Chapter 180: Sudden Change of the Situation (4)

“Yan Yu, what do you think?” Xiao Ling asked Yan Yu softly.
Yan Yu looked serious and didn’t say anything.
“What’s your decision? You still have five seconds.

Yan Yu frowned tight as he glanced at Yun Feng and gritted his teeth fiercely.
“She indeed stood before you and me just then, but I don’t think she had a pure intention.
Besides, how would Yun Feng possibly resist the Senior’s attacks, considering his strength? She might just want a favor from us! Xiao Ling, we can’t let an outsider take away the things that belonged to the Dragons!”

Xiao Ling was still struggling and was a bit indecisive.
Yun Feng was certainly nothing to the Red Dragons.
They couldn’t even wait to hate her.
So, Yan Yu would definitely choose the second option.
And yet, she was different.
The Black Dragons were closer to Yun Feng and Ao Jin cared so much about Yun Feng.
If something happened to Yun Feng here, wouldn’t their Young Master be enraged? If she couldn’t explain to their Young Master, his anger would affect all the Black Dragons!

“What are you still thinking about? How would the Young Master kill his own kind for a human?” What Yan Yu said seemed like a wake-up call to Xiao Ling.
Right, how would their Young Master kill his own kind for a human? No matter how close Yun Feng and their Young Master were, they came from two different races.
In their Young Master’s heart, his own race was certainly closer to him.
After all, they were related by blood!

Thinking of this, Xiao Ling immediately felt much more relaxed and Yan Yu also heaved a sigh after seeing that.
“Tut-tut, time’s up!” The young man yelled weirdly.
Yan Yu opened his mouth and was about to speak, but the young man’s gray eyes glanced over directly.
“Shut up!”

Yan Yu’s heart tightened.
He subconsciously shut his mouth and dared not speak again.
Xiao Ling stood there and couldn’t help sweating as she watched the young man walk to Yun Feng.
This Senior was capricious and things he did were never predictable.
What if… Yan Yu and Xiao Ling both looked at Yun Feng anxiously as their hearts pounded.

“Human, tell me, which one do you want to choose?” The young man floated in front of Yun Feng and gazed into Yun Feng’s eyes with his gray eyes.
Yun Feng looked him in the eyes calmly.
“Senior, why do you have to drive a wedge between us?”

The young man was startled when he heard what she said.
After that, he burst into laughter.
“Human, you please me.
Tell me quickly.
What’s your choice?”

Yan Yu and Xiao Ling became nervous.
Yun Feng pleased that Senior? If she chose the first option and the Senior agreed.
What should they do? Would they be sent out just like that? How could it be like this?

“Senior!” Xiao Ling yelled loudly.
The young man was upset about being interrupted.
He turned around and looked at Xiao Ling.
This gaze gave Xiao Ling a chill down her spine and she subconsciously wanted to run away.
Luckily, she pretended to be calm and the corners of her mouth curved up to give a smile, which looked extremely reluctant.

“Senior, if you gave us some options, you should be fair.”

The young man couldn’t help but frown slightly after hearing that.
Little Fire next to Yun Feng then shouted at Xiao Ling, “The despicable, shameless and ungrateful Dragons!”

“Little Fire!” Yun Feng shouted with a deep voice.
Little Fire shut its mouth furiously and stayed next to Yun Feng quietly, but its eyes kept staring at Xiao Ling and Yan Yu.

“We’re not despicable, shameless and ungrateful.
Those things have always belonged to the Dragons.
Yun Feng is an outsider after all, so we must defend our treasures!” Yan Yu said as Xiao Ling next to him cupped her hand in the other in front of the young man.
“Senior, we choose the second option.
We believe that you won’t be cruel.”

Yun Feng raised her eyebrows gently and glanced at the two of them with a faint smile without saying a word.
The young man turned around.
“Human, it’s your turn now.”

“Senior, since they’ve already made a decision, I think I don’t need to say anything else.
I’ll leave everything for you to decide.” Yun Feng stood there with a smile at the corners of her mouth, neither humble nor arrogant.

Yan Yu and Xiao Ling were both relieved when they heard what Yun Feng said.
“Senior, since Yun Feng has already said so, we’ll also let you decide everything.” Xiao Ling smiled gently and charmingly, but the young man glanced at her coldly with quite a disdainful look.
Xiao Ling stood there in embarrassment.
Even though she was a bit angry, she dared not to show a hint of displeasure on her face.

The young man stood in the air and looked at the three of them with his gray eyes.
“Hahaha, now that you’ve already made your choices, don’t change it.”

“Senior, we won’t change our mind.” Yan Yu shouted loudly as the young man gave a weird laugh.
“I like to do everything the other way around.
Since you chose the second option, I’ll send you home!”

“Senior!” Yan Yu and Xiao Ling both yelled.
Xiao Ling looked at Yun Feng.
“Yun Feng, we…” Xiao Ling wanted to say something, but she suddenly didn’t know what she should say.
That smile at the corners of Yun Feng’s mouth didn’t change.
However, Little Fire next to her said softly, “You had it coming!”

Meatball also wiggled its body and yelled softly.
The young man abruptly gazed at Meatball with his gray eyes, as if he had found something interesting.
Yun Feng’s smile at the corners of her mouth disappeared.
Looking at the young man’s gaze, she inexplicably felt a little flustered.

“Tut-tut, I’ve changed my mind again.
If you can hand this thing over to me, I’ll let you enter.” The young man said to Yan Yu and Xiao Ling.
The two of them were startled and their gaze then landed on Meatball on Yun Feng’s shoulder.

Yun Feng cursed secretly in her heart.
What an old monster! How cunning!

The young man stood in the air and glanced at the three people below him.
The expression of enjoying the show he had earlier appeared again.
Yan Yu and Xiao Ling looked at each other and Xiao Ling came forward.
“Yun Feng, please help us this time for Young Master’s sake.”

Yun Feng didn’t say anything and she looked really bad.
She felt that these members of the Dragons were truly thick-skinned! “Help you? Do you want me to sacrifice myself to help you?”

Xiao Ling pressed her lips.
“That Senior is only interested in this little thing.
He won’t hurt it easily.
There are many precious treasures inside the Dragon Palace and there may even be Magic Beasts…”

Yun Feng stood there with a cold face, while Meatball on her shoulder gnashed its sharp teeth and its little face became extremely ferocious in an instant.
Yan Yu immediately came up after seeing this.
“Why are you talking nonsense to her? If she doesn’t listen to us, we’ll just snatch it from her directly!”

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