Chapter 155: Some Secrets (2)

Yun Feng smiled.
“Who? Is it your old friend, Uncle Jin?”

Ao Jin shook his head.
When he looked up again, there was a hint of a trace of nostalgia and longing on his face.
“No, I’m not qualified to know him, to know this summoner…”

Yun Feng held her breath.
A summoner?

“The summoner who made a contract with our ancestor, the only human who can go in and out of the Dragons’ lands freely.”

What Ao Jin said split Yun Feng’s world like a thunderbolt.
The calm volcano in her mind seemed to have cracked and the boiling lava gushed out, spreading all over her body!

What level of summoner could contract with the ancestor of the Dragons? How powerful would the summoner be to be able to contract with a Dragon? Even the ancestor was stunned.
Summoners were powerful and mysterious, but contracting with a Dragon was even more difficult than contracting with a Mutated Magic Beast.
For summoners, contracting with Mutated Magic Beasts was a fantasy and contracting with Dragons was a dream!

The powerful Dragons had strong bodies and powerful magic.
After contracting a Dragon, summoners would never have to be afraid of the other Magic Beasts of the same level anymore and could even kill them by waving their hand! However, how many people had contracted with a Dragon? There hadn’t been anyone at all in the historical record of mankind! That was why the ancestor was also shocked.
He didn’t know there was such a summoner, a summoner that could contract with the Dragons!

“It’s been at least a thousand years since a summoner appeared on the East Continent.
Kid, you’re a weirdo and a summoner who doesn’t like to wear the Ring of Contract.
You and that summoner are truly alike,” Ao Jin said.
Perhaps he liked Yun Feng so much because her personality was a bit similar to that of the summoner.

Yun Feng smiled speechlessly.
She had never thought her habit would be the same as that of this legend.
She just wanted to avoid trouble.

“Master, do we really have to stay here?” Little Fire said to Yun Feng in its mind, while Yun Feng smiled.
“There must be a reason why Uncle Jin is here.
I guess it’s because of that key.”

Although Ao Jin didn’t explain why he was here, Yun Feng could already guess a little.
She knew what the status of a Golden Dragon with the purest bloodline would be among the Dragons by just thinking about it.
However, the treasure of the Dragons, the key to their treasure vault, came here with him.
What did this mean? Were the Dragons divided? Yun Feng thought as Ao Jin patted Yun Feng’s head with his big hand.
“I seldom find humans that I like.
Kid, don’t even think about leaving.”

Yun Feng lifted the corners of her mouth and didn’t say anything.
Should she be happy or sad being appreciated by a dragon?

Ever since Ao Jin confessed that the stone wasn’t something Meatball wanted, Meatball had quickly given up its enthusiasm for the stone.
It sat on Yun Feng’s shoulder obediently as its fluffy body rubbed against Yun Feng’s cheek from time to time.

Yun Feng, Little Fire and Meatball had already stayed in this cave for almost a week.
Luckily, there were sufficient material reserves, otherwise Yun Feng would be starved to death.

In this week, Ao Jin had observed Meatball a few thousand times and he finally made a conclusion.
He had never seen such a species.
He wanted to try to study it, but he gave up the idea in the end under Meatball’s insane speed.

After Yun Feng asked tentatively about Ao Jin’s strength, she finally got an answer.

“Uncle Jin, have you reached the peak of the Commander Level already?”

Ao Jin grunted in disdain.
“The peak of the Commander Level? Kid, you’ve underestimated me.
My injury hasn’t fully recovered right now.
When it does, I can even compete with someone at the Lord Level.”

Compete with someone at the Lord Level! Yun Feng’s body trembled slightly.
The Dragons were so powerful that their strength had reached a terrifying level.
If they invaded the human world, humans wouldn’t have any power to fight back at all!

“Kid, I know what you’re thinking.
The Dragons aren’t interested in the human’s territory.
There are rules and even the Dragons can’t break them.”

“Rules? What are the rules on this continent?’

“Haha, I don’t know about the rules in the human world, but those in the world of Magic Beasts are divided into levels.
The most important rule among all of them that Magic Beasts must obey is that we can’t invade the human world.”

After hearing that, Yun Feng found it somewhat inconceivable.
The overall strength of the powerhouses in the human world and the Magic Beasts differed by more than a level.
If the Magic Beasts ran wild, humans wouldn’t have the power to fight back at all.
This rule completely restricted the Magic Beasts to protect humans.
Who exactly set this rule to protect the human world?

“I’m also frustrated.
Humans are so weak.
One dragon can already level the East Continent, but rules exist.
Whoever breaks the rules will be punished.” There was disdain, then a hint of awe, on Ao Jin’s face.

Yun Feng pondered for a while.
Suddenly, she recalled that her ancestor told her about the existence on the top of the pyramid of Magic Beasts, the existence that was called legends in the human world, Fantastical Beasts!

“Uncle Jin, do Fantastical Beasts really exist?”

Ao Jin froze for a second, then burst into laughter.
“Haha, why? Kid, do you want to contract with a Fantastical Beast?”

Yun Feng’s eyebrows suddenly pulsed.
She knew that she still didn’t have this ability right now, but as long as Fantastical Beasts really existed, she might have the chance to contract with one!

“It’s very likely that you can contract with them… That summoner also held such a belief, but he died in the hands of a Fantastical Beast.”

“Died? Died in the hands of a Fantastical Beast?” So, Fantastical Beasts truly existed?

Ao Jin saw Yun Feng’s surprised look and smiled happily.
“Since you stayed to accompany me, I’ll tell you something, something that humans will never know.”

Yun Feng immediately breathed tensely.
Something about the Fantastical Beasts in the world of Magic Beasts that humans would never know?

“Fantastical Beasts do exist.
They existed in the past and they exist now.” Ao Jin’s eyes had already returned to their normal color.
When he said this, a glint of golden light flashed through silently.
“Fantastical Beasts are existences like God in the world of Magic Beasts.
They’re so powerful that even the Dragons can’t resist them!

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