Chapter 169: Well-Deserved (1)

“Try to talk bullshit again! When has Yan Yu ever lost before?” The Red Dragons didn’t hold back anymore.
They couldn’t stand the provocation of the Black Dragons and felt stripped of their dignity, so they raised their voices and shouted.

“I’m just speaking facts! Everyone sees that.
If Yan Yu doesn’t surrender, what should he do?”

“Right, Yan Yu, if you can’t beat her, just concede defeat!” The Black Dragons burst into laughter.
Xiao Ling also gazed at Yan Yu with an interested look, feeling delighted.
Yan Yu, you’re so stubborn.
You should know how powerful a summoner is, right? It’s not too late to surrender now.
It’s not too embarrassing.

The faces of the Red Dragons all flushed after hearing this and they kept yelling at the top of their lungs.
Yan Ting sat there and also looked bad.
Seeing Yan Yu like that, he was a bit embarrassed as well.

Ao Jin sat in the main seat and watched the two parties shout their heads off, but he wasn’t planning to stop them.
His eyes looked more like he was gloating at them and was enjoying the drama.

Yan Yu stood there and looked at Yun Feng and Little Fire with a glint of viciousness flashing through the bottom of his eyes, while the spear in his hand buzzed again.
Little Fire had already jumped up and was about to pounce on him again!

“I’ll deal with you animal first!” Yan Yu yelled viciousnessly as he swung his spear fiercely in the air.
Yun Feng’s heart immediately tightened when she saw this and she quickly waved her wand.
“Earth Shield!”

Little Fire also noticed how vicious Yan Yu was, but it seemed impossible for it to step back anymore.
It felt the spear coming right at it with suffocating pressure!

“Total Annihilation!” Yan Yu shouted.
His spear let out a deep humming sound like a dragon and his level-9 fighting energy flashed towards Little Fire’s body fiercely!

Little Fire’s body tightened and it watched that spear swing at it.
However, before the spear reached Little Fire’s body, it saw the Earth Shield blocking in front of it firmly.

“Master!” Little Fire yelled as it swiftly fell back the next second.
The Earth Shield was immediately crushed to pieces by the fighting energy that rushed over like thousands of troops!

Little Fire retreated to the side dangerously and still had a lingering fear in its mind as it looked at Yan Yu.
A level-9 powerhouse was indeed quite capable.
Under the attacks from it and its Master, he still wasn’t injured at all, even though he seemed a bit like he was at a disadvantage when he dodged.
And that spear he threw out just now even had the power to tear everything apart!

Yun Feng narrowed her eyes and looked at Yan Yu.
He used a combat technique! Combat techniques, a major factor in the powerful strength of warriors.
The use of combat techniques could help a warrior kill his enemy in a blink! Just like the technique, Total Annihilation.
Little Fire would probably have already died right there without Yun Feng’s Earth Shield!

The anger in Yun Feng’s mind was gradually ignited.
Although she didn’t really like the Red Dragons, she had never thought about killing them when she attacked.
And yet, he unexpectedly had the thought of killing her.
If you’re unkind to me, why do I have to be friendly to you?

After using Total Annihilation, Yan Yu was a bit weak.
Even though combat techniques were powerful, they also required a strong fighting energy’s support, just like the advanced magic of mages.
The more powerful the magic, the larger the amount of mental strength that would be consumed.
Yan Yu put a bitter look on his face and stared at Yun Feng and Little Fire, who were totally fine.
He was truly enraged.
This combat technique didn’t affect the two of them at all.
How irritating! How hateful!

Yan Ting had been watching.
When he saw that Yan Yu’s combat technique didn’t hurt the opponent at all, he was also a bit shocked.
His gaze fell on Yun Feng and he looked at her for a long, long time.

The Black Dragons and the Red Dragons couldn’t help feeling a little dumbfounded.
Yan Yu was a genius! However, under the combat technique of a genius, this summoner wasn’t injured at all? She was too… powerful!

Xiao Ling was even more surprised and stunned! She stared at Yun Feng firmly with her beautiful eyes and the wave in her heart kept rolling and rolling! What did she see? Was that the Earth Shield? Was that earth-element magic? Was this little girl not a double-element mage? When did she learn the third type of magic?

Xiao Ling’s eyes kept glancing over Yun Feng.
She felt like her heart was about to shake.
Three elements… God, she’s a three-element mage!

Xiao Ling couldn’t describe her feeling as shocked anymore.
Yun Feng was a monster in her eyes.
The rarity of three-element mages was comparable to that of ultimate ores in this world!

Three elements… A three-element mage appeared among humans on the East Continent.
Even the Dragons coveted such a talent! If there was a talent like her among the Dragons, that would be the pride and glory of the whole clan!

Looking at Yan Yu, Yun Feng also knew that the combat technique just then consumed a huge amount of his energy and a trace of piercing coldness was hung on her beautiful facial features.
She then waved the wand in her hand gently at Yan Yu!

“Fire Arrow!” Giant flaming red arrows shot out of the wand with a loud bang and sped towards Yan Yu from all directions.
Yan Yu cursed softly as his body dodged agilely.
The spear in his hand also changed from attacking to defending, blocking Yun Feng’s fire-element arrows one by one!

“Howl…” Little Fire’s howl also came right away, followed by the attacks from its sharp claws.
Yan Yu dodged again messily.
He was fighting against two opponents by himself when facing a summoner.
If there wasn’t a huge gap in their strength, how would Yan Yu’s level-9 power be able to deal with a level-8 summoner? It was even Yun Feng, who could make attacks of multiple elements!

The Fire Arrows were accompanied by Little Fire’s attacks and Yan Yu could only dodge around.
The Black Dragons couldn’t help but feel a bit anxious after seeing this scene.
Why are you still attacking him like this? Just take him down with one strike.

The Red Dragons all seemed extremely anxious as well.
Even though Yan Yu looked like he was in a difficult position, he wasn’t actually injured.
He only needed to restore the consumed fighting energy.
Yan Yu was buying himself some time.
Once his fighting energy was restored, there wouldn’t be such an embarrassing, passive situation!

Yan Ting watched the battle coldly.
Once Yan Yu’s fighting energy was restored, Yun Feng’s attacks would no longer be worth mentioning.
Human kid, you lack combat experience and you want to show off your strength in front of the Dragons.
How would we let you do as you wish?

Nobody understood why Yun Feng was doing this.
Some of them were confused and some were enjoying the show, but there was one person who saw through Yun Feng’s mind, and that was Xiao Ling!

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