Chapter 149: Crazy Things (4)

Yun Feng went all the way ahead.
After walking through a woodland, she saw a giant, bottomless crack and some scorching energy came from the vertical sides of the crack.
Yun Feng walked over and stood on the edge of the crack, feeling the heat waves that came right at her.
“What’s this place…”

“Kid, this is the Great Crack, the Road of Death.” The ancestor’s voice sounded.
Yun Feng looked at this wide, bottomless crack in front of her.
The land around it was barren without even a blade of grass.

“Nana!” Meatball’s body quivered and it suddenly flipped down from Yun Feng’s shoulder.
Yun Feng only saw Meatball’s body turn into a black line, dashing straight down the crack swiftly!

“Meatball, come back!” Yun Feng’s mental strength immediately formed a long whip that rolled over to Meatball’s little body, but Meatball was extremely fast.
Yun Feng’s mental strength missed it!

That chubby body instantly disappeared in the crack, as if it was swallowed by an open mouth! “Damn it!” Blue water element quickly enveloped Yun Feng’s body as she also rushed down to the crack.
“Kid, what are you doing?” The ancestor couldn’t help but yell in shock.
Yun Feng chuckled and looked at the crack in front of her with her black eyes.
The heat waves and high temperature that came right at her face were slowly neutralized by the water element.

“What am I doing? Of course, something crazy!” As she spoke, her light blue body jumped inside fiercely, while Little Fire followed her behind.
It looked up and roared excitedly, as its dark red body jumped inside without hesitation.
It was indeed an extremely awesome thing to have such a Master!

“Kid, how are you feeling right now?” Billowing heat waves were rolling around Yun Feng.
Ever since she went into the Great Crack, she felt like she had entered a world of pure steam.
If it weren’t for the water element that protected her, her body would probably have evaporated in a blink!

“I’m fine… Just a bit suffocated…” Yun Feng replied in difficulty and kept moving forward.
A misty world was in front of her eyes.
Hot steam rolled and roared around her.
This crack was indeed the Crack of Death.
If someone fell in, it would be weird if that person wasn’t steamed to death!

“Little Fire, are you alright?” Yun Feng turned her body to the side and asked.
Little Fire followed Yun Feng closely and growled in excitement.
“I’m fine, Master.
There’s abundant fire energy here.
I’m very relaxed!”

What Little Fire said made Yun Feng relax her eyebrows slightly.
She was worried about Little Fire as the water element couldn’t envelop it.
She had never thought that the insanely high temperature here would make Little Fire feel extremely comfortable.
A Mutated Magic Beast was indeed different.

“That’s good.
Where exactly did Meatball go?” Yun Feng went all the way deeper and just felt like this crack was so deep that there wasn’t an end.
Besides, the temperature rose higher and higher.
The water element around her also made a series of sounds as another new light blue layer covered Yun Feng’s body.
Luckily, Yun Feng’s mental strength was strong enough.
If not, she wouldn’t be able to escape being steamed to the point where only her bones were left, when she got deeper.

“Will Meatball be cooked?” Little Fire gloated.
Yun Feng immediately knocked its head.
Little Fire whimpered aggrievedly and didn’t say anything else.

Yun Feng searched in the mist intently.
Meatball’s body was so small and its moving speed was so weirdly high.
How was she supposed to find it? Besides, Meatball didn’t have a special connection with Yun Feng, unlike Little Fire.
As Yun Feng’s contracted Magic Beast, Little Fire’s mind was connected to Yun Feng’s.
In such a situation right now, finding Meatball was as difficult as looking for a needle in a haystack.

“Little Fire, go search that side.
I’ll take this side.” Yun Feng said.
Even though Little Fire didn’t really like Meatball, it wouldn’t disobey Yun Feng’s order.
It nodded as its dark red body dashed to one side quickly.

“Water Arrow!” Yun Feng shouted with a deep voice.
The blue water element in her hand quickly formed an arrow and shot ahead abruptly from her palm.
There were bright blue ripples flowing on the level-7 Water Arrow.
It flashed swiftly into the white mist in front of Yun Feng.
However, the mist immediately swallowed the level-7 Water Arrow in a blink, like a vicious beast!

“Water element doesn’t work…” Yun Feng pondered quietly in her mind.
The water element around her body clashed with the white mist, making some “magnetic” sound like a beast bellowing in pain.

“Fire Arrow!” Yun Feng shouted again as the red fire element appeared in her palm, forming a giant arrow.
The temperature around her seemed to sense the fire element and became even more active.
The ancestor suddenly yelled at this moment, “Retract the fire element!”

Yun Feng felt the sudden rise of temperature around her and the water element that enveloped her body seemed to have evaporated in an instant.
She swayed her little hand abruptly as the red fire element immediately dissipated and the temperature dropped again, like a vicious beast quieting down obediently.

“What was that…” Yun Feng felt that unbelievable moment.
If she moved a bit slower, she might have turned into ashes in one second just then!

“Kid, the temperature around here should be the closest to the fire element.
If I’m right, the origin of the Great Crack should be the source of the release of the fire element! What is it inside that can fill the entire crack with such a high concentration of fire element? It’s really unimaginable…”

What the ancestor said made Yun Feng look slightly nervous.
The Great Crack was filled with white mist, which was very likely to be the direct result of the contact of the extremely dense fire element and water in the air!

The contact kept the water element in the air in the state of white mist and at such a high temperature constantly.
What creatures inhabited deep in the Great Crack… She truly had no idea.

No wonder Little Fire was so comfortable here.
The fire element in this place was so rich.
If she attacked with fire magic, the consequences would be unimaginable!

“Kid, the fire element here isn’t the ordinary fire element.
The one here devours fighting energy!”

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