Chapter 156: Some Secrets (3)

“The seven magic elements, the earth element, the wind element, the water element, the thunder element, the fire element, the light element and the darkness element, each of them has a corresponding Fantastical Beast.
These seven Fantastical Beasts are the kings, the seven kings on the top of the world of Magic Beasts! Fantastical Beasts are existences that surpass everything.
Even Magic Beasts don’t know where the Fantastical Beasts are.
Every time a Fantastical Beast is born, it causes a great furor, just like the summoners among humans.”

Ao Jin looked at Yun Feng, while Yun Feng nodded.
Summoners couldn’t resist the temptation of Fantastical Beasts, just like a junky couldn’t resist drugs.
Even if they knew that they might die, even if they knew it was in vain, they still rushed forward without caring about anything, like a moth that darted into the fire.

“Uncle Jin, do you know which elemental group does the Fantastical Beast that killed the summoner belong to?”

Ao Jin’s face turned cold and contained a hint of fear.
Rumor has it that the summoner died in the hands of a Darkness Fantastical Beast.”

Yun Feng’s heart suddenly pounded at this moment.
She didn’t know why there was an inexplicable feeling rising in her mind, which made her blood boil in enthusiasm.

“What do Fantastical Beasts look like?”

Ao Jin smiled speechlessly.
“Kid, only the few heavy hitters on the top can come into contact with the Fantastical Beasts.
I don’t know what they look like and I can’t even imagine it.”

“Nana.” Meatball yelled at this moment.
Ao Jin suddenly narrowed his eyes and gazed at Meatball’s chubby body with a judgemental gaze from his fierce eyes, as if he wanted to see through Meatball completely.

“It isn’t afraid of my dragon pressure.” Ao Jin said after a while as he pointed at Meatball on Yun Feng’s shoulder.
Yun Feng poked Meatball’s body with her finger, while Meatball wiggled its body in discontent and rubbed its fur against Yun Feng’s face.

“Perhaps it’s a bit more obtuse.
Apart from exhausting my resources and causing trouble, I really don’t know what else it can do.”

Ao Jin smiled a bit reluctantly.
He released all of his dragon pressure to attack Meatball just then, all of his dragon pressure! Even though he was injured and still hadn’t recovered fully, he was already at the peak of the Monarch Level right now! Being attacked by dragon pressure at the peak of the Monarch Level, that thing didn’t have any reaction at all! This was totally impossible!

Ao Jin looked at Meatball and a few drops of sweat appeared on his forehead.
The strength of that thing was above his!

The level above the peak of the Monarch Level was the Lord Level.
Those at the Lord Level in the world of Magic Beasts were already figures that could control the world by waving their hands! Had that little thing reached such a level?

No wonder it could avoid his attacks so easily.
No wonder it wasn’t injured at all.
No wonder it could attack him with ease.
Although its appearance was a bit unexpected, the test just now had made Ao Jin realize the truth!

What exactly was this thing that the kid called Meatball? Ao Jin couldn’t help but look at Yun Feng.
Why would a Lord-Level Magic Beast stay with a human like this?

“Kid, Ao Jin has much stronger strength than you do.
You can practice at ease here during this period of time.
It’ll be good for you too.” The ancestor said with sincere words.
Yun Feng also agreed.
She took out the concentrated liquid she extracted from the Fire Essence Origin Tree and carefully gave Little Fire a few drops.
Little Fire immediately burped in content.
It seemed that it would take some time for it to digest.
Yun Feng also took a few drops carefully and slowly digested the fire element inside, practicing slowly.
Without her knowing, she broke through level 8 in a few months!

“Kid, you’re something.
You reached level 8 in a few months.
You can be considered unmatched among humans.” Ao Jin complimented Yun Feng generously as he closed his eyes and continued healing.
He opened his eyes the moment Yun Feng broke through level 8, looking at her with a gaze full of admiration.

“Uncle Jin, how’s your injury?” Yun Feng asked as Ao Jin smiled.
“Why, kid? Do you want to leave?”

Yun Feng smiled speechlessly as she gave it a thought and the dark red Ring of Contract appeared in her hand.
There was already another fire mark on the surface of the ring.
Her strength had risen to level 8 at this moment.
A level-8 summoner! Her fire-element magic had also reached level 8, while the other level-4 magic had advanced to level 7!

Yun Feng had already achieved so much at this age.
She couldn’t be described with the word “genius” anymore.
She was the genius among the geniuses!

Level 8… If Yung Feng kept going at this speed, she would soon be able to reach the Commander Level…

Several months passed again.
It had been a year and a half since Yun Feng left home for experience.
A year and a half flew by.
Yun Feng’s small body also grew taller gradually, as if the growth of her body had also reached an extremely high speed.
Her height increased slowly and her young, innocent face was also changing with a few gorgeous colors.
Sometimes, when Ao Jin looked at Yun Feng’s sweet facial features, he couldn’t help but space out for a while.

The relationship between Yun Feng and Ao Jin became very interesting.
As Yun Feng gradually grew, Uncle Jin had been gloriously promoted to Uncle Flirtatious.

Finally, one day after a month, an earth-shattering shout suddenly burst out in the cave surrounded by thick white mist deep in the Great Crack.

“I finally recovered.

Yun Feng also opened her eyes.
Her body that had already become taller stood up lightly as she looked at this burly man in front of her.
Her red lips curled up slowly.
Very well! She could finally leave!

“Hahaha, break!” As Ao Jin’s voice echoed in the entire cave, Yun Feng felt that the ground underneath her feet seemed to start shaking slightly.
A powerful, endless fierceness surged out of Ao Jin’s body.
Yun Feng felt breathless and her mental strength immediately gushed out, enveloping her body and Little Fire.

Ever since Ao Jin spoke, Little Fire’s body had been in an extremely tight state.
Even with the protection from Yun Feng’s mental strength, Little Fire still felt uncomfortable.
In the end, Yun Feng took out the Ring of Contract.
Little Fire had never been so delighted and willing to be embraced by the Ring of Contract like he was at that moment.

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