1639 Lanyi’s Test, Yun Feng Is Jealous (2)

Qu Lanyi smiled gently and looked at the woman who wanted to approach him a few times coldly with his black eyes.
The coldness that suddenly rose from his body made the beauty shocked and afraid, but she didn’t want to leave yet.
“I’m fine,” said Qu Lanyi as he sat further away without a trace.
Seeing that, the beauty leaned closer and grabbed the corners of Qu Lanyi’s clothes.
She looked at him pitifully with her big eyes, wanting him to pity her.

“Rip!” The corner of his clothes was cut off invisibly.
The beauty immediately turned pale when she saw that.
Her finger was almost cut off just then!

“Hahaha! Fine, go away!” The First Prince waved his hand lazily.
The beauty next to Qu Lanyi nodded and looked at Qu Lanyi with unwillingness and resentment in her eyes.
Qu Lanyi looked straight ahead and ignored her.

The beauty left in anger.
The First Prince sat upright.
“Brother Qu, do you not like any of these beauties?” The First Prince narrowed his eyes and looked at Qu Lanyi.
He looked ordinary and fierce, but there was always a special charm on him.
Not to mention a man like him, all these females were attracted to him, but he had such a cold personality.
The First Prince rolled his black eyes.
This guy’s strength was exactly what he wanted.
If he wanted to take down his brother, he had to have some real ability.
Besides… the First Prince’s face darkened.

“What are you thinking about, Your Highness?” Qu Lanyi raised his brows.
After observing and interacting with him for the past few days, even though this prince had a bad temper and was even temperamental, his methods of doing things were very open and aboveboard.
Compared to the Second Prince Fengfeng mentioned, this prince was obviously a bit boring.

“Nothing.” The First Prince changed his expression.
“Come on, bring Tang Yuyan here.” After saying that, the First Prince chuckled at Qu Lanyi.
“Brother Qu, I’ve already taken out my trump card.
You must give me some face.”

Qu Lanyi’s black eyes darkened and he just sat there with a smile.
After a while, a graceful woman walked out.
Her enchanting and voluptuous body was covered in an extremely transparent layer of fabrics that couldn’t cover anything at all.
Just looking at her made the males’ blood boil and they couldn’t stand the thirst.

“Your Highness.” The woman called out gently.
His Highness chuckled and pointed.
“Serve Brother Qu well and make him happy.”

Tang Yuyan turned around slightly and saw Qu Lanyi, who was sitting there without even looking up.
She frowned slightly.
“Yes, sir.” Her graceful body walked over.
Under the fluttering of the thin veil, the lines and beauty of her body were obvious and she was very sexy.

“Master Qu,” called Tang Yuyan gently.
Qu Lanyi nodded with a cold expression.
Tang Yuyan was a bit surprised.
All males couldn’t control themselves when they saw her.
Such an ordinary-looking person didn’t react at all when he saw her?

“Master Qu, can I sit down?” Tang Yuyan continued to ask.
Qu Lanyi said, “Sit there and stay away from me.”

Tang Yuyan looked around.
Qu Lanyi asked her to sit far away from him.
She couldn’t help but feel a bit humiliated.
Her voluptuous body sat down next to Qu Lanyi with a fragrance and was about to approach him.
Qu Lanyi’s black eyes turned cold and his momentum suddenly increased.
Tang Yuyan’s movements froze in the air.

The First Prince watched with interest without stopping drinking the wine in his hand.
He seemed to be observing Qu Lanyi secretly.
“Master Qu, why are you treating me like an outsider?” Tang Yuyan chuckled and leaned back obediently.
The killing intent just then wasn’t fake.
If she got any closer, she might lose her life here.

Qu Lanyi wasn’t in the mood to talk to her at all.
He was only thinking about why Yun Feng wasn’t here yet.
Had he miscalculated? Logically speaking, she should have come immediately… Qu Lanyi was a bit anxious.
If he had known earlier, he wouldn’t have let Fengfeng hear anything else.
Would Fengfeng misunderstand him?

“Master Qu, what are you thinking about? Why are you so deep in thought?” Tang Yuyan approached.
She didn’t touch Qu Lanyi, but their postures were very intimate.
At this moment, the space trembled slightly.
The muscles of the First Prince, who was in a lazy posture, tightened! Qu Lanyi, on the other hand, was delighted.
He immediately waved his hand and shook Tang Yuyan off fiercely.

“Aiya!” Tang Yuyan was pushed to the ground and cried out.
She hoped that Lord Qu would show mercy to her, but he didn’t even bother to look at her!

“You’re quite lively.” A voice suddenly sounded in the sky.
The First Prince stood up with a sullen face.
“How dare you! Who is it?”

“Your Highness, my wife is here to meet me.
There’s no need to make a fuss,” said Qu Lanyi.
The First Prince was stunned! Tang Yuyan, who was on the ground, was also stunned! “Your Highness, please allow me to leave first.” As soon as he said that, Qu Lanyi’s body had already disappeared.
The First Prince stood there for a long time before he whispered slowly, “He already has a partner… Have you figured out the strength of the owner of the voice just then?”

“Grade 7 of the God Level.”

“Grade 7 of the God Level… Even though she’s quite strong, she’s still not strong enough after all,” mumbled the First Prince.
Tang Yuyan stood up from the ground.
The First Prince glanced at her.
“What about you? Did you find anything?”

“The aura on his body has all been restrained.
I can’t detect anything at all.
I’m useless.”

The First Prince chuckled.
“Even your ability doesn’t work on him.
He’s truly a rare talent.
Right, how’s Father’s investigation of the human aura that broke into the clan?”

Tang Yuyan said, “According to the news, that human aura disappeared for no reason.
There’s no trace of it.”

The First Prince frowned.
“Untraceable? No matter how he hides his aura, a human should have left traces.
Besides… where can he hide in the territory of the Tian Yao Clan? Do you know where that aura disappeared?”

“According to the people around the king, it’s in the forbidden area of the Tian Yao Clan.”

“Forbidden land?” The First Prince frowned.
“Humph! I’m afraid Second Brother did this.”

Tang Yuyan raised her head.
“Your Highness, do you really not care about those people that the Second Prince has been dealing with secretly?”

The First Prince sneered.
“He’s always been the most cunning and meticulous.
I haven’t found any clues after watching for so long.
I can’t be hasty.
After the King’s Inspection, I’m afraid he can’t wait anymore.
It’ll probably be time for him to give himself away.”


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