Chapter 159: Dragon Valley (3)

“I promised to stay with you until you’re happy.
Uncle Flirtatious, the premise is that we have to keep staying in that cave.”

Ao Jin was startled and a bit speechless.
He recalled what he said.
Yun Feng indeed found a loophole.
“How smart, kid.
You already knew that I’d leave that cave a long time ago?”

Yun Feng nodded.
“After knowing your identity, I knew that you’d leave as quickly as possible, but I’ve never thought you’d bring me here as well.”

“Hm! You’re already in Dragon Valley.
Do you think you can get out so easily? You won’t be able to open the door without my blood!”

“What did you say?” Yun Feng was also a bit angry.
Meatball on Yun Feng’s shoulder felt her anger and gnashed its sharp little teeth as well.

“Human! Don’t be rude!” Another elder among the Black Dragons shouted again.
Yun Feng looked up immediately and stared at the talking old man fearlessly.
That almost perfect face was covered with her suppressed anger!

“If the Dragons don’t welcome humans, then send me out!”

All the Dragons gasped.
What an arrogant human! Was she not afraid that they would kill her right here?

“Kid, you’re not going anywhere before I feel happy!” Ao Jin’s dragon power pressed over and Yun Feng’s mental strength was like a young child, being crushed completely by his energy!

“Old Qi, let’s go!” Ao Jin reached one arm out and held Yun Qi as a pair of dazzling golden wings appeared behind him instantly!

“Swish!” Any resistance was invalid.
A beam of bright golden light flashed and Ao Jin dashed to the other side of the sky, following his hearty laughter.

Those of the Black Dragons immediately followed him, but there were huge doubts in all of their minds.
A middle-aged man among them leaned over to Elder Qi and asked with a low voice.

“Elder, Young Master seems to be different…”

Elder Qi frowned and pondered for a second, nodding in the end.
Looking at the golden dot that had flown very far ahead, he finally sighed speechlessly.

“Ah, he’s the most handsome man with the purest blood among the Dragons.
Why did he become like that…” The middle-aged man who talked just then looked sorrowful and kept shaking his head, as he gazed at the golden dot far away.

“Keep an eye on that human.
Young Master has a pure mind.
He wouldn’t know even when someone is using him, especially since that human already knows Young Master’s identity,” Elder Qi said seriously with frustration in his heart.
This was the second human who came to the Dragons…

The Black Dragons all went after Ao Jin and left, while the Red Dragons weren’t moving at all and all just stood there.
Without Yan Ting’s command, nobody dared to make any moves.

“Lord Yan, what should we do? I can’t believe he’s still alive…”

Yan Ting waved his hand and stopped that person from speaking.
“Since Ao Jin is alive, it’s already very difficult for us to get the key.
Ao Jin’s strength has returned to the original level and he’ll also be on guard against us.”

“So, we don’t have any chance? Are we really going to let the Black Dragons dominate?”

Yan Ting lifted the corners of his mouth after hearing that and there were glints of cunning in his eyes.
“We still have a chance… This human is our chance.”

“Lord Yan, you mean…”

The wings on Yan Ting’s back spread, emitting beams of light that looked like blood.
“Take this human to our side.
Ao Jin will definitely suffer a severe blow.

Yan Ting laughed several times as his body moved and had already flashed forward.
A dozen people at the back also flapped their wings and sped wildly behind Yan Ting.


Ao Jin grinned as he held Yun Feng in his arms and flew across a vast land of loess.
Yun Feng looked at the stone pillars on the ground, countless stone pillars, from above.
She felt like Ao Jin’s wings were like the second sun and their brightness was going to blind everyone else.

“Uncle Flirtatious, I can’t stay here with you.” Yun Feng said very calmly as Meatball nestled on her shoulder.
The wind blew its fur up and it seemed to enjoy the feeling of flying very much.

Ao Jin’s face darkened and didn’t say anything.
He only sped up even more.
Yun Feng couldn’t help sighing gently when she noticed this.
“Uncle Flirtatious, I have a family, my sullen father, my big brother.
I can’t leave them behind, and the Yun family as well.”

Ao Jin’s eyebrows moved slightly and his lips wriggled a few times, but still wasn’t talking.
“If you can come out often, I welcome you to come find me.”

“Are you serious?” Ao Jin looked at Yun Feng with his golden eyes as Yun Feng nodded.
She suddenly felt like this middle-aged man had a child’s mind and his personality was also a bit crazy.

“How long can you stay with me?” Ao Jin couldn’t help but hold Yun Feng a bit tighter.
Yun Feng smiled very happily after hearing Ao Jin stop insisting.
“At most a year and a half.”

Ao Jin’s face was completely darkened again and the sound of teeth grinding seemed to come from his mouth.
He abruptly flew low at a high speed and Yun Feng couldn’t help but scream.
She grabbed Ao Jin’s collar with her little hands, worried that she would fall.

The wings on Ao Jin’s back suddenly emitted dazzling golden light and Yun Feng felt that the air around her rippled like water again.
She knew that this was another restriction field.
As expected, a whole new scenery appeared in front of her eyes again.
Dragon Valley truly gave her surprises one after the other.

There was a lush, dense, endless forest and there were clear streams, canyons and waterfalls.
A few young dragons spread their wings and flew past from time to time.
Ao Jin burst into laughter as he sped forward at a high speed with Yun Feng in his arms.
Yun Feng then saw a magnificent, towering palace nearby.

“It’s Brother Ao Jin.
Brother Ao Jin!” Before they got near the palace, Yun Feng heard a shout, calling Uncle Flirtatious “brother.” Was that a middle-aged lady? But that voice sounded very clear and young…

Someone with a slender figure flew over.
There was a pair of pure black, lustrous wings on her back and her silver long hair hung in front of her chest.
She looked at Ao Jin with her bright, enormous, misty eyes, as if she had thousands of things to say.
However, when this gorgeous lady who flew over saw Ao Jin’s appearance, she only screamed, “Argh!”

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