Chapter 158: Dragon Valley (2)

Why were Dragons repelled by humans? This was also one of the most important reasons.
Dragons had a greedy nature as well, but they were greedy for treasures without an owner.
However, humans were different.
Their continuously increasing desire and ambition made them become crazy eventually.
In order to be immortal, the royal family did everything to hire all kinds of powerhouses to steal dragon blood!

However, how would they get dragon blood so easily, especially that of the Golden Dragons which had the purest blood among the Dragons? Not to mention the fact that the Dragons were powerful, the bloodline of the Golden Dragons was only joined by a single descendant! There was only one Golden Dragon in each generation.
So, how would humans be able to get his blood?

And yet, such rare blood of a Golden Dragon appeared in front of Yun Feng.
Ao Jin looked at the blood that oozed out of his palm and burst into laughter as he suddenly hit the giant rock with his hand!

Yun Feng felt that the air around her rippled violently and her body seemed to have passed through some unknown restriction.
When she turned around and looked at the scene in front of her eyes again, there was already a completely different world!

Countless giant, towering rocks rose from the ground, reaching the clouds.
The huge, bright sun was shining in the sky and a scorching breeze blew on her face dryly.
The boundless land in front of her was covered with loess, looking so desolate and empty!

“Red Dragons, listen up! Your grandpa, Ao Jin, is back!” Ao Jin’s eyes turned gold and his earth-shattering shout echoed in the sky with the sounds of a dragon, announcing arrogantly to this world, I’m back!

“Swish, swish, swish!” There seemed to be countless subtle sounds in the air far away.
Yun Feng slightly narrowed her eyes, while Meatball on her shoulder also stood up a bit nervously and its fur also stuck up a little.

“Uncle Flirtatious, where are we?” Yun Feng felt several unusually powerful energies gathering from all directions, but she also calmed her mind.
WIth Ao Jin, this Golden Dragon with the purest bloodline whose strength had already been restored, what did she have to be afraid of?

“Haha, I’ll answer your question later.
Right now, let’s make some trouble.” Ao Jin looked at the sky far away with his golden eyes and dozens of powerful energies soon gathered there at this moment!

Yun Feng looked at the dragons in human form that showed up in the sky one by one.
They all had wings of different colors.
At a glance, they could roughly be divided into two groups, red and black.
Based on what Uncle Flirtatious yelled just now, the Red Dragons must be his bitter foes.

Yun Feng sized up these people, while these people sized up Ao Jin.
Those with black wings all looked surprised and gratified, while those with red wings were a bit gloomy and annoyed.

However, whether it was those with red wings or black wings, a bloodthirsty killing desire surged in all of their eyes at the same time when they saw Yun Feng!

“Human, give me your life!” An angry shout came.
Yun Feng only saw a young man raise his arm as a thunderbolt twined around it and flashed towards her head!

“How rude! Get to the side!” Ao Jin shouted as he waved his big hand gently and the thunderbolt that had already struck down was easily split by Ao Jin, turning into cyan gray smoke.

The expressions of the Red Dragons all changed when they saw Ao Jin’s move.
An elder in the front then chuckled at Ao Jin.
“Young Master’s strength isn’t the same as before anymore.
This is a joyous moment for the Dragons.”

Ao Jin looked at that elder with a false smile on his face.
“Old thing, if any of the Red Dragons dares to lay a hand on her, I’ll tear his skin off!”

The elder who spoke immediately looked bad and he stood there in disgrace.
“Young Master.
we’ll certainly listen to you.
We dare not to disobey you, but there’s a human in Dragon Valley…”

“Yan Ting, Young Master has already said so.
What do you still want to say?” An elder walked out from the Black Dragons with a face that looked fierce even though he wasn’t angry.

“Hm!” The elder of the Red Dragons, who spoke just now, grunted and didn’t say another word, but his eyes kept glistening and gazed at Yun Feng to delve deeply into her.

“Old Qi, your words always please me.”

“Young Master, you haven’t returned for quite some time.
There are a lot of things waiting for you to deal with.”

After hearing this, Ao Jin couldn’t help but show a trace of unwillingness on his face and he waved his hand a bit impatiently.
“I should have stayed for a while longer.
Then, I could even…” Ao Jin’s gaze fell on Yun Feng’s face and he suddenly smiled a bit uncomfortably.

Yun Feng turned around and looked at Ao Jin with silent doubt in her eyes.
Where did you take me?

“Young Master, let’s go back.” The elder of the Black Dragons spoke as he smiled gently, while Ao Jin nodded.
When he was about to hold Yun Feng up with one hand again, Yun Feng dodged and avoided him.

“Kid, why are you avoiding me? We should go.”

Yun Feng stood there and her eyes seemed to be rippling.
She stared at Ao Jin just like that without saying anything.
Ao Jin was very uncomfortable with such a gaze and he mumbled awkwardly in the end, “We’re in Dragon Valley…”

Yun Feng only felt gloomy like her head was covered with thunderclouds.
She thought she could leave the Great Crack.
She never expected that this Uncle Flirtatious would abduct her here.
Dragon Valley, this must be where the Dragons lived! How uncomfortable would she be to show up here as a human? How did he come up with this idea?

“I want to go back!’ Yun Feng stood there and said to Ao Jin so straightforwardly and loudly.
Such a firm tone made both the members of the Red Dragons and Black Dragons widen their eyes in shock.

“Elder, how can this rude human…” A middle-aged man among the Black Dragons was so furious that his face flushed.
Their Young Master was yelled at by a human and this human even talked like she was commanding him.
The arrogant Dragons indeed couldn’t stand this.

The elder, whom Ao Jin called Old Qi, signalled them to stand down and not get angry, as he glanced over and saw that Ao Jin wasn’t enraged because of what Yun Feng said at all, making him a little confused.
His Young Master had changed a lot when he came back this time.

“Go back? Kid, you didn’t forget what you once promised me, did you?” Ao Jin narrowed his golden eyes and gazed at Yun Feng with a vicious look.
Yun Feng slowly curled up her lips and smiled.
This smile made Ao Jin a bit dumbfounded again.

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