Chapter 164: Meatball’s Bite (4)

However, even so, she must go to the Dragon Palace herself.
She was also quite excited to be able to see what this powerful summoner, who contracted with the Dragons, left for her!

After everything was finished, Elder Qi also left.
Xiao Ling wanted to stay to say something, but her grandpa dragged her away forcibly.
Yun Feng was also about to leave when she saw the others did.
However, she felt like there was a wall blocking in front of her.
She looked up and saw Ao Jin’s handsome face before her eyes.

“Uncle Flirtatious, excuse me.” Yun Feng said, but Ao Jin wasn’t making way for her at all.
Yun Feng was speechless.
She raised her head and looked at Ao Jin, as if she was asking silently, “What are you doing?”

Ao Jin’s face suddenly turned red when Yun Feng’s clear black eyes gazed at him.
“Kid… Do you really not like how I look?”

Yun Feng sighed speechlessly.
“You look quite good, uncle, really.”

Ao Jin laughed joyfully after hearing that.
“I’ve always thought that I look like a sissy, but I’m glad you like it!” The shiny golden wings on Ao Jin’s back suddenly spread, glittering with bright golden light like an angel who had just come to the mortal world!

“Let me show you a good view!” Ao Jin was apparently in a good mood.
He reached his big hand out regardless of Yun Feng’s rejection and held her up.
Little Fire then shouted, “Give me back my Master!”

The golden wings on Ao Jin’s back flapped and made wind sounds.
He looked at Little Fire on the ground as he burst into laughter.
“Fly to me if you can!”

Meatball on Yun Feng’s shoulder immediately gnashed its sharp teeth and bit the back of Ao Jin’s hand fiercely! Ao Jin felt a heart-piercing pain and he screamed as Yun Feng fell from his arms.
When Little Fire saw this, it jumped up and caught Yun Feng steadily, while Meatball did a perfect flip in the air, landing on Yun Feng’s shoulder as it joyfully wiggled its butt at Ao Jin.

“Uncle Flirtatious, I want to be alone for a while!” Little Fire gave Ao Jin a disdainful look and quickly rushed forward while carrying Yun Feng, disappearing very soon.
Ao Jin flapped his golden bone wings and stayed in the air dumbfoundedly.
He looked at the back of his hand with his golden eyes.
There was a tooth print and golden blood was slowly oozing out of it!

Ao Jin’s eyes darkened as he stared at the back of his hands.
With his strength and identity as a Golden Dragon, a Magic Beast like Meatball could surprisingly bite through his dragon scales at once! A few drops of sweat suddenly appeared on Ao Jin’s forehead.
The powerful body of a Golden Dragon turned out to be nothing in front of that Magic Beast!


Yun Feng sat on Little Fire’s back comfortably.
Little Fire’s fur was soft and was shining with dark red luster.
Yun Feng couldn’t help but squeeze Little Fire’s ears.
When Little Fire was running, its ears always bent backwards, looking really cute.
Even Meatball also jumped on Little Fire’s head and rubbed its fluffy body against its head.

Little Fire was a bit speechless and angry when it felt Yun Feng’s movements.
She apparently treated it as her pet as she did this, but there was nothing it could do because Yun Feng was its Master.
However, what Meatball did made Little Fire discontented.

“Meatball, if you don’t get off, I’ll eat you with one bite!” Little Fire said as it ran.
Meatball wiggled its butt happily several times after hearing that, as if it despised what Little Fire said.
Yun Feng also chuckled when she saw this.
Suddenly, her face froze and her smile immediately turned cold.
She patted Little Fire’s body and Little Fire instantly stopped.

Meatball hopped onto Yun Feng’s shoulder at once and stared at the man, who was standing in their way, with its huge eyes as those grape-like eyes rolled a few times.

“Little friend, are you the human friend who came with Young Master?”

Yun Feng came down from Little Fire’s body and looked at the man in front of her.
There was a glint of cunning in the man’s eyes.
Even his smile was extremely fake.
Yun Feng didn’t say much.
She nodded.

The man glanced at Little Fire next to Yun Feng and Meatball on her shoulder.
When he saw the dark red fire-element Ring of Contract on Yun Feng’s index finger, he was breathless for a second.

“Little friend, you’re a summoner.
Young Master indeed has a good taste,” the man said with a flattering smile and Yun Feng also smiled.
“How can I help you?”

“Haha, you’re quite straightforward, little friend.
I wonder if you’re interested in our Dragon Palace.”

Yun Feng looked at the man’s face and slowly gave a smile.
“The Dragon Palace?”

The man looked happy when he heard that.
“Yes, the Dragon Palace.
There are treasures left by the ancestors of our clan inside.
I wonder if you’re interested, little friend.”

Yun Feng smiled and didn’t say anything.
This man should be someone from the Red Dragons.
He invited her to the Dragon Palace so passionately, but didn’t talk about the summoner at all.
It seemed that they wanted her to look for the treasures for them.
This idea was quite good.

“I’m not interested in the things of the Dragons.” Yun Feng said as she saw that the man’s face became a bit stiff.
“Little friend, you don’t understand.
Human heritage isn’t comparable to that of the Dragons.
Besides, this Dragon Palace…”

“Aren’t you worried that I’ll take the treasures away after getting them?” Yun Feng said coldly, while the man burst into laughter.
“Little friend, have you underestimated the Dragons? The Dragons don’t have just one treasure! Little friend, if you see anything you like, just take it!”

This man was really good at bluffing, as if he could decide everything for the Dragons.
Yun Feng put up a smile at the corners of her mouth.
“It’s truly a rare thing that the Dragons are giving away their treasures.”

“Little friend, you’re someone who came with Young Master, so you certainly are a friend of the Dragons.
It’s reasonable for us to give our friend a couple presents.”

Yun Feng smiled and remained silent.
The man thought she was interested after seeing her face and he tried even harder to persuade her.
“If you’re interested, the Red Dragons can help you with that.”

Yun Feng sneered in her mind.
Help her? This man came to her to beg her to go to the Dragon Palace at first.
And now, he wanted her to beg him for help instead.
The switch of positions was really fast and cunning enough.

“Help me with what?” Yun Feng asked by following the man’s will and the man was immediately delighted after hearing that.
“Of course, to get you a spot.”

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