In the footage shown on the wall, Yan Yu and Xiao Ling were walking forward with excitement.
The young man looked at the two of them with a glint of light flashing through his gray pupils.
“I can’t believe they’re already on the fourth level.”


Yun Feng remained silent.
There were a total of nine levels in the Dragon Palace.
It was already not bad for Xiao Ling and Yan Yu to reach the fourth level.
They should have found quite a lot of treasures along the way.
The young man laughed weirdly again and sounds suddenly came from the footage that was still soundless just then.


“We can finally fulfil the expectations of the Dragons when we go back this time.” Yzn Yu Ling said to Xiao Ling as he raised the corners of his mouth.
Suddenly, something came to his mind and his face darkened a bit again.
“We must get Yun Feng’s dimension container no matter what!”


“Yan Yu, why are you still unwilling to give up? Things have come to this point already.
How can we explain to Young Master when we get back?” Xiao Ling yelled.
Thinking of Yun Feng, Xiao Ling was a bit annoyed, but Yan Yu still hadn’t gotten rid of this greedy idea, which was really…


“Don’t act like you’re moral.
I don’t believe that you’ve never been tempted by her dimension container!” Yan Yu glanced at Xiao Ling as Xiao Ling flushed.
“This… This is different…” “Why is it different? You and I have the same thought.
What about this? I take that container and we’ll share the things inside equally!”


Xiao Ling’s face even flushed.
“How can you do that?”


Yan Yu rolled his eyes.
“What are you afraid of? This thing was found by the two of us, so the stuff inside will certainly belong to you and me.
We don’t have to tell anyone in the Dragons.
Are you happy now? There must be a lot of good stuff in that dimension container.
Whoever sees it can have a share.
That’s interesting enough, right?”


Xiao Ling’s lips moved slightly after hearing that.
Yan Yu continued when he saw that, “The Dragons are only greedy for unowned things.
Now that the human is dead, her things certainly aren’t owned by anyone.
It’s not a big deal for us to take them away.
If you don’t want them, I’ll have them all to myself.”


“I didn’t mean that!” Xiao Ling immediately said after hearing what he said.
Yan Yu burst into laughter.
“If that’s the case, we should search quickly and try to get to higher levels, lest we can’t find the human’s dead body.
If that Senior didn’t stop me, I would have already taken it.
Let’s move faster!”


Xiao Ling nodded.
In front of morality and sentiment, selfishness and greed had the upper hand.
Yun Feng watched this with coldness in her eyes and didn’t make any sound.
The young man waved his hand as the footage on the wall disappeared.
He looked at Yun Feng with his gray eyes.
“Kid, do you want revenge? If you’re willing to beg me, I’ll think about it.”


Yun Feng didn’t say a word.
She glanced at the young man coldly and sat on the ground.
“Senior, I must thank you for allowing me to see the faces of these people clearly, but there’s no way to talk about revenge.
Didn’t you start the fight between them and me? If I really have to take revenge, I should take revenge on you.”


The young man was shocked after hearing that and his body spinned in the air abruptly, floating next to Yun Feng.
“Little girl, you’re quite good at talking.
Hm! You almost got me.”


Yun Feng smiled back at the young man.
“You too, Senior.
You almost got me too.
You don’t really have to do this if you want to use my hands to kill those two people.
With your strength, why do you need someone else’s hands to kill them for you?”


The young man narrowed his eyes slightly as he looked at Yun Feng and said with a weird smile, “Kid, you’re indeed not an ordinary person.
You’re the first one who can bargain with me.”


Yun Feng smiled.
She sat there without saying anything as she looked around this place.
Where exactly was this? Perhaps it was the old monster’s home?


“Tut-tut, since you’re the first one, I’ll tell you something.
This is the Dragon Palace.
As for the exact location…”


The young man was halfway through the sentence and suddenly stopped talking, looking like he was gloating.
Yun Feng immediately stood up.
“Senior, there is a limit to teasing people.”


The young man burst into laughter again and half of his body had already disappeared.
“Kid, you’re finally here.
Just let me tease you.
If you make me happy, you’ll certainly get your benefits.”


Yun Feng’s face abruptly darkened.
Before she could say anything, the young man had completely disappeared.
At the same time, a wall of the room suddenly opened.


“We’re finally on the fifth level!” Yan Yu’s excited voice came from behind.
Yun Feng stood right where she was with a cold look as she cursed that young man thousands of times in her mind.
Playing once wasn’t enough for him and he even wanted the second time? Perhaps there were really some problems with his brain after being stuck here?


The wall slowly opened.
The excited and emotional faces of Yan Yu and Xiao Ling completely froze when they saw Yun Feng inside the room.
Yan Yu was like he saw a ghost, while Xiao Ling trembled and reached her finger out, pointing at Yun Feng with a surprised look.


“You… You…”


Yun Feng looked at them face to face as her red lips curved up.
“What about me? I’m alive.
Are you feeling a bit sad about it?” Yun Feng still had a trace of good impression of Xiao Ling at first, but facts proved again and again that the Black Dragons were the same as the Red Dragons in nature.
Even though the Black Dragons treated her quite well, the trip to the Dragon Palace this time also completely cut off Yun Feng’s thought of getting close to any dragon.


“You’re alive! How is that possible? I…” Yan Yu let out a weird cry.
Seeing Yun Feng unscathed, Xiao Ling felt shocked and ashamed in her mind.
It was pretty good that Yun Feng didn’t die, but the relationship between them was a little embarrassing right now.


Yan Yu’s eyes rolled around and quickly searched the entire space.
He suddenly shouted, “Yun Feng, hand over the things that belong to the Dragons!”


Yun Feng burst into laughter after hearing that.
“Yan Yu, have you no shame? When did I take the things of the Dragons? Why don’t you ask if I even want them or not?”


The faces of Yan Yu and Xiao Ling darkened.
Yan Yu burst into laughter as the spear appeared in his hand again and he pointed the sharp tip straight at Yun Feng.
“You didn’t take anything? If you didn’t take the things of the Dragons, why is this place empty? You were injured like that before.
Why are you standing here again unscathed? How can you explain this if you didn’t take the treasures here? Hand them over obediently, or don’t blame me for not showing you mercy!”

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