Chapter 183: Digging Her Own Grave (2)

After the two of them got inside, the young man waved his sleeve again and the air in the dimension shook slightly, as if the invisible barrier appeared once again.

When everything returned to how it was at the beginning, the young man looked at Yun Feng with an intent stare for quite a while.
He couldn’t help feeling a bit disappointed when he found that she still wasn’t moving at all.

The young man waited for a bit patiently and finally lost all his interest.
He stood up while glancing at Yun Feng.
“Human, that’s what you’ve got? How disappointing…” The young man said as his body suddenly flashed and slowly vanished in the air like a phantom.

There wasn’t anyone else in this space, except for Yun Feng, who was lying on the ground and not moving at all.
The blood underneath her had already coagulated and there seemed to be a blood lotus blooming completely around her body.
That hideous wound on her back was healing at a visible speed.
Her muscles that had been slashed were also growing automatically and even her damaged skin was recovering slowly as well.

That wound on Yun Feng’s back finally disappeared completely.
Although her clothes were torn, the skin on her back was still fair and smooth without any scars at all.
Yun Feng lay on the ground as her chest suddenly emitted a beam of dazzling light, slowly enveloping her entire body.

An invisible force pulled Yun Feng’s entire body up and made it float into the air slowly.
It was also flipped over.
Her little face was pale and had no flush of blood at all, while her eyes were closed.
She was breathing faintly through her nose.
The black jade pendant Yun Feng wore around her neck was stuck on her skin and was constantly emitting dazzling light at this moment.
The light enveloped Yun Feng’s body firmly, as if she was undergoing a silent recovery.

This amazing scene was going on silently.
Yun Feng had no idea about it and was just lying there quietly.
Her pale little face seemed to start becoming a bit rosy gradually, but was still pale overall.

The dimension shook slightly again and the young man, who had already disappeared just then, showed up once more, watching this scene in front of him with curiosity and relief in his gray eyes.
“Haha, interesting, really interesting…”

“Kid, are you alright? Kid!” Yun Feng only felt like her soul was wandering, as if it would leave her body anytime.
She tried to open her eyes, but had no power at all.
The ancestor’s voice seemed to be floating to her from far far away, sounding unrealistic.

“Kid, wake up.
Wake up now!” The ancestor’s voice slowly got closer.
Yun Feng listened to it carefully, as if it was really in her ears.
There was only one thought in her mind: Wake up!

Her heavy eyelids finally opened barely.
Light rushed in abruptly and Yun Feng closed her eyes again.
She slowly opened them after adapting to the light.

This was an unusually spacious room.
Yun Feng sat up gently and subconsciously touched her back.
She didn’t forget the slash Yan Yu gave her on her back.
As she touched her back with her little hand, she surprisingly found that the wound there had already healed! Yun Feng looked at the black jade pendant on her chest.
It wasn’t moving at all right now, but Yun Feng knew that her injuries must have been healed completely by the Array of Life inside, or it would indeed be a bit unbelievable for her to restore such a perfect appearance in her state.

“Kid, you’re awake.”

A voice came.
Yun Feng’s body immediately tightened and hopped up easily, standing on the ground.
When Yun Feng felt the power in her body right now, she was slightly shocked.
This body seemed to be transformed again.
The energy each cell carried was different from that before and was much more powerful!

“Tut-tut, you’re truly lucky.” The voice sounded again.
Yun Feng’s black eyes immediately looked in a certain direction in the sky.
There wasn’t anyone in this space.
However, after a while, she saw that the air vibrated slightly and that creepy young man showed up in front of Yun Feng’s eyes again.

“Where is this place?” Yun Feng asked with a deep voice, being extra vigilant against the young man in front of her.
This was a perverted old monster.
He made that kind of a request and forced her into a desperate situation.
If she didn’t have an Array of Life in the black jade pendant, she would probably have died here.

The young man didn’t say anything.
He only looked at Yun Feng silently for a while, then finally grunted in disdain, “Little girl, you’re too weak now, so weak that I can crush you with one finger.”

Yun Feng remained silent and stood there quietly.
This old monster was right.
She was too weak.
A sneak attack from her back by Yan Yu had already sent her into this situation.
She truly wasn’t worth mentioning in front of this old monster.

“You’re right, Senior.
I’m indeed too weak.” Yun Feng admitted this fact very honestly.
The young man burst into laughter.
“You’re a person with self-knowledge.
You’re much stronger than those two people.” The young man said as he gently waved the sleeve of his black robe again.
The wall in the spacious room changed gradually.
Yun Feng looked over and surprisingly found the image of Yan Yu and Xiao Ling on it.

“Those two fools are quite lucky.
They got some treasures.” The young man looked at Xiao Ling and Yan Yu with coldness in his eyes.
Yun Feng also looked over and found that the two of them seemed a bit delighted.
They must have found a lot of treasures.
However, judging from the tone of this Senior, it seemed that he felt disdain for the two of them and detested them very much.
Perhaps there was a feud between this Senior and the Dragons, which was why he was trapped in the Dragon Palace? Yun Feng thought as she denied the idea again afterwards.
It was probably a piece of cake for him to get out with his strength.
Yun Feng didn’t forget that when this Senior talked about the life-saving jade pendants Ao Jin gave them, he said, “Jin Boy’s dragon breath isn’t enough.”

The Golden Dragons, who had the purest bloodline, the dragon breath of Ao Jin, who had already reached the Lord Level, wasn’t enough in front of him.
Perhaps his strength had gone beyond the Lord Level?

Thinking of this, Yun Feng’s heart suddenly tightened.
Beyond the Lord Level… No human beings had ever reached such a level.
If this Senior could stay here, he should be a Magic Beast.
Had the strength of Magic Beasts surpassed that of humans so much already? What was the level above the Lord Level like? She could imagine it by thinking about the strength of this creepy young man.
He could seal off a dimension by waving his hand and could control everything in this space, even taking away all the elemental force! She wouldn’t have the power to fight back at all when battling with such a person.
Weak, she was indeed too weak!

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