Chapter 188: The Rule (3)

“Senior, what do you mean?” Xiao Ling couldn’t help yelling as she looked at the things in front of her, but couldn’t take them.
Yan Yu was trying to grab one desperately on the side.
However, he could only watch that thing slip away from his hand with envy in his eyes.

“This is the rule.
Members of the Dragons can only take one thing away from here.
There are ten doors.
Choose one to get out.” The old voice sounded.
Xiao Ling and Yan Yu’s expressions both changed.
They could only take one thing out!

They spent so much effort to get in here and finally reached the eighth level, but they could only take on treasure out? Wasn’t this the Dragon Palace? Weren’t these the treasures of the Dragons? Why could they only take one thing out?

“Senior, this is a bit unfair to the Dragons!” Xiao Ling shouted loudly, while the old voice grunted coldly, “If you don’t even want one treasure, you can directly get out of here!”

Xiao Ling’s expression changed abruptly.
She knew that the owner of the voice might be angry, so she immediately ignored everything else and grabbed one thing that she could! “Yan Yu, take the most important one! We still have a chance in the future!”

Yan Yu’s anger was stuck in his throat and his face was so flushed that it became entirely red.
He looked at the treasures floating in the sky around him and finally gritted his teeth, taking one of the relatively important things.
“Have you already picked one?” The old voice sounded again.
Xiao Ling and Yan Yu both yelled out the things they wanted loudly.
The air then vibrated and everything else vanished immediately, except for those two treasures.

“Damn it!” Yan Yu and Xiao Ling felt anxious and furious in their minds as they watched the other treasures they found disappear in front of their eyes.
Yan Yu cursed softly, but there was nothing else they could do!

“Alright, choose a door and get out.” The old voice came again.
Yan Yu and Xiao Ling subconsciously glanced at Yun Feng.
If they went out, what about her?

“Senior, this human is a friend of the Dragons.
I wonder…” Xiao Ling said loudly as she thought of bringing Yun Feng out together.
She could never let Yun Feng stay in the Dragon Palace alone!

“Cut the crap!” The old voice suddenly shouted.
Xiao Ling’s face turned pale and she dared not say anything else.
Yun Feng stood aside, watching this silently.
How would she not understand what Xiao Ling was thinking? These two people must be unwilling to resign themselves to leave, so they wanted to drag her out as well.

Xiao Ling bit her lips as she looked at the ten doors before her and picked one randomly, standing in front of it.
Yan Yu was also the same.
With the lesson he got just then, he dared not put his hand on it easily again.

“Among these ten doors, one of them is connected to the ninth level, while the remaining nine doors are connected to the outside of the Dragon Palace.
After going out, you’ll not be allowed to enter the Dragon Palace again.”

The faces of Xiao Ling and Yan Yu turned pale again after hearing that.
Why didn’t he tell them earlier? Then, the two of them could discuss it! “Open!” The old voice resounded in the space, while Xiao Ling and Yan Yu’s doors also opened slowly in front of them.
They both held a belief in their minds, hoping that one of the two doors was connected to the path to the ninth level!

A burst of white light sucked both of their bodies in and the doors were immediately closed.
The space returned to silence again.
Yun Feng stood right there quietly without doing anything.
As a human that entered the Dragon Palace, she really didn’t know the attitude of the owner of the old voice towards her.
He didn’t seem friendly to the members of the Dragons just then, but this didn’t mean that he would be nice to humans.

“This is the first time I’ve seen a human.” The old voice sounded again, sounding like he was interested in Yun Feng.
“Humans certainly have their rules as well.”

As soon as the old voice finished talking, Yun Feng saw a door open quietly and a handsome teenage boy walked out of it.
The teenage boy had no expression on his face.
His facial features were gorgeous and one side of his face was covered with a weird painting.
Looking carefully, it seemed to be a blue wing, but only half of it.

Yun Feng couldn’t help but become vigilant when she saw the teenage boy come out.
The strength of that teenage boy was similar to hers.
They were both at level 8.
The old voice came again, “Human, if you can beat this opponent that has the same level as you, you’ll be qualified to enter the ninth level.”

To enter the ninth level? She would be qualified to enter the ninth level once she beat the teenage boy in front of her? That was it?

“Tut-tut, kid, don’t underestimate Lan Yi.
You’ll suffer when meeting him.” The young man’s mature voice sounded again.
The dimension shook and the young man’s body appeared.

Yun Feng looked at the expressionless teenage boy with a painted face in front of her eyes carefully, then looked up at the young man floating in the air.
What kind of weird rule was this? Members of the Dragons could choose a door and go through it themselves, but she had to fight? However, this wasn’t too bad either.

Yun Feng smiled and gave it a thought as the Ring of Contract appeared on her index finger.
“A summoner?” The old voice sounded with a bit of astonishment.
A young man laughed weirdly.
“Why? Didn’t I tell you about that?”

The old voice paused for a while and finally said, “Are you going to watch the drama, Yao Guang?”

The young man burst into laughter and his body suddenly flashed somewhere in the space.
“Of course, I want to watch the drama.
We’ve been locked up for so long.
It’s time for us to entertain ourselves.
Why? Do you feel bad for Lan Yi?”

“No, that boy chose it himself.” The old voice echoed in the space again.
The young man was startled after hearing that as he looked at the expressionless teenage boy, seeing a hint of anticipation and excitement in his black eyes.

“I see… Haha, looks like Lan Yi, this kid, has stayed here long enough… Just let the young people exercise a bit!”

The young man swung his sleeve and an enclosed invisible space surrounded him.
People outside couldn’t see him and couldn’t hear his voice.

“Old man, do you think she’s the person we’ve been waiting for?”

After a long time, the old voice sounded slowly, “Why don’t you make a bet? If she can’t even beat Lan Yi, we’ll only have to wait for the next one.”

The young man pondered, then laughed weirdly again.
“If she isn’t the one, I’m really going to be bored.”

The teenage man called Lan Yi was one head taller than Yun Feng.
His body was slim but strong.
As Yun Feng glanced over, she could roughly see that there was a blue wing-like pattern on one side of Lan Yi’s face.
Looking carefully right now, that pattern seemed to have already extended inside his body.
She couldn’t see it clearly because it was covered by his clothes, but there was also a similar blue wing on one side of his neck.

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