Chapter 167: Cut the Crap, Begin (3)

“She and that summoner share the same habit.
Do you think…”

Ao Jin listened to his people’s discussion on Yun Feng and gave a smile on his handsome face.
He didn’t ask them to keep quiet anymore, but sat there happily and let them talk.

“If you’re really a summoner, I certainly won’t doubt it.
However… what I want to ask is, does her strength deserve this spot?”

The young man seemed to be addicted to picking a fight.
Yun Feng couldn’t help narrowing her eyes slightly.
The young man’s strength was comparable to that of Xiao Ling.
As soon as the young man said that, Ao Jin frowned and his face turned dark, covered with a layer of thunderclouds.
Yun Feng smiled when she saw this.
“Uncle Flirtatious, this is something I indeed need to prove.
It’s time for them to know if I’m powerful enough to get this spot or not.”

Ao Jin was startled.
“Hahaha, kid.
Alright! Don’t show him mercy! Kick his ass!”

The young man’s face darkened after hearing this and his gaze became even more unfriendly when he stared at Yun Feng.
Xiao Ling couldn’t help but laugh with a “pfft” sound as she heard what the young man said.
The other three teammates of the Black Dragons asked curiously when they noticed this, “Sister Ling, why are you laughing?”

The corners of Xiao Ling’s mouth curled up as she watched Yun Feng and Little Fire next to her walk down from the platform, gazing at the young man of the Red Dragons with a gloating look.
“Just wait and see.
Yan Yu will regret what he said.”

“Huh? Regret? Yan Yu’s strength is similar to yours!”

“Yeah, that summoner should be at level 6 only, right…”

Xiao Ling didn’t say anything as she listened to her teammates’ discussion.
Level 6? That kid had already reached level 8 and she was a double-element mage! She also had a creepy dodging speed.
Even a mage with the wind element would never be able to avoid Xiao Ling’s level-9 dragon claw attacks!

Although the other three members of the Black Dragons didn’t quite understand what Xiao Ling meant, they still looked at Yun Feng with anticipation, while the Red Dragons despised Yun Feng completely.
Yan Yu gazed at the gorgeous little girl and snickered coldly, “Do you think you can defeat me with a wolf?”

Little Fire immediately howled after hearing these obviously insulting words and it really wanted to smash this man in front of it to pieces with its claw! Yan Yu’s gaze then fell on Yun Feng’s shoulder and he froze for a second when he saw Meatball, bursting into laughter right after that.
The Red Dragons also laughed loudly, as if they were waiting to see Yun Feng embarrass herself.
Meatball on Yun Feng’s shoulder seemed to be enraged.
Yun Feng caressed its little body with her finger.
“We’ll only know if I can defeat you after we fight.”

Yan Yu suddenly took a few steps forward.
“Human, tell me your name.”

The corners of Yun Feng’s mouth curved up coldly and she slightly looked up at Yan Yu’s face.
“If you want to know my name, tell me yours first.”

Yan Yu startled and he grunted.
“Yan Yu of the Red Dragons!”

Yun Feng smiled slightly, while Meatball wiggled its butt at Yan Yu in disdain and Little Fire also grunted with contempt.
Yan Yu felt a bit stripped of his dignity.
“Yun Feng of mankind.”

Glints of fierceness flashed through Yan Yu’s eyes as he twisted his wrist and a spear appeared in his hand! Six Magic Beast Crystals were inserted in that spear! A weapon with six holes and six crystals!

“Yun Feng, there’s life and death on the battlefield.
Do you understand this?”

Yun Feng twisted her wrist and that short, powerful, wand with six holes and six crystals appeared in her hand.
Yan Yu’s face darkened when he saw the wand.
Yun Feng held the wand tight as Little Fire next to her had already growled with a deep voice.

“Don’t talk nonsense.
If you want to fight, just begin.”

Members of the Dragons watching around all became a bit nervous and the Black Dragons were curious about Yun Feng’s strength.
“Do you think Yan Yu will win?”

“I think so.
Yan Yu is a talent of the Red Dragons.
He’s never lost before…”

“Hm, Yan Yu’s strength has already surpassed that of some of the older generations.
That human summoner looks just like a child.
How powerful can a child be?’

“Isn’t she digging her own grave?”

“Haha, who knows what that human is thinking about…”

The Red Dragons weren’t worried at all when they saw the two of them pull out their weapons.
Yan Yu was an outstanding member among the Red Dragons, a talented young man who had never lost before! How would he lose to a human? Even if this human was a summoner, so what?

Yan Ting looked at Yan Yu calmly and wasn’t worried at all.
Seeing how anxious the Black Dragons were, Yan Ting was a bit pleased.
It would be great if Yan Yu could take the opportunity to eliminate this human.
Then, there would be one spot more.
As for the things left by that summoner? Hm! Since this human didn’t accept their kindness, he didn’t believe that the Red Dragons couldn’t find them!

“That human is digging her own grave… Battling with Yan Yu?”

“Hahaha, I guess she’s just an arrogant, ignorant little girl.
She wants to get into the Dragon Palace? She’s not qualified!”

“I agree.
How would a human being like her be able to enter the Dragon Palace of the Dragons? That’s wishful thinking!”

“Yan Yu, don’t show her mercy!”

The Red Dragons started to feel excited.
Looking at this scene, Elder Qi was at a loss.
The Red Dragons had always gone against their Young Master.
Even though they were afraid of his identity, they only obeyed him on the outside but were reluctant to on the inside.

Ao Jin sat in the main seat and narrowed his golden eyes to look at the Red Dragons.
Anger had already risen at the bottom of his heart.
However, when he saw how calm Yun Feng was, Ao Jin smiled again.

Elder Qi glanced at Ao Jin speechlessly.
This is supposed to be a competition for the Dragons to get their spots to explore the Dragon Palace.
Why did it suddenly become like this right now? Judging from Young Master’s expression, he’s clearly looking forward to it.

“Young Master, this…” Elder Qi wanted to say something, but Ao Jin waved his big hand.
“Don’t keep harping on! If those bastards of the Red Dragons want themselves to suffer, don’t blame me for not reminding them.”

Elder Qi also understood that their Young Master was ready to watch the show after hearing that.
He couldn’t help but look at Yan Yu with a pitiful gaze.
Even though he wasn’t very clear about this girl’s strength, she had the power to force his granddaughter, Xiao Ling, to turn into half-dragon and even pushed her on the verge of danger.
Yan Yu wouldn’t be able to win.

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