Chapter 177: Sudden Change of the Situation (1)

Yun Feng chuckled.
Little Fire next to her also looked at Yan Yu in disdain.
“My Master doesn’t want your things.
She doesn’t care about that!”

Meatball on Yun Feng’s shoulder wiggled its butt a few times to express how disdainful it was.
“She doesn’t care? If she doesn’t care, she’ll just wait here!” Yan Yu shouted loudly as he looked at Xiao Ling.
Xiao Ling struggled at the bottom of her heart and slowly came over.

“Yun Feng, why don’t you wait here? Things inside the Dragon Palace belong to the Dragons and the treasures left by that summoner don’t seem to be here either…”

Yun Feng smiled like she didn’t care.
The nature of the Dragons wasn’t only greedy, but also selfish.
They were afraid that their things would fall into other people’s hands.
Yun Feng glanced at the Black Dragons and the Red Dragons as she smiled.
“Since I’m here, I certainly have the right to enter the Dragon Palace as well.
Believe it or not, I’m not interested in the treasures of the Dragons at all.”

Yan Yu was immediately a bit furious after hearing that.
Yun Feng’s attitude towards the Dragons wasn’t respectful at all.
She put the Dragons on an equal position as herself, but for most of the Dragons, the weak humans didn’t have the right to be on an equal footing with them.
Perhaps Yun Feng was an exception.
However, it was impossible for Yun Feng to reverse the contempt of the Dragons for the other weak races alone.

Although Yan Yu was defeated by Yun Feng, he still couldn’t resign himself to the result at the bottom of his heart.
The pride and dignity of the Dragons were provoked continuously.
Yan Yu couldn’t really repress his anger and Xiao Ling also felt relatively complicated.
The relationship between Yun Feng and Ao Jin, and the job her grandpa entrusted her with, it was indeed very hard to choose between all these things and the treasure of the Dragons.

“Yun Feng, are you really going in?” Xiao Ling asked as Yun Feng smiled.
“It’s not your decision to make if I’m going in or not.”

Xiao Ling looked ghastly when she heard this.
She selfishly didn’t want a human to enter the Dragon Palace either.
Would Yun Feng have the confidence that she would remain calm when she saw a good treasure? Even though there were eight members of the Dragons here and it should be enough to deal with Yun Feng alone, Xiao Ling was uncertain about it when she thought about Yun Feng’s unpredictable strength.

Who knew if this little girl had a card up in her sleeve? It would be fine if they didn’t fight.
Once they did, Yun Feng wouldn’t show mercy and the eight of them would lose more than they gained if they accidentally died here.

Xiao Ling pondered for a while.
“Yan Yu, Yun Feng was right.
You should just mind your own business.” Xiao Ling secretly gave Yan Yu a signal with her eyes.
Although Yan Yu still felt furious, he also swallowed his anger.
The Dragons might not be united on the inside, but they stuck together as one when facing an outsider of a different race.

So, the current situation was that, as a human being, someone from another race, the Red Dragons and the Black Dragons were on guard against Yun Feng.
Yun Feng certainly understood this as well, so she declared at the beginning that she would stand on neither side.

“Hm!” Yan Yu grunted.
Yun Feng sneered in her mind after seeing this.
It seemed that these eight dragons united secretly.
Fine, she was indeed an outsider after all.
Besides, she really wasn’t interested in the treasures in the Dragon Palace at all.
These selfish, greedy dragons thought too much.

“Alright, let’s go!” Yan Yu shouted as he dashed towards the Dragon Palace with the three members behind him.
Xiao Ling also went after them after seeing this.
Something suddenly came to her mind and she whispered to Yun Feng, “You should follow us.
The Dragon Palace is dangerous.
Grandpa asked me to take care of you.”

Yun Feng smiled and nodded to show that she agreed.
Although most parts of what Xiao Ling said were hypocritical, it was a reminder.
Xiao Ling was also relieved when Yun Feng agreed with her.
If Yun Feng was at the back, everything they found would belong to the Dragons.

The Black Dragons and the Red Dragons certainly shared the same thoughts, so their pace seemed like they were in a hurry.
Yun Feng followed behind them slowly.
She found it interesting to watch the eight of them go so quickly.

“What a hypocrite!” Little Fire scolded secretly with ridicule in its eyes.
Even though Magic Beasts were very greedy, they weren’t as hypocritical as the Dragons.
They were greedy, but they wanted to hide it.
Hiding their greed would only make it more conspicuous! As a Magic Beast, Little Fire also looked down on them!

Yun Feng smiled and squeezed Little Fire’s ear with one hand as she caressed Meatball’s little body with the other, asking the two of them not to be so angry.
“Just let them go.
How would it be so easy to enter the Dragon Palace?”

As expected, Yun Feng followed behind slowly and everyone was already a distance away.
Meanwhile, Yan Yu, Xiao Ling and the others, who had arrived, were standing there helplessly, all pulling a long face.

“What’s going on? Why can’t we get inside?” Yan Yu stared at the entrance of the Dragon Palace that was dozens of meters away.
When he stepped forward, his body was bounced back gently by an invisible barrier.
The same happened to Xiao Ling as well.
No matter how hard they tried, the result was the same.
The Dragon Palace was right in front of them, but they couldn’t get closer at all!

Yan Yu was so anxious that his eyes turned a bit red and he was restless and frustrated.
“Xiao Ling, do something! If that human comes and has a way to open this barrier, wouldn’t we have to give her the things that belong to the Dragons?”

Xiao Ling stood there and frowned.
Looking at the invisible barrier in the air, something suddenly came to her mind! “We’ve been using dragon blood to open the restrictions.
Will it be the same here…”

“That must be it!” Yan Yu tumbled to it.
He immediately made a cut in the middle of his palm as his dragon blood oozed out.
Xiao Ling couldn’t help but look at Yan Yu in disdain.
Yan Yu then smacked the invisible space in front of him fiercely with blood on his big hand!

“Buzz…” There was suddenly a sound that made people’s hearts tremble in the invisible air.
Yan Yu and Xiao Ling felt their vital energy and blood surged, and they immediately mobilized their fighting energy to envelop their bodies to barely survive the invisible attack of the sound wave.
Two of the other six people didn’t crush the life-saving jade pendant in time.
Following a scream, their bodies were torn and they died right away.

“What?” Yan Yu and Xiao Ling were extremely astonished when they saw this scene.
What… What exactly happened? “Yan Yu, you’re in great trouble!” Xiao Ling’s pupils shrank after seeing this.
Among the two people who died, one was from the Red Dragons and the other was from the Black Dragons.
The population of the Dragons was already small, and now, they lost two of them again for no reason!

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