance however they wanted.
The mercenaries didn’t believe that a little girl could have the power of level 5 or above.
Then, there was only one possibility.
The little girl was some hidden master who had changed her appearance.

The Commander Level! People like them would be killed if she waved her hand.
If she was truly at the more terrifying Monarch Level, one finger was enough to kill them!

Thinking of this, the mercenaries turned pale.
If this was really the truth, they could lose their lives anytime when that master was upset… The more they thought, the more frightened they were.
The master didn’t bother about what happened back then, or how would that idiot simply be thrown? He would have died!

The few of them looked at one another again and they all had a thought in their minds.
This wasn’t a place they could stay anymore.
That master didn’t seem to be happy after what happened.
Fortunately, she went into the Foggy Forest.
If the Magic Beasts in the Foggy Forest pissed her off again, they were far from enough for her to kill!

The mercenaries flashed and returned to their own stations at the fastest speed.
They packed their things neatly, then escaped in panic in front of the astonished and stunned eyes of other people.

The movement of the mercenaries immediately attracted the attention of people wandering around the border of the Foggy Forest, especially those who saw what Yun Feng did.
They all felt something was wrong after seeing those mercenaries leave and they became more anxious as they thought about it.
In the end, they all followed the first few mercenaries one after another and left that place!

It wasn’t a big deal if only a few mercenaries left, but it would be something when more and more mercenaries ran away with an anxious look! Eventually, a panic started to rise along the border area of the Foggy Forest.
As the number of mercenaries leaving increased, the panic grew worse.
In a blink, the crowded Foggy Forest became empty and nobody dared to stay there for long, apart from a few brave ones who were still there, hoping that they could become rich by catching a Magic Beast.

Chunfeng Town became famous because of the Foggy Forest and many people came to this place.
However, in the last few days, people who went out of the town brought back terrifying news.
More than half of the mercenaries wandering around the Foggy Forest were gone!

This news was undoubtedly quite a huge blow to Chunfeng Town.
Due to the influx of a large number of outsiders, Chunfeng Town made a lot of extra money with their excellent geographical location.
Now that most of them left, their income would drop a lot.
People were also making guesses and wondering, but those who went out to ask for more information didn’t get anything at all!

Sometimes, knowing something made people feel relieved, even though it wasn’t everything.
And yet, what was the most terrifying was that something was obviously happening and yet you had no idea about it, so you could only be doubtful, be ignorant and finally be fearful.

Thunderclouds gradually covered the sky above Chunfeng Town following the strange evacuation of the mercenaries.
At first, people only complained about the decrease in income, but then, they started to think that something terrifying seemed to have happened in the Foggy Forest.
The Foggy Forest was connected to the Beast Ridge.
Even though it was on the outermost of the Beast Ridge and the Magic Beasts appeared there were some harmless ones, nobody could guarantee a vicious Magic Beast wouldn’t show up someday.

If it really appeared, Chunfeng Town would be in danger of being slaughtered.

A few families in Chunfeng Town also got this plausible news, including the Yun family.
Although they weren’t as superior as they used to be, they had a certain amount of savings.
Yun Jing wasn’t worried like the other families did.
Only Yun Feng was staying with him right now.
His daughter might go out every day, but she always returned safely.
Yun Jing only told Yun Feng to be careful and didn’t tell her about the strange things happening in Chunfeng Town, so Yun Feng knew nothing.
Due to the chain reaction she accidentally caused after what she did, the teachers at the Martial Arts Institute also took actions in the end, but that was another story.

The first day Yun Feng entered the Foggy Forest, she was a bit surprised by the powerful energy in her body.
Several rabbits that seemed harmless ran past Yun Feng from time to time as she walked in the Foggy Forest.
Yun Feng sensed those rabbits with her mental strength slightly.
They were just level-1 Water Rabbits.”

“Kid, that man back there is a level-4 warrior, but you threw him away just like that.
If my guess is correct, the power of this body has already reached the standard of a level-5 warrior.” What the ancestor said undoubtedly made Yun Feng astonished.
A level-5 warrior! She was only nine this year and the power of her body had reached the standard of a level-5 warrior? Looking at her small hands, Yun Feng couldn’t believe it after all.
She looked up and saw a huge tree in front of her, a giant tree that only four people together could hold.
Yun Feng pondered for a second, then gathered the energy in her body to her palms and hit the giant tree hard!

“Bang!” A muffled sound came out of the trunk of the tree.
Then, Yun Feng seemed to see a black shadow flash in front of her eyes and ran to the side agilely.

“Crack! Whoosh! Bang!”

The sturdy giant tree fell on the ground heavily, creating a thunderous sound as if the ground shook a bit.
Yun Feng looked at the trunk lying next to her with her eyes popping out.
She only hit the tree once and it fell!

“Squeak, squeak!” The sound of a group of mice came from the bottom of the tree.
Yun Feng didn’t know how to react when she looked over.
The inside of the tree was hollowed out by the gophers and used as a nest, but what Yun Feng’s did just now destroyed their home.
The gophers might be a bit dumbfounded and they looked at Yun Feng in confusion.
Yun Feng smiled with embarrassment.

“Kid, looks like that mysterious energy transformed your body into a very powerful one.”

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