“Looks like the kid is about to form the Array of Contract…”

Yun Feng sat there with her eyes closed and the elements in the dimension around her were wrapped tightly by Yun Feng’s mental strength.
The elements were behaving well and they didn’t try to struggle at all.
This also allowed Yun Feng’s mental strength to envelop them more smoothly.
Her mental strength added on layer by layer and wrapped the elements in the middle more tightly.
Finally, they formed a tough sphere.
The elements were sealed in the center of the mental strength and Yun Feng also felt her mental strength constantly merging with the elements at the same time!

Time passed slowly.
The ancestor also observed Yun Feng’s progress carefully and didn’t say anything to disturb her.
If he disturbed Yun Feng right now, he had no idea when the Array of Contract would be formed again next time.

The elements wrapped in the center shrank continuously, while the color of Yun Feng’s mental strength became stranger and stranger.
Yellow first appeared, followed by red, then blue, purple and green.
These five colors constantly appeared on the surface of the mental strength.
Yun Feng knew clearly that her mental strength was merging with the five elements she could see.

The surface of the sphere was gradually covered by these five colors and it became unusually dazzling.
Then, the sphere suddenly stopped.
While Yun Feng was confused, she felt a sudden movement inside the sphere.
It then split in half like someone cracked peanuts open.
Light shot out from the inside of the sphere and the sphere transformed by mental strength immediately shattered into powder, melting into Yun Feng’s body quickly right after.
An array full of strange energy and the five colors appeared in front of Yun Feng’s eyes at the place where the sphere used to be.

In a blink, Yun Feng realized the mystery of the Array of Contract.
That five-color array then disappeared, as if it was never there.
Yun Feng slowly opened her eyes and the corners of her lips showed a smile.

“Kid, you’ve amazed me.
You understood the Array of Contract in less than three months.
Also… it’s completely different from the Array of Contract I know.”

Yun Feng was confused.
Was there a difference between each Array of Contract?

“Haha, all summoners make their own Array of Contract, but there are just a few ways to do so after all, including dividing, pulling and breaking elements.
However, your Array of Contract was formed by merging the power of the elements.”

Yun Feng was a little shocked.
Her Array of Contract was really different from the others.
She wasn’t just able to see five elements, even her Array of Contract was unique.

“You’ve truly opened my eyes!” The ancestor exclaimed.
This soul from countless years ago might also be sighing secretly.
There were too many things in the world he didn’t know and there was so much he needed to explore.
He used to think that he knew a lot of things, but this kid made him understand that what he knew was just a drop in the bucket.

“Please don’t say that, ancestor.
I’m not that impressive…” Yun Feng blushed slightly in embarrassment.
After all, she was just an ignorant descendant.
Her ancestor taught her many things.

“Haha, you’re really humble.
I like that! Now that you’ve formed your Array of Contract, the next step should be the most important one, to contract with a Magic Beast!”

A Magic Beast… Yun Feng was a little emotional at the bottom of her heart.
Those powerful creatures could only be tamed by summoners and their power relied on this mysterious race!

“The Array of Contract shows different colors according to the abilities of the summoner.
Your Array of Contract has five colors, which is the most color I’ve ever since so far.
Even those old people can’t compare to you.” The ancestor said as he felt satisfied with Yun Feng in his heart.

“The first step of contracting with a Magic Beast is identification.
There are elements around the body of a Magic Beast.
Summoners need to identify which element the Magic Beast has before they contract with it.
If it isn’t a Magic Beast they can tame, they would never succeed even if they’re much more powerful.”


Yun Feng nodded as her ancestor continued, “The second step is to use the power of the elements you can use to make the elements of the Magic Beast yield! As the Magic Beast gets injured, the power of the elements will also drop.
Before summoners contract with a Magic Beast, they usually injure the Magic Beast severely.
This will increase the chances of taming it successfully.
But for you, you don’t need to do that.
You’re already able to control the elements perfectly.
I believe that there’s no reason for the Magic Beasts of the same level to not yield to your power of elements.”

What the ancestor said gave Yun Feng great affirmation and made her more confident again.
The thing was, it was extremely dangerous to try to hurt a Magic Beast of the same level.
Even if a summoner without a Magic Beast was originally a mage, he would be killed easily when fighting with a Magic Beast one-on-one.
It would be much easier if the Magic Beast had a lower level than him, but everyone yearned for a powerful being and Magic Beasts of the same level was already the basic requirement for summoners.

“The third step is to enter into a contract with the Magic Beast using the Array of Contract.
Remember, there are two types of contract and the effects of these two types are quite different.”

The ancestor instantly sounded serious.
Yun Feng couldn’t help but wonder.
There were different types of contracts?

“Magic Beasts are powerful and arrogant creatures, so it’s in fact a kind of humiliation when they enter into a contract with a summoner.
Most Magic Beasts aren’t willing to do so, but there’s nothing they can do.
So, Magic Beasts always keep resentment towards the summoners in their minds.
Let’s put it this way.
Once the Magic Beasts have a chance, they’ll kill the summoner who contracted with them with their own hands!”

Hearing this, Yun Feng still looked very calm.
The stronger party was forced to yield to the weaker party.
This was indeed a kind of humiliation for powerhouses.
If she were them, she would also be upset about being enslaved and would certainly resist.
Even if she had to kill someone, she wouldn’t hold back.

“There are two types of contract, master-servant contract and equality contract.
The master-servant contract requires the Magic Beast to be absolutely obedient to the summoner.
This can ensure that the Magic Beast is absolutely loyal to you.
The equality contract gives the Magic Beast and the summoner an equal relationship, but it’s also the most dangerous way of contracting.
The Magic Beast can do whatever it wants and can naturally take the summoner’s life.”

Yun Feng nodded.
The master-servant contract and the equality contract, it sounded that the master-servant contract was a bit safer, but Yun Feng thought both of them were certainly not that simple.

“Kid, have you ever thought that you can replace a Magic Beast as well?” What the ancestor said made Yun Feng astonished.
Replacing a Magic Beast? Could a contracted Magic Beast be replaced as well?

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