Chapter 161: Meatball’s Bite (1)

A level 8 against a level-9, an outstanding one among the Dragons!

Yun Feng’s body tightened.
Power and speed comparable to those of Magic Beasts burst out of her body, which was transformed by the Array of Life.
The few attacks from Xiao Ling didn’t even touch Yun Feng.
She couldn’t help but narrow her eyes and bend her hands.
Her slender arms, which were still in human form just now, suddenly changed!

Black dragon scales immediately covered Xiao Ling’s arms and the shape and size of her arms also underwent weird changes.
In a few seconds, her human arms had already transformed into dragon claws!

“Human, don’t challenge the dignity of the Dragons.
Accept your punishment!” Xiao Ling shouted with a low voice.
Even though she looked like a beautiful, sweet girl, she also carried an aura that only beasts had.
She seemed a bit ferocious and her transformed dragon claws were covered with black luster.
Those shiny scales and the sharp claws that were like hooks scratched at Yun Feng’s chest with power that pierced the air!

Yun Feng’s heart tightened and her body immediately fell back.
And yet, Xiao Ling was indeed faster.
She couldn’t scratch Yun Feng with one claw, but the other had already reached forward before Yun Feng moved back!

“Water Shield!” Yun Feng yelled with a deep voice as the blue water element instantly blocked in front of her, turning into a transparent blue ripple.
Xiao Ling snickered when she saw the Water Shield in front of Yun Feng!

“You think you can get in my way with your level-7 magic?” A deep sound of a dragon came.
Yun Feng only saw that the water element in front of her was crushed to pieces by Xiao Ling with her claw!

Using level-7 magic to fight against a level-9 dragon was like a kid fighting with an adult.
There was no power to counterattack at all! Yun Feng frowned firmly.
Even though the Water Shield was broken by the dragon claw, Yun Feng bought herself a few seconds and her body dodged again agilely, avoiding Xiao Ling’s claw.

“Human, what else do you know other than running? Show me what you’ve really got!” Xiao Ling couldn’t help but yell in disdain when she saw Yun Feng dodge to avoid her attack again.
She went after Yun Feng and swore to teach her an unforgettable lesson!

Yun Feng avoided Xiao Ling’s attacks and intentionally led Xiao Ling to run along a route.
The corners of her red lips slowly curled up and she finally stopped somewhere abruptly!

“Why? Not running anymore?” Xiao Ling immediately looked at Yun Feng with contempt after seeing her stop.
Apparently, Yun Feng’s constant escape made the weakness of humans more obvious.

Yun Feng looked at Xiao Ling with a smile and suddenly shouted with a deep voice.
“Fire Field!”

“What?” Xiao Ling didn’t react in time.
She only saw that her body seemed to be surrounded by a transparent cloche and the cloche was made of surging fire elements!

“A double-element mage!” Xiao Ling’s pupils shrank abruptly and her disdain towards Yun Feng in her mind immediately reduced quite a lot.
This kid was a double-element mage! Her fire element had even reached level 8!

“Human, you really have a card up your sleeve.” Xiao Ling also stopped moving in the sea of fire.
The Fire Field was an absolute field made of fire elements.
Even though Xiao Ling was at level 9, she couldn’t break through level-8 advanced magic easily!

“Female dragon, I have a name.” As soon as Yun Feng finished talking, a raging fire suddenly appeared in the field formed by the fire element! Half of Xiao Ling’s body had completely turned into her dragon form when she saw that.
She knew clearly that she wouldn’t be able to resist the level-8 fire element with her human body!

The fire element in the Fire Field kept deepening, and deepening, and deepening.
Xiao Ling’s half-dragon body could barely resist the fire element.
The fire element was unusually powerful and it would be overwhelming to stay in the Fire Field for a long time!

Yun Feng stood outside of the Fire Field.
Strong mental strength was required to support the use of advanced magic.
The Fire Field was an advanced fire magic and the price that a normal level-8 mage had to pay after using the Fire Field was that the mage wouldn’t be able to use any other magic anymore! However, this was totally different for Yun Feng.

Looking at Xiao Ling’s half-dragon body in the fire, Yun Feng gave it a thought as the dark red Ring of Contract appeared in her hand and she slowly put it on her index finger.
A glint of light flashed through the eight fire marks on the surface of the ring!

“Little Fire, come out.” Yun Feng raised the corners of her lips and showed a smile on her beautiful face.
Even the bright sun was overshadowed by this smile.

A beam of dark red light shot out of the Ring of Contract, landing next to Yun Feng.
Little Fire shook its head and stared at Xiao Ling in the Fire Field with ridicule in its eyes.
Although Little Fire was a bit afraid of Ao Jin, it was only because of Ao Jin’s strength and Golden Dragon blood.
However, when facing Xiao Ling, this Mutated Magic Beast also had the pride and dignity compared to those of the Dragons!

Xiao Ling had been detained in the Fire Field and the powerful attacks that the Dragons were proud of were also not working, The Dragons were also categorized into warriors and mages similar to those of humans and Xiao Ling happened to be a warrior.
She was at a bit of a loss as well when facing a level-8 mage.
The other level-8 magic was fine, but this advanced magic, the Fire Field, could be said to be a warrior’s nightmare!

A normal level-8 mage wouldn’t use this magic easily.
The amount of mental strength consumed by this magic wasn’t something ordinary mages could stand.
However, everything would change when it happened in Yun Feng!

The fire element in the air suddenly disappeared, which shocked Xiao Ling a bit.
The scorching temperature surrounding her was gone all of a sudden! And yet, when she collected herself and looked at Yun Feng again, she immediately gasped!

That was… a Magic Beast! She was… a summoner!

“You…” Xiao Ling’s half-dragon body transformed into a human body.
She still had that gentle and gorgeous face, but it was full of astonishment.

“I what? It’s my turn now!” Yun Feng gently raised the corners of her mouth and Little Fire also sensed Yun Feng’s thoughts.
Its wolf eyes were filled with excitement.
A level-9 master.
What a challenge, an interesting challenge!

“Roar!” Little Fire opened its mouth and its dark red body turned into a beam of black line, flashing towards Xiao Ling.
It swung its sharp claws directly at Xiao Ling’s chest mercilessly, just like Xiao Ling did earlier!

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