Chapter 174: Dragon Palace (3)

Yun Feng looked at this barren land.
This was the place where the ancestors of the Dragons were buried? The area was indeed vast.
She couldn’t see the boundary at all and it looked like it was endless.

“Xiao Ling, let’s set some rules.” The Red Dragons didn’t start searching first, instead Yan Yu spoke to Xiao Ling, while Xiao Ling curled up her lips and smiled.

“What rules? Tell us.” The members of the Black Dragons and the Red Dragons all disliked one another and just kept provoking and demonstrating against the other party with their eyes.
Yun Feng stood aside in relaxation and took out her Ring of Contract, summoning Little Fire out.
She didn’t belong to any side, so she certainly had to bring a helper out.

When Yan Yu and Xiao Ling saw Little Fire, they both became anxious.
After that, the two of them turned their gazes away at the same time and looked at each other.
“My rule is to divide the area.”

“Divide the area?” Xiao Ling raised her eyebrows and asked as Yan Yu nodded.
“This area is wide and vast.
Even though a month isn’t a short time, we can’t possibly finish searching the entire area.
Besides, the location of the Dragon Palace isn’t fixed.
It’s really hard to find it.
We should just divide the area into different parts to explore, so we won’t waste our time this time.”

After hearing that, Xiao Ling thought this suggestion was quite reasonable.
Seeing that Xiao Ling didn’t disagree with him, Yan Yu continued, “Whoever finds the Dragon Palace must inform everyone else and have to wait until everyone arrives before entering the Dragon Palace to explore.”

Xiao Ling couldn’t help but frown when she heard this.
This suggestion didn’t seem to have any problem at first, but after thinking about it carefully, Xiao Ling felt like she would get the short end of the stick.
“What if one party goes inside without telling the other?”

Yan Yu sneered a few times.
“I’ll take care of the Red Dragons, and you the Black Dragons.
The responsibility lies solely with the two of us.
The others have nothing to do with that.”

Xiao Ling frowned and wanted to say something.
Yun Feng then came over at this moment.
“Guys, I’ll go first.”

Yan Yu was startled.
“Human, what did you say?”

“What don’t you understand? Your negotiation is your business.
What does it have to do with me? You set your rules and I’ll go my own way.
Understand? Also… Let me say this again.
I have a name.” Yun Feng glanced at Yan Yu with coldness in her eyes.
Yan Yu felt his throat tighten.

“Alright, take you time.
I’ll go first!” Yun Feng hopped onto Little Fire’s body with a perfect jump as Little Fire glanced over the eight people with a teasing look.
Its body sped forward at a high speed and had already disappeared!

“Human… Yun Feng! Damn it! How dare you!” Yan Yu was enraged as he watched Yun Feng leave.
He shouted with his face flushing, but Yun Feng didn’t even look at him.

“Why are you still yelling? She’s right.” Xiao Ling watched Yun Feng leave and said with a low voice.
Although her grandpa asked her to keep an eye on that little girl’s safety, Yun Feng ran away by herself.
So she had nothing to do with it.

Xiao Ling didn’t have a bad heart, but when she was involved with Ao Jin, her not-bad heart became very little.
She intentionally let Yun Feng go out of anger.
Besides, after witnessing Yun Feng’s strength, Xiao Ling also thought that she wouldn’t have any problem.
Even if something happened, didn’t she have the jade pendant as well?

“Hm! Of course, you’d say that.
Yun Feng and the Black Dragons stand on the same side!” Yan Yu glanced at Xiao Ling furiously, while Xiao Ling laughed in disdain.

“Yan Yu, are you jealous? The Black Dragons have never asked Yun Feng to stand on our side.
I wonder if the Red Dragons have done so?’

Yan Yu looked a bit embarrassed, and so were the other three members.
Xiao Ling also understood after seeing this.
“What Yun Feng does has nothing to do with the Black Dragons.
We can’t restrain her.
I can accept your rules.
If that’s the case, we’ll go this way and you’ll go that way.”

Xiao Ling showed Yan Yu the directions and Yan Yu’s face immediately flushed.
A suffocating anger suddenly burst out from the bottom of his heart.
He was so enraged that he couldn’t say a word.
Xiao Ling smiled charmingly as she flipped her silver hair, running in the direction that Yun Feng went with the other three members of the Black Dragons.

“Yan Yu, what should we do?” The Red Dragons were so furious that they couldn’t speak as they watched Xiao Ling and the others leave.
“The Black Dragons are too cunning! They’re chasing after Yun Feng.
Doesn’t it mean that they’re together? They even denied their relationship with her repeatedly.
Hypocrites!” The woman among the Red Dragons shouted with anger on her face.
Yan Yu stared at the direction where Xiao Ling and others went fiercely and turned around in the end.

“Cut the crap.
Find the Dragon Palace in the shortest amount of time!” The others looked at each other and didn’t say anything else.
They all sped in the opposite direction.


Yun Feng rode Little Fire and kept running on this empty plain.
There were skeletons of different shapes everywhere and she could even see what these beasts had gone through before they died.

After coming to this place, Meatball, who had been crouching on Yun Feng’s shoulder obediently, suddenly got up.
It stood on Yun Feng’s shoulder and glanced around this barren land with its huge eyes, looking a bit excited.

“Why? Is there something you like to eat here?” Yun Feng asked Meatball as Meatball nodded its little head hard.
Yun Feng was startled.
She couldn’t help but glance around the plain again.
Meatball liked ores.
Perhaps there were advanced mineral veins or even ultimate mineral veins here?

Yun Feng used her hand to lift Meatball up by its neck and put it in front of her, looking at its cute little face.
“I’ll be straight with you first.
We came here for proper business.
If you get lost, don’t blame me for not being able to get out.”

Hearing that, there seemed to be a glint of struggle flashing in Meatball’s eyes.
After struggling in its mind for a while, it finally nodded its little head.
Yun Feng smiled and let Meatball go.
Meatball returned to Yun Feng’s shoulder again, not looking as energetic as it was earlier.
After all, it was useless even if it was energetic.
If Meatball really got lost, Meatball would lose Yun Feng.

Little Fire kept running without stopping and asked with slight frustration, “Master, where are we going? Where am I running to? The place is so vast that it’s endless and there’s nothing here at all.

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