Chapter 153: Mysterious Man (4)

“I didn’t know you were so capable.
You can even contract with a Mutated Magic Beast.” The man glanced over the body of Little Fire.
Little Fire was a bit nervous for no reason and its body immediately tightened.

The mysterious man sized Yun Feng up a few times and suddenly burst into laughter.
“I’ll give you that thing, but you have to stay here with me until I’m happy in exchange!”

Yun Feng narrowed her black eyes slightly as she looked at this cunning, arrogant middle-aged man in front of her and suddenly curled up her lips to give a smile.
She swayed Meatball’s body with her hand and smiled at that middle-aged man cunningly, which made the man seem a bit uncomfortable.

“What exactly is this stone?”

The middle-aged man burst into laughter.
“Kid, are you agreeing to what I just requested?”

Yun Feng didn’t say anything.
She just remained silent for a while.
“What if I have to leave?”

The middle-aged man’s face, which still had a smile on it earlier, suddenly became gloomy like it was shrouded in a layer of thunderclouds.
He changed the expression of his face faster than flipping over a book.
“I won’t let you leave.
Kid, don’t you think you can resist me with that little thing!” The middle-aged man shouted with a deep voice.
A glint of golden light abruptly flashed in his fierce eyes, so quickly that nobody noticed it.

Meatball in Yun Feng’s hands was holding the stone with its claws.
After hearing what the middle-aged man said, its cute face became a bit ferocious.
It gnashed its sharp, bright teeth that were flashing with glints of coldness.

Yun Feng slowly caressed Meatball’s body with her finger to ask it to quiet down.
She turned around and looked at the white mist that was so thick that it almost turned solid.
It seemed that this man was truly not planning to let her go.
If that was the case, she should stay here first.
With the Fire Essence Origin Tree here, she didn’t want to leave either.
Wouldn’t it be the same no matter where she trained? This man didn’t have any evil intentions against her and the environment here was pretty nice.
She wouldn’t be disturbed by anyone.
If this man had such great kindness, why should she reject him?

She didn’t believe that she wouldn’t have the ability to beat this man after three years!

Yun Feng smiled as she sat on the ground, looking relaxed.
The middle-aged man burst into laughter.
“Kid, you’re quite wise.
If you dared to show a hint of unwillingness just then, I would have immediately killed you here!”

Yun Feng smiled and leaned against Little Fire’s body as she sat there lazily.
Her slim body, gorgeous face and eyes kept sizing up everything in the cave, without the panic and helplessness that a kid of her age should have at all.

The middle-aged man seemed more and more interested when he looked at Yun Feng.
He leaped in front of Yun Feng, squatting down with a smile.
“Kid, call me uncle.”

Yun Feng’s eyes couldn’t help but twitch a few times.
Was this some kind of deflected flirting?

Yun Feng turned her smiley face to the side gently.
This middle-aged man seemed to have a weird personality.
He was trying to kill her like thunder a moment ago, and now, he was being friendly to her.
Yun Feng thought that this man might have personality dissociation.

Yun Feng’s ignorance seemed to make the man even happier, as if he had found a very fun toy.
He moved in front of Yun Feng’s face.
“Kid, call me uncle!”

“Nana!” Meatball shouted at this moment.
When Yun Feng looked over, she found that Meatball seemed to want to swallow the stone, but it didn’t know how.

“Hm, you want to eat it? Don’t even think about it.” The middle-aged man smiled coldly and looked at Meatball’s movement in disdain.
Yun Feng asked out of curiosity, “What exactly is that thing?”

The middle-aged man smiled again.
“Call me uncle and I’ll tell you.”

Yun Feng couldn’t help rolling her eyes.
“Nana!” Meatball jumped onto Yun Feng’s knee with the stone and looked at her with its watery eyes, as if it was begging her.

Yun Feng angrily lifted Meatball up by the back of its neck with her little hand, putting it in front of her as they looked at each other.
“Are you trying to sacrifice me for the stone, hm?”

Meatball yelled flatteringly.
Its fluffy tail touched the back of Yun Feng’s hand and its cute little body wiggled slightly.
That posture made Yun Feng unable to stay angry even if she wanted to.

“You… Great, Meatball!” Yun Feng said softly as she gritted her teeth.
The middle-aged man waited there with a complacent look, as if he was certain that Yun Feng would compromise.

Yun Feng put Meatball down and turned her cold face to the middle-aged man.
There was a teasing look on the middle-aged man’s smiley face.
Yun Feng repressed the anger in her mind slightly.

“Kid, what did you say? Speak up.” The middle-aged man had a smile on his face, as if he got a treasure.
Yun Feng clenched her fists secretly.

Little Fire couldn’t hold back its laugh and burst into laughter.
Yun Feng’s little face flushed all of a sudden, looking awkward, while the middle-aged man laughed wildly and caressed Yun Feng’s head with his big hand.
He sat next to Yun Feng as his big hand slipped through Yun Feng’s underarm and exerted his strength to lift her up.

This move that only family members would do made Yun Feng’s face blush completely.
“What are you doing? Put me down!”

The middle-aged man smiled even more happily as he shook Yun Feng a few times with his powerful arm.
Yun Feng was just nine right now.
The small body of a kid couldn’t resist the strength of a middle-aged man at all, so she could only let him sway her.

“KId, I quite like you.
Call me uncle again, haha!”

Yun Feng glared at him fiercely.
He was a psycho, undoubtedly a psycho! “Uncle Magic Beast, are you done yet? Put me down!”

The middle-aged man froze for a second and laughed happily again as he put Yun Feng down.
Yun Feng immediately took a few steps away from the middle-aged man quickly.
“You kid, you know I’m a Magic Beast?”

Yun Feng nodded.
“You said it yourself just now.”

The middle-aged man pondered for a while carefully and still didn’t know when he slipped his tongue.
Yun Feng was also a bit confused.
Magic Beasts normally hated humans.
Why did this so-called uncle like her? Yun Feng had no idea that she was fundamentally different from ordinary people.

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