Chapter 166: Cut the Crap, Begin (2)

On a large square in the Dragon’s land, several giant dragon statues towered so high that they reached the sky, showing the domineerance and dignity of the Dragons.
The Black Dragons and the Red Dragons had already arrived and had been waiting there.
The form of the competition was very simple.
Each party sent out an elite team of four.
They first drew lots to choose their opponents.
When one party lost, the other would directly get the spot!

There was only one battle for the spots this time.
Whether you made a mistake or underestimated the opponents, your spot would be taken by the other party once you lost.
This was a competition that decided the final result!

Yun Feng didn’t want to be involved in this at first.
She could just enter the Dragon Palace when it opened and she didn’t have to watch the competition.
However, Ao Jin didn’t think so.
He directly dragged Yun Feng there early in the morning.
Meanwhile, Yun Feng was sitting next to Ao Jin in frustration, looking at the few hundred members of the Dragons on the square.

She could see that the Dragons seemed united on the outside, but weren’t peaceful on the inside.
The Red Dragons and the Black Dragons disliked one another and the Young Master of the Dragons, Ao Jin, was apparently closer to the Black Dragons, which certainly made the Red Dragons even more furious.
Some energetic young people had already started fighting.

It was very lively and there were arguments everywhere.
Ao Jin frowned and suddenly yelled, “Shut up! If anyone talks nonsense again, I’ll tear his muscles apart!”

Everyone immediately went silent.
Those young people who were arguing with each other stopped in an instant.
Ao Jin’s identity as a Golden Dragon and his strength could be said to astonish everyone.
Who would dare to provoke a Lord-Level Golden Dragon?

“Hm! Listen up! There are eight spots and you’ll fight with your own strength! If I find out someone’s cheating, I’ll never let him go easily!” Ao Jin glanced around with his golden eyes.
Some young men, whose strength was much weaker than that of Ao Jin, turned pale and stood there obediently, not saying a word.

“Alright, let’s draw lots!” Seeing that the situation had already been controlled, Ao Jin shouted.
Yun Feng couldn’t help feeling a bit awkward when she watched this.
A handsome man shouting his head off, could anyone imagine that?

The Red Dragons and the Black Dragons each sent out an elite team of four.
Yun Feng glanced over them and saw that there was someone she knew in the team of the Black Dragons, Xiao Ling who fought with her that day.
Xiao Ling looked over, as if she had sensed Yun Feng’s gaze, and immediately grunted, turning her head to the side.

When they finished drawing lots and everyone was waiting for this exciting battle for spots to start, the young man that led the team of the Red Dragons suddenly walked out and shouted at Ao Jin.

“Young Master, why is there one spot less this year?”

The members of the Dragons, who didn’t know what was going on, started whispering to each other.
Not everyone knew Yun Feng’s identity, so many people were confused when they learnt that there was suddenly a spot less and they certainly needed an explanation.
Yun Feng looked at the young man from the Red Dragons and saw anger and disdain gushing out of his eyes.

The Dragons had one spot less for exploring the Dragon Palace.
This was indeed something confusing.
Ao Jin glared at the young man who apoke.
“It’s up to me.
Why are you talking crap? Get back in line!”

The young man who spoke was startled and the members of the Dragons also made some deep noises.
The elders of the Red Dragons seemed to be watching this situation with a smile of content, as if this scene was all they needed.

Elder Qi of the Black Dragons came out as Yun Feng also stood up.
Other than Ao Jin’s bloodline, there might not be other reasons why he could become the Young Master, with his personality.
It truly wasn’t easy that he didn’t flip the Dragons around with such a personality.

“That spot was given to me.” Yun Feng said ahead of them.
As expected, she received countless vicious gazes from the Dragons and she took them calmly.
She looked straight at the young man who spoke in front of her without gazing sideways and could feel the endless anger in his mind.

“Young Master, give us an explanation! Giving the spot to explore the Dragon Palace to a human is too much of a joke!” The young man shouted.
This shout aroused the emotions of countless dragons and the anger in their minds were ignited.
The Dragon Palace, the place where the ancestors of the Dragons were buried, the sacred ground of the Dragons.
How could he give a human the right to enter so casually?

“F**k! Shut the f**k up!” Ao Jin yelled.
A dragon roar resounded around the square and the young man who spoke directly turned pale due to the shock.
A bit of blood oozed out of the corners of his mouth.
It looked like he was injured quite seriously.

“Young Master!” Elder Qi immediately shouted when he saw that Ao Jin was enraged.
Ao Jin then slowly retracted his dragon power with viciousness and cruelty in his golden pupils.
He was a Golden Dragon, the Young Master of the Dragons.
Why did he need to explain to the others when he did things?

“The human Young Master brought back this time isn’t just anyone, but a summoner!” Elder Qi said loudly.
All the members of the Dragons looked startled after hearing the news and a clamor of discussing voices immediately burst again!

“A summoner? The human who came back with Young Master is a summoner?”

“A… summoner is here in Dragon Valley again!”

“This is the first time I’ve seen a summoner.
Where’s her Ring of Contract?”

“That Fire Cloud Wolf must be her contracted Magic Beast…”

The young man among the Red Dragons was also startled after hearing that and he glanced at Yun Feng.
“Elder Qi, I have a question.
If she’s a summoner, where’s her Ring of Contract?”

Elder Qi turned around to look at Yun Feng and was a bit embarrassed when he found that there was no ring on her hand.
Yun Feng smiled as a dark red ring appeared on her palm.
The eight fire marks on the surface of the ring were so eye-catching!

After seeing the Ring of Contract, all the members of the Dragons held their breath and focused on it.
Yun Feng shook her head speechlessly.
“Do you see the ring now?”

The young man subconsciously nodded.
Yun Feng didn’t put on the ring, but directly put it back.
“Now that you’ve seen it, what other questions do you have?”

The young man was shocked when he saw what Yun Feng did, while the other members of the Dragons were extremely surprised as well, but some people had already started discussing with a soft voice.
“Did you see that? She put the Ring of Contract back!”

“Our forefather said that that summoner was also like this!”

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