Chapter 171: Well-Deserved (3)

The whole venue was in complete silence and nobody dared to ask any questions.
Everything that happened just then was already enough to prove it! Yan Yu, a genius among the Red Dragons, a top figure in the entire Dragons, was backed into a corner like that by Yun Feng.
If it weren’t for Yan Ting, he might really have been killed in that Fire Field! Yun Feng was worthy of the spot.
It was well-deserved!

She put away her wand and slowly walked back.
Little Fire followed Yun Feng next to her as it completely ignored the curious gazes from the members of the Dragons along the way.

Yun Feng walked to Ao Jin and sat down.
Meatball then made a sound as it jumped onto Yun Feng’s shoulder and rubbed its little body against Yun Feng’s face joyfully, looking very happy.
Ao Jin couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief when he saw that Meatball was far away from him.
Seeing Yun Feng come back, his hand wanted to caress Yun Feng’s head happily, but he saw Meatball stick out its little face and gnash its sharp teeth.

“Ahem, kid, well done.
You gained face for me.” Ao Jin slowly retracted his hand as he put a relatively exaggerated smile on his handsome, sculpture-like face.
Yun Feng was a bit fearful when she saw this.
It was truly a waste to make such an expression with this perfect face.

Yun Feng smiled wryly and ignored Ao Jin.
Ao Jin looked at Meatball.
He wanted to touch Yun Feng, but dared not to.
He was afraid that Meatball would bite him.
The Dragons had very strong recovering ability.
The wounds Meatball caused on the back of Ao Jin’s hand had already recovered completely, but he couldn’t let it bite him at every turn.
If Meatball became vicious one day and injured a dragon’s heart, that dragon would die eventually even with strong abilities.

Ao Jin was so afraid that he dared not touch Yun Feng and anger rose abruptly in his mind.
“Continue the competition! Fight well!” Ao Jin’s sudden shout made the Red Dragons and the Black Dragons a bit shocked.
Although their Young Master’s temper was a little strange, he was rarely this unreasonable.

Ao Jin sat there furiously, while Yun Feng was wondering why his temper changed so suddenly.
She didn’t notice the smug smile in Meatball’s big pair of eyes.

The competition for the spots to the Dragon Palace continued.
However, after the fight between Yun Feng and Yan Yu just now, everyone was a bit shocked and they didn’t show much passion for the following battles.
Xiao Ling and Yan Yu didn’t get to fight and the others couldn’t see this exciting battle.
The results soon came out.
The Red Dragons and the Black Dragons each got four spots, which was quite fair.

Ao Jin nodded as he looked at the four qualified members of the Red Dragons and the Black Dragons respectively.
“It’ll be time for the Dragon Palace to open in three days.
All of you, listen up.
Don’t make me look down on you!”

The expressions of the eight members of the Red Dragons and the Black Dragons couldn’t help but change and they all answered “yes” with a deep voice.
Ao Jin then waved his hand.
“Alright, dismissed.”

Elder Qi shook his head, and sighed again and again, by the side.
Yun Feng also smiled a bit speechlessly.
There was truly an unspeakable sadness that the Dragons had such a Young Master…

When everyone left, Ao Jin stretched his body lazily.
“Kid, I’ll take you around to have some fun after arriving in the Dragon Palace.
There are quite a lot of treasures inside.”

Elder Qi sighed on the side.
“Young Master, the Dragon Palace is dangerous.
You better not run around.”

“You’re really naggy.
Isn’t the Dragon Palace left by the ancestors? How could it hurt me no matter how dangerous it is?”

Elder Qi was startled.
What he said was right.
His Young Master’s strength had already reached the peak, but… “Young Master, don’t forget that… you can’t get into the Dragon Palace.”

Yun Feng was also shocked when she heard this.
Wasn’t Uncle Flirtatious coming with her? Hearing this, Ao Jin finally reacted and he scratched the back of his neck in embarrassment.
“Oh, this… I forgot about it…”

“Why isn’t Uncle Flirtatious going in?”

Elder Qi explained, “Young Master needs to open the Dragon Palace and has to continue keeping it open, so he certainly can’t enter.”

Yun Feng understood now.
Ao Jin occupied one of the ten spots only to open the Dragon Palace and keep it open, while the other nine people went inside.
If Ao Jin could get in, he would probably be able to take all the treasures in there in a heartbeat.

“Don’t worry, kid.
Whoever dares to lay a hand on you, I’ll kill him first.” Ao Jin said furiously as Yun Feng shook her head.
Elder Qi watched the two of them from the side with his gaze bouncing back and forth.
Xiao Ling came up at this moment and gently pulled her grandpa’s sleeve.
Elder Qi understood what she meant, so they walked aside together.

“Why, Xiao Ling?” Elder Qi saw that his granddaughter seemed to have something to say, so he asked.

“Grandpa…” Xiao Ling looked at Yun Feng and took a deep breath.
“Yun Feng is a multi-element mage!”

“What did you say? A multi-element mage?” Elder Qi’s eyes widened as he subconsciously turned around and glanced at Yun Feng with shock and pressure surging in his eyes that were full of vicissitudes.
It was already astonishing that she had such strength at this age, and now, she turned out to be a multi-element mage?

Xiao Ling nodded.
“Water element, fire element, earth element.
I saw her use the magic of these three elements with my own eyes! I think… I think that there are more than three…”

Elder Qi’s pupils shrank abruptly and his face twitched.
“More than three… How is that possible?” Elder Qi’s eyes stared at Yun Feng firmly.
Who was she? Who exactly was she?


There was still a day until the Dragon Palace opened.
The Dragons that could get into the Dragon Palace had already been chosen and the eight of them were all preparing for it.
Yun Feng was the most relaxed one.
She didn’t care about the treasures of the ancestors of the Dragons at all.
What she cared about was the things that the summoner left behind.

“Yun Feng, haha.” Elder Qi came all the way over.
Yun Feng was sitting in a small garden in relaxation, thinking about something, when she saw Elder Qi come up with a smile.

“Elder Qi.” Yun Feng stood up as Elder Qi glanced at her.
“It’ll be time to enter the Dragon Palace tomorrow.
Young Master asked me to come by.
Yun Feng, just ask me if you have any questions.”

Yun Feng raised her eyebrows.
Ao Jin surprisingly wasn’t free today.
He probably had to prepare for the opening of the Dragon Palace.
Yun Feng smiled.
“I’m not interested in the things in the Dragon Palace.
Elder Qi, you should know that.”

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