Chapter 172: Dragon Palace (1)

Elder Qi smiled and replied, “Of course, of course.
I certainly know your heart clearly, but I must remind you that you have to be careful after entering the Dragon Palace.”

“Elder Qi, you mean there will be danger inside the Dragon Palace?”

Elder Qi put a smile on his wrinkled face.
“Yun Feng, the Dragon Palace is a forbidden ground of the Dragons, the place where our ancestors are buried.
That space has already undergone thousands of years of changes and the number of times the Dragon Palace has been opened is very limited.
Since the death of our ancestors, the Dragon Palace has only opened less than a hundred times and the time of opening each time is very short, just one month.”

“One month? Is the space in the Dragon Palace really vast?” Ao Jin occupied one spot, while the other nine of them would go into the Dragon Palace.
Could they not explore the whole place within a month? If that was the case, how enormous was the space in the Dragon Palace?

“Haha, you have no idea.
The space in the Dragon Palace is extremely large and it’s also quite exquisite.”

Yun Feng’s eyebrows moved slightly.
Elder Qi spoke with a smile and didn’t mind telling a human being all the information about the Dragon Palace at all, or perhaps Ao Jin asked him to.
It didn’t help at all even if Yun Feng knew about these things.
She only kind of knew about it beforehand.
It was already a problem for humans to get into Dragon Valley.
Besides, only Ao Jin could open the Dragon Palace.
With Ao Jin’s current strength, how would any human being be able to threaten Ao Jin to open the Dragon Palace?

So, it wasn’t a big deal to reveal the unimportant information.
Elder Qi also said without worrying about anything, “There are nine levels in the Dragon Palace.
Each level is an individual space.
The higher the level, the more precious and rare treasures there are.
However, no one knows what will happen inside the Dragon Palace.
According to the Dragons who have been there, you’ll be attacked by some Magic Beasts, seemingly the Magic Beasts that guard the Dragon Palace.”

Yun Feng’s heart couldn’t help but become hot out of excitement after hearing this.
Magic Beasts? Magic Beasts were something she needed the most… The Magic Beasts that could guard the Dragon Palace should be quite powerful.
If she could contract with one of them… Yun Feng stopped thinking about it.
She forgot that her current level was only level 8.
A summoner couldn’t contract with Magic Beasts of a higher level.
It seemed that she and these Magic Beasts weren’t meant to be…

“Logically, shouldn’t the Magic Beasts that guard the Dragon Palace be friendly to the Dragons?”

Elder Qi shook his head.
“Thousands of years of evolution has made these Magic Beasts lose some of their emotions and they eventually began to just attack and repel the Dragons, or I should say, they want to take possession of everything in the Dragon Palace.”

Yun Feng slightly frowned when she heard this.
“Are the things left by that summoner in the Dragon Palace too?”

Elder Qi smiled wryly.
“Nobody knows about it.
We’re unable to find out which level of the Dragon Palace they’re on or if they were even in the Dragon Palace.
Perhaps you’ll need to find them yourself, little friend.”

One month.
If that space was truly extremely vast, how long would she need if she searched around by herself? How snobbish exactly were the Dragons? If she couldn’t find those things, she would certainly have to stay behind.
She couldn’t be sure when the Dragon Palace would open again next time.
Besides, she couldn’t keep staying here.
She must go back to Park City to take the admission exam of Masang School of Magic a year and a half later!

Her brother was still waiting for her at Masang School of Magic and she carried the responsibilities of the Yun family on her shoulders.
As Yun Feng thought about this, her little face became more and more serious.

“Yun Feng, you don’t need to hurry.
Please don’t act recklessly when you get in there.” Elder Qi exhorted Yun Feng.

Yun Feng nodded, but she had another thought in her mind.
What would the summoner who contracted with the Dragons leave behind? He must be someone who had never gone out into the world as well.
Then, the heritage left by such a figure would certainly make everyone so jealous that their eyes turned red.
The Dragons were no exception.
If they knew how to find the heritage left by the summoner, they wouldn’t have given her the chance to enter the Dragon Palace.

Yun Feng believed that Ao Jin didn’t have such a thought, but whether it was the Black Dragons or the Red Dragons, they were all thinking the same thing and they all put their hopes on her!

She also rejected the Red Dragons firmly when they tried to rope her in and cracked the whip during the competition for the spots.
It seemed that she really had to be cautious on this trip to the Dragon Palace to avoid being stabbed in the back.

Early in the morning, the entire Dragon Valley was already a bit busy.
Ao Jin held Yun Feng and flew all the way into the sky.
The golden wings on his back emitted beams of bright light.
There were more than a few hundred people flying in the sky, going outside in densely packed groups.
The sound of wings sliding across the air came.
Yun Feng looked back slightly.
The opening of the Dragon Palace was a huge event for the Dragons, otherwise everyone wouldn’t rush out from their homes.

The sight in front of her eyes was blurred and the space vibrated slightly.
Yun Feng only saw that the vast land of loess appeared before her again as gusts of chilly wind blew, stirring up clouds of dust.

There were countless huge stone pillars on the land of loess and many dragons with different postures twined around the surface of thestone pillars.
Some of them looked ferocious, some closed their eyes and some roared furiously…

Ao Jin stood on a stone pillar with Yun Feng as those who got the eight spots showed up one after another, while the remaining members of the Black Dragons and Red Dragons stood on the other stone pillars.

“Yun Feng, stay close to us after entering the Dragon Palace.” Xiao Ling came to Yun Feng and whispered as she glanced at the four members of the Red Dragons on the other side.

Yun Feng nodded and didn’t say anything.
She must accept people’s kindness, whether it was real or fake.
It wouldn’t cause any harm to her anyway.

Among the four members of the Red Dragons, Yan Yu stood there with a cold look, while two men and one woman followed behind him.
When Yun Feng glanced over, Yan Yu felt her gaze sensitively and he immediately looked back at her.
The lesson Yan Yu got after being defeated by Yun Feng last time was a wound that could never be healed and it left the Red Dragons unable to hold their heads up high.

Yun Feng smiled, while Yan Yu grunted and turned his head aside.
The other three members of the Red Dragons also looked bad and looked away.
Yun Feng shrugged as Xiao Ling grunted in disdain, “Hm, the Red Dragons are really good at pretending.
They’re deathly determined to save face.”

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