Chapter 152: Mysterious Man (3)

Yun Feng narrowed her black eyes slightly as her powerful mental strength surged out fiercely.
Concentrated earth element appeared around Yun Feng, firmly blocking in front of her and Little Fire like a shield!

“Hm! You’re biting off more than you can chew!” A voice came from somewhere as the three fierce air currents came towards Yun Feng with great momentum while Yun Feng stood still behind the earth element, not dodging and not running!

Distressing pressure came right at Yun Feng’s face, as if the air on this side was sucked away in an instant.
Yun Feng only felt breathless.
Those three air currents flashed towards her with overwhelmingly strong power as Yun Feng clenched her fists tight!

This time, she was facing an attack that was more powerful than her strength!

“Nana!” Meatball yelled loudly and immediately cleared the suffocating pressure in the air.
A shadow then jumped up from Yun Feng’s hand as quickly as lightning.
Meatball’s body flashed through Yun Feng’s earth-element shield and dashed outside!

What? It went through the shield! Yun Feng looked at the scene dumbfoundedly.
Even Little Fire was extremely stunned and gazed at Meatball that had already flown out.
Fuck, what exactly was that meatball?

Seeing Meatball rush out like that, Yun Feng immediately removed the earth-element shield, but she was only in time to watch that little creature gnash its teeth, clashing against somewhere in the air very viciously!

“Boom!” A muffled sound came in the air, as if something was completely smashed.
“Who broke my space shield?” Following a furious shout, Yun Feng saw that Meatball created a crack on the originally smooth dimension wall on the upper part of the cave and someone abruptly flew out of the crack, looking like he was in a fluster!

“Nana, nanana!” Meatball’s body was like a beam of light.
It was so fast that nobody could believe the speed the chubby Meatball had!

“Stop! Fuck! Stop!” The person who flew out was a muscular, middle-aged man.
There seemed to be a bruise on his face, which should have been caused by Meatball just now.
Facing Meatball’s quick attacks, the man dodged around in panic and waved his hand in the end, shooting out the hundred air currents he used to attack Yun Feng!

Yun Feng’s pupils shrank abruptly.
She was about to rush over, but she found that Meatball’s body was flashing like a black shadow.
It wasn’t injured at all under the attack of a hundred air currents!

The man seemed to be dumbfounded as well.
He only saw a little black dot moving around his air currents and his attack didn’t seem to be threatening at all! After Meatball went through the air currents, its cute little face had turned completely ferocious!

“Nana!” It lifted its head and shouted fiercely.
Meatball directly dashed onto the man’s body, while the man dodged to the side in panic.
However, Meatball’s wave of attacks came right away.
The man was about to avoid the attacks, but he had already been hit!

“Argh! Oh! Bang!” After a few consecutive clashes, the mysterious man, who had a strong momentum earlier, was already running away in panic as Meatball chased after him, looking extremely hilarious.

His air current attacks didn’t work at all.
Meatball didn’t only avoid them all, it even made counterattacks at the man with ease.
Yun Feng and Little Fire were like people who were watching a drama.
They looked entertained as they watched the mysterious man jump up and down.

“Fuck, make this thing stop.
I’ll give you that stone.
I don’t want it!” The man ran in panic as he paid attention to the direction of Meatball’s attacks and shouted at Yun Feng at the same time.

“Master, he’s really interesting.” Little Fire sat on the ground with a relaxed look and the tension from earlier had disappeared.
It had never thought Meatball would be able to suppress this man completely.

Yun Feng smiled and watched Meatball running around in the air, moving so fast that she almost couldn’t see it.
She was also a bit stunned in her mind.
“Meatball, come back.
We took somebody’s things after all.”

“Did you hear that? She’s already said so.
Stop quickly.
I’m exhausted!” The middle-aged man shouted loudly, but he only saw a black dot flashing towards him.
“Bang!” After the severe clash, the man clutched his eye with one hand and knelt on the ground in pain.

Yun Feng saw the black dot dash towards her swiftly, landing on her shoulder.
Meatball rubbed its fluffy body against Yun Feng’s face, as if it was comforting Yun Feng, saying that she didn’t have to be afraid with it here.

Yun Feng smiled and picked up Meatball’s body.
She didn’t forget that even though it attacked the mysterious man, its little claws were still firmly holding onto the fist-sized stone.
Yun Feng looked at that stone with her black eyes, while Meatball tried to hide it carefully.
It even moved its mouth and was planning to swallow it.

“Is this an ultimate ore?” Yun Feng asked tentatively, while Meatball blinked several times.

“An ultimate ore? Are you insulting me?”

Yun Feng was startled.
The mysterious man had already gotten up from the ground, but he looked hilarious right now.
There was a dark circle around his eye on that originally fierce face.

Yun Feng vigilantly looked at the man.
The attacks of the man gave her a kind of pressure that she couldn’t resist.
Even if she forced herself to withstand the attacks, she wouldn’t end up well, not to mention that man came out of a dimension wall… If he was able to build a dimension wall, he… should have already reached at least the Commander Level!

Wouldn’t it be a piece of cake for the mysterious man, who had at least the Commander Level, to kill her? Those below the Commander Level were all ants.
A warrior at the Commander Level could eliminate a level-9 master effortlessly!

The mysterious man looked at Yun Feng in dissatisfaction, but didn’t make any reckless moves, as if he was worried about Meatball in her hand.
When he saw Little Fire on the side, he couldn’t help but show a hint of interest in his eyes when he gazed at Yun Feng.
“Human, are you a summoner?”

Yun Feng frowned slightly.
He called her human? Perhaps this mysterious man… was a Magic Beast?

When Magic Beasts reached level 7, they would be able to speak human languages, and when they reached the Commander Level, they would even turn into human form! Little Fire was an exception.
As a Mutated Magic Beast, it was extremely talented and was a little better than the others in this respect.

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