Chapter 181: Sudden Change of the Situation (5)

Little Fire howled and stood in front of Yun Feng, while the soft fur all over Meatball’s body also began to stand on end, but Yun Feng didn’t seem angry.
She only said in a deep tone with coldness on her face, “Is this how the Dragons treat people?”

Xiao Ling wanted to say something, but Yan Yu had already taken out his weapon.
“Yun Feng, for everything that belongs to the Dragons, we won’t show you mercy anymore!” Yan Yu shouted as he swung his weapon that was filled with fighting energy at Yun Feng.
“Roar!” Little Fire jumped forward after a roar and waved its claw to knock Yan Yu’s weapon to the side!

“Bastard, give me your life!” Yan Yu moved his spear to the side when he saw Little Fire and he immediately swung the spear to attack.
Little Fire also rushed forward to greet his attack without showing weakness.
This fight between a level-8 Mutated Magic Beast and a level-9 warrior was in a dead heat for a moment.

Xiao Ling looked at Yun Feng as she also took out her weapon slowly.
It was a scimitar! There were also six holes and six crystals on the blade!

Yun Feng also realized that this fight was inevitable when she saw this.
Xiao Ling glanced at Yun Feng and finally suppressed a little bit of guilt at the bottom of her heart.
“Yun Feng, don’t make me attack you.”

Yun Feng suddenly burst into laughter after hearing this.
“Why? Do you think you can beat me?”

Xiao Ling’s face flushed.
She was immediately angered out of embarrassment.
“Yun Feng, don’t you provoke the dignity of the Dragons again and again!”

Yun Feng sneered as she took out her wand slowly.
The eyes of the young man in the sky brightened abruptly when he saw Yun Feng’s wand.
He swung his black robe and a few small waves appeared in the air.
An invisible confined space enveloped Yun Feng, the two Dragons and Little Fire firmly!

Yun Feng looked at the young man in the sky.
There was a smile in the young man’s gray eyes.
What did he do exactly?

“Watch my scimitar!” Xiao Ling shouted furiously and the crystals on the scimitar emitted beams of light.
Yun Feng quickly infused her mental strength into the wand.
When she was about to use magic to resist Xiao Ling’s attack, she surprisingly found that she couldn’t sense the elemental force at all!

“Kid, this is a dimension blockade.
The space has already been controlled completely by that person and he has also taken the elemental force inside!” What the ancestor said made Yun Feng understand everything.
She quickly dodged and dangerously avoided the slash from Xiao Ling’s scimitar.
If the elemental force was taken away, this meant that… she couldn’t use her magic!

If a mage couldn’t mobilize the magic elements during a fight, she would be no different from a normal person.
In this aspect, summoners were much more powerful than mages.
Summoners didn’t only rely on magic to fight, they also had an even stronger companion, their contracted Magic Beast!

When facing a strong enemy and if the summoners couldn’t use magic for some reason, their contracted Magic Beasts could be considered a powerful combat force.
However, Yun Feng’s current situation was another thing.
Even though she had Little Fire, she was facing two opponents.
Little Fire was fighting with Yan Yu, so its hands were already full.
And since she couldn’t mobilize any elemental force right now, she would have to fight with a level-9 Dragon with her body!

Yun Feng was put in an obviously unequal balance.
If she was careless, she might just die here!

“Ha!” Xiao Ling made an attack and Yun Feng dodged again.
She knew clearly that if she resisted the attacks with her strength, she wouldn’t possibly be a match for Xiao Ling with her level-6 body! She could only avoid the attack again in panic as her brain started to move quickly to think about how she could solve this situation!

Xiao Ling couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief when she saw Yun Feng avoid her attacks.
She didn’t mean to hurt Yun Feng, but she was also in a dilemma right now.
If she didn’t give that little thing to the Senior, she and Yan Yu would return with empty hands, while a human stayed here! They couldn’t give those treasures in the Dragon Palace away to someone else.
This was the common idea that all members of the Dragons had!

So, Xiao Ling must get Meatball no matter what she said, but she didn’t want to hurt Yun Feng either.
Xiao Ling was also a bit angry.
She should just hand Meatball over.
Why did she have to fight like this? What an unpleasant personality!

Xiao Ling saw Yan Yu, who was entangled with Little Fire, and was very relieved.
Luckily, Yun Feng was fighting against her.
If this was Yan Yu, he would definitely kill Yun Feng cruelly.

“Yun Feng, why are you always hiding? Where’s your magic?” Xiao Ling couldn’t help but yell when she saw Yun Feng keep dodging, as if she wanted to remind Yun Feng.
Yun Feng’s expression changed slightly.
Her black eyes gazed at the young man, who had been smiling creepily in the air.

“Tut-tut, the girl from the Dragons, you should just fight quietly.” The young man said in a cold tone as he gently swung his sleeve.
Xiao Ling only felt that the familiar sound waves came again, hitting her body fiercely.

“Hm!” Xiao Ling clutched her chest in pain with a pale face.
“Little girl, if you hold back, you’ll be the one who dies!” The young man’s mature voice resounded in this space.
The expressions of Xiao Ling and Yun Feng changed.
Yun Feng gritted her teeth so hard that they chattered.
What an old monster! He forced her to exert herself like this!

“Nana, nanana!” Meatball rubbed its little body against Yun Feng’s cheek.
Yun Feng’s face darkened and she picked up Meatball at once.
“I won’t give you to that old monster!” Meatball’s big eyes looked shocked and a shining light then burst out.
It looked at Yun Feng with its glittering eyes and its chubby body wanted to struggle to pounce on Yun Feng’s face.
Yun Feng flushed as she swung her hand and threw Meatball into her bracelet.

Xiao Ling couldn’t help widening her eyes when she saw Yun Feng’s move and ghat Meatball disappeared in a blink.
“A dimension container? You have a dimension container!”

Yun Feng’s lips curled up and she snickered, “This isn’t the only thing I have.”

Xiao Ling bit her lips and stood there a bit embarrassedly.
A dimension container was something very precious.
Even among the Dragons, only a dozen of them had a dimension container.
However, Xiao Ling had no idea that things, which people thought were extremely precious and difficult to get, were as common as cabbages for Yun Feng, holding one in each hand.

A weapon with six crystals, high-level ores, ultimate ores, Magic Beasts, and even a dimension container right now, these things that Yun Feng had were enough to make her as rich as a country.

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