Chapter 160: Dragon Valley (4)

Yun Feng subconsciously covered her ears as her gaze moved between the silver-haired woman and Ao Jin.
Such a woman should call him uncle.
Why did she call him brother…

“Brother Ao Jin, what happened to you? How did you become like this?” The silver-haired beauty flew over anxiously.
When she saw that Ao Jin was holding someone with his arm, she suddenly narrowed her gorgeous eyes.
“A human?!”

Ao Jin looked at the beauty in front of his eyes a bit impatiently.
“Get out of my way!” His rude words made the silver-haired beauty tremble and the wings on her back also flapped at a much lower speed.
Yun Feng couldn’t help but frown.
Uncle Flirtatious truly had a bad temper.

Ao Jin directly went over the silver-haired beauty and rushed into the castle with Yun Feng in his arms.
As the silver-haired beauty was about to go after him, someone stopped her.

“Xiao Ling!”

The silver-haired beauty turned around and saw Elder Qi.
An affectionate look that only a child had immediately appeared on her face and she yelled softly, “Grandpa.”

Elder Qi nodded and looked in the direction where Ao Jin left.
“Young Master brought that human here himself.
Don’t ever provoke her.”

Xiao Ling’s jaw dropped slightly after hearing that.
The Young Master of the Dragons took a human into Dragon Valley.
This was too unbelievable!

“Why would Brother Ao Jin…”

Elder Qi shook his head.
“Ao Jin has a weird personality.
He may just be interested in that human… Just don’t think about it for now.
It’ll be time to explore the Dragon Palace after a short while.
Are you ready?”

Xiao Ling smiled.
“Don’t worry, grandpa.
I’ll definitely not embarrass you.”

Elder Qi also nodded with satisfaction.
“With your level-9 power, you’re already an outstanding person among your peers.
I believe in you.”


Ao Jin flashed all the way into the palace with Yun Feng in his hands.
And everyone gazed at Yun Feng at the same time.
Yun Feng had already gotten used to it.
She should be the only human being who could stay in the territory of the Dragons for a year and a half.

“Uncle Flirtatious, you can put me down.” Yun Feng said.
Ao Jin froze for a second, then gently put her down.
The two of them came to a pavilion.
The unknown flowers on the ground were exuding a strong scent.

Yun Feng walked over to the flower bush.
Her body, which had already become slender, had a soft arc and enchantment and her fair white skin was covered with a bit of luster.
Yun Feng was like a fairy who had been hiding in the flower bush, suddenly showing up at this moment.

When Ao Jin watched this scene, glints of light flashed through his golden eyes and he stared at Yun Feng’s small body firmly, unwilling to look away even for a second.

“Brother Ao Jin.” A voice sounded suddenly.
Ao Jin turned around a bit furiously and the silver-haired beauty, Xiao Ling, appeared next to him, looking at him with a smile on her face.

“Can you not wander around me all the time?” Ao Jin looked annoyed and his face was also a bit distorted because of his anger.

“Haha, Brother Ao Jin, if you don’t like it, I’ll just come to you less often.
I just came to give you some advice.”

Ao Jin raised his thick eyebrows.
As Xiao Ling looked at Ao Jin’s face, she suppressed her urge to look away.
“No matter what race you are, you should always pay attention to appearance…”

Ao Jin suddenly seemed to realize something.
He gazed at Yun Feng with his golden eyes for a while and looked like he had made up his mind.
Then, his body flashed and vanished right where he was.

Xiao Ling then narrowed her eyes slightly, looking at Yun Feng in the flower bush.
The arrogance and dignity of the Dragons didn’t allow her to tolerate the appearance of humans in Dragon Valley, especially this little girl who was a bit more beautiful than she was!

Xiao Ling walked to Yun Feng slowly with the elegance and arrogance of the Dragons.
Yun Feng didn’t even bother to turn around and look at her.
She knew that this woman must be here to pick a quarrel.

“Human, don’t think the Dragons will accept you because Brother Ao Jin brought you here!”

Yun Feng slowly turned around and glanced at this woman, who was half a head taller than she was, in front of her lazily, as she showed a faint smile slowly.

Xiao Ling looked at the human in front of her, who was much shorter, but had comparable momentum to her, and she couldn’t help but feel furious.
“Human, this is the Dragons territory, not somewhere you can act wildly!”

“Female dragon, I have a name.” Yun Feng glanced at Xiao Ling with her black eyes.
In Yun Feng’s mind, the strength of the Dragons was indeed powerful.
Like the woman in front of her, she also had a stronger strength than Yun Feng did.
However, what did this mean? Even if she was powerful, it didn’t mean that she could put on airs.
It didn’t mean that she could lift her arrogant head and despise everything!

“Aren’t you afraid that I would smack you to death with my claw?” Xiao Ling was also enraged.
The dignity of the Dragons could never be provoked, not to mention by humans, who had always been regarded as weak creatures by the Dragons!

“Hahaha!” Yun Feng laughed loudly as she narrowed her black eyes and viciousness appeared on her gorgeous little face.
She was still standing upright in front of a dragon.
Even if she was a human, her pride in her bones didn’t allow her to yield to any other races!

“What are you laughing at?” Xiao Ling looked at Yun Feng and gritted her teeth, making a creaking sound.
She wanted to smack this complacent girl to death with her hand.
She ignored the dignity of the Dragons in their territory.
A weak human like her dared to be so savage in the Dragons’ territory! If it weren’t for Brother Ao Jin, this human would have been dead without any intact corpse a long time ago!

“I’m laughing at your stupidity, your arrogance and your ridiculousness!” After laughing, Yun Feng grunted in disdain with a cold expression and a hint of ridicule at the corners of her mouth, looking at Xiao Ling’s pale and flushed face.

“What an arrogant human! I’ll give you a lesson and teach you what you should understand on behalf of all the Dragons!” Xiao Ling’s lips curled up and she sneered.
Her hand then abruptly reached forward, going straight at Yun Feng’s chest!

Yun Feng’s black eyes turned cold and her body dangerously flashed past.
Xiao Ling couldn’t help but feel startled when she saw how agile Yun Feng was.
“I can’t believe a mage can avoid my attack.
You’re quite capable, kid.”

Although Xiao Ling was curious about her after seeing this, her anger was more than everything! Her slender body dashed towards Yun Feng at a speed that made people dizzy.
Yun Feng only felt like the aura exuding from this woman carried some kind of pressure.
Her strength was now at the early stage of level 8.
An opponent who could suppress her should be at level 9!

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