“That’s great! The other Martial Arts Institutes always did better than us in every past year.
This year, we can finally hold our heads high!” The level-6 old man said in excitement and sounded like he was venting his anger.

“It’s your fortune, principal.
However, Mei Bing has just reached level 4 not long ago and he still hasn’t consolidated his power.
Even though Lin Meng is just at the peak of level 3, he should also have touched the threshold for entering level 4.
Both of them should be comparable in strength.”

“Haha, it’s alright! They’re both talented young men.
No matter who gets the spot, it’s a blessing for Chunfeng Town! If Lin Meng really gets it, he’ll soon be able to rise from the peak of level 3 to level 4!”


The others looked at the principal inexplicably and nodded, but they were all murmuring in their minds.
The principal had been oppressed the last several years and would definitely not let go of the chance to make himself proud and satisfied again.


Chunfeng Town, the Foggy Forest.

Yun Feng sneaked out of the Yun family with an excuse, saying that she needed some air.
She met a lot of people along the way and most of them were mercenaries.
They all went to the Foggy Forest to hunt Magic Beasts, but usually returned miserably.
How would the Magic Beasts be so easy to hunt? The low-level Magic Beasts didn’t have a high value even though they could kill them.
Only the Magic Beasts above level 4 could make people interested.
No matter if it was the magic core or its fur, they were all popular goods.
And yet, Magic Beasts above level 4 were much more powerful than humans of the same level.
Even two level-5 warriors couldn’t kill them easily, so there were many people with high hopes but also a lot who were disappointed.


Watching the mercenaries that went into and out of the Foggy Forest constantly, Yun Feng didn’t say anything.
Such a little girl would certainly catch attention when appearing in this place.
When Yun Feng reached the verge of the Foggy Forest, a man that seemed to have a strong body came up.
His bare arms were extremely muscular.
Looking carefully, it was a level-4 warrior.

“Little girl! What are you doing here?”

Yun Feng stopped and lifted her head to look at the man standing in front of her.
However, she was a bit too short and could only look up slightly, which made her neck uncomfortable.

“You asked me what I’m doing here? I have no obligation to tell you.” Yun Feng said as she stepped forward and went around the man.
The question he asked was ridiculous.
Why should she tell him what she was doing here? The Foggy Forest wasn’t his territory.
Did she need to report to him when she entered?

When the man heard her, he immediately burst with anger.
He had just arrived in Chunfeng Town not long ago.
He came with a few level-4 brothers to try to hunt an intermediate-level Magic Beast.
If they could really succeed, they would become rich! However, even though they encountered the Magic Beast, he was the only one among the five of them to escape that forest alive.
He was already frustrated, but there was nowhere for him to vent his emotions.
Among the people who could wander in the Foggy Forest, who would be someone he could provoke? He only had the power of the intermediate level 4 and most people he met were at level 5 or even level 6!


He couldn’t vent his anger and all his brothers had died.
He didn’t make any money, and even lost it all.
He was too ashamed to go back, so he could only wander around this place.
Then, he finally saw a little girl who came from nowhere and was trying to vent his anger.
And yet, he had never thought the little girl would act smart with him!


“You little girl, stop right there!” The man pulled out the sword from his waist with a vicious look.
He stood in front of Yun Feng again and suddenly swung his sword, sticking it into the ground next to Yun Feng.


“Fuck! How dare you little girl talk back to me!” The man shouted loudly and caught other people’s attention.
Since this was already out of Chunfeng Town and people wandering around were mostly bloody and cold, no one stepped up to help when they saw a little girl like Yun Feng stop by the man.

A glint of impatience flashed through Yun Feng’s eyes.
She didn’t even lift her head this time.
It was impossible to talk to a dog barking madly in human language.
Why should she say anything if he wouldn’t understand her? She turned her steps and wanted to go around the man again.

When the man saw that, he felt like his dignity was seriously challenged.
He immediately put down the sword and shouted as the muscles on his body bulged in a heartbeat.
The fierceness of a level-4 warrior surged out and the onlookers around couldn’t help but take a few steps back.

“You fucking kid, I asked you to stand right there.
Are you deaf?” The man yelled as he grabbed Yun Feng’s small body with a thousand catties of strength in his hands. This damn kid, how dare she be disrespectful in front of an old man? If I don’t catch you and torture you, I’ll write my name backwards! 


The man’s huge hands immediately touched Yun Feng’s shoulders and he also gave a sinister smile.
People around all watched this coldly, but the next second, the coldness on their faces froze into ice!


A thousand-catty boulder was dropped on the ground, stirring up dust.
The man, who spoke arrogantly and tried to catch Yun Feng just then, was thrown away casually like a rag and he messily fell on the ground.
A deep pit was formed around his body!

Everyone couldn’t help but gasp and they looked at Yun Feng in inexplicable fear.
Just then… What did this little girl do? She threw that man.
Did they see it right? That was a level-4 warrior! If she could throw a level-4 warrior away like a rag, which level was she at? She should at least have level 5! This little girl who didn’t even look like she was ten, was a level-5 warrior! Was that a joke?

Yun Feng turned around slightly and glanced at the man, who fell on the ground nearby and still couldn’t get up right now, with a hint of coldness in her eyes.
She casually patted her clothes with her hands and kept moving forward.
People around subconsciously made way for her.

“Remember, don’t stand in my way from now on.”

When Yun Feng completely disappeared in the Foggy Forest, those passersby, who had been looking at her, all took a deep breath.
The man in the deep pit could only make a few sounds subconsciously at the moment and the arrogance he had back then was completely gone.
Meanwhile, he hated himself for provoking this girl.

“Who exactly is that little girl?” A few mercenaries who witnessed the scene came together as their eyes glittered constantly.
They were all at level 5, but when they saw what Yun Feng did just now, they also felt a bit terrified.

“Apart from those people at the Martial Arts Institute, nobody else in Chunfeng Town is above level 5, let alone just a little girl!”


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