ragons be?

Yun Feng thought as the enthusiasm in her bones started surging silently.
This time, she would definitely get something!

As the sound of the dragon came, a deep, loud noise also sounded in the air.
In front of everyone’s eyes, the dimension was slowly torn apart by a pair of invisible hands, showing an extremely dark black hole.
The air around the black hole seemed to be distorted.
Ao Jin’s golden eyes flashed as his fighting energy also burst out in a heartbeat.
The Dragon Palace that had been closed for a thousand years was opened again in front of the eyes of the Dragons and that door that had been covered with dust for thousands of years also opened slowly!

Golden stairs extended constantly from the black hole.
The members of the Black Dragons and the Red Dragons all waited eagerly with excitement on their faces.
As for the eight members who got the spots, even the outstanding ones, Yan Yu and Xiao Ling, couldn’t suppress their excitement.
They looked at the golden stairs and the giant black hole on the other side with enthusiasm in their eyes.

“Get up there.” Ao Jin said as the eight of them quickly stepped on the stairs and Yun Feng also walked up.
“Kid!” Ao Jin yelled.
Yun Feng turned around.

“Don’t push yourself too hard.
If you can’t find them, I’ll open the palace again!” There was uncontrollable worry in Ao Jin’s eyes.
Yun Feng looked at him and gave a smile on her little face.
“Uncle Flirtatious, don’t worry.
I’ll be fine.”

Ao Jin didn’t say anything else.
He just waved his big hand as the golden stairs kept shrinking and shrinking, and the nine people on the stairs all went into the black hole.
A passage formed by a stream of faint golden light remained in the middle of the black hole.
This passage was connected to the stone on Ao Jin’s palm.

Ao Jin watched Yun Feng go in and cursed with a soft voice.
Elder Qi came over.
“Don’t worry, Young Master.
With Yun Feng’s strength, she’ll definitely be fine.
Besides, Xiao Ling will keep an eye on her.”

Ao Jin pursed his lips.
Even though he didn’t know how dangerous it was inside, they lost several members of the Dragons every time they entered, which showed that it wasn’t easy to survive there.
If something happened to this girl… A hint of ferociousness flashed across Ao Jin’s handsome, sculpture-like face.
After that, something came to his mind again and he couldn’t help but chuckle with a self-mocking look.
Elder Qi was a bit frustrated when he saw that from the side, but Ao Jin wiped off the worried expression he had just then.

Why did he forget about it? With the Magic Beast that looked like a meatball, how many Magic Beasts inside could hurt that kid? He really worried too much.

The nine people stood on the stairs.
When the stairs got closer to the hole, the powerful distorted space around the hole made them instantly become serious.
Their level-8 and level-9 fighting energy gushed out to envelop their bodies immediately and Yun Feng’s mental strength also spread quickly, wrapping around herself and Meatball firmly.
After a slight shock, Yun Feng saw that everything in front of her turned dark and she had already been sucked into the black hole.

When the nine of them opened their eyes again, they were in a barren land, which was desolated and had gravel scattered everywhere.
There were a lot of animal bones, large and small, on the land.
Some of them remained on the ground and some were buried into the soil.
Anyway, this was a dead world without any living creatures, except for them.

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