After less than three days, Yun Sheng had to go back again.
Before he left, he was still looking gloomy.
No matter how much Yun Feng acted like she didn’t care about it, Yun Sheng couldn’t cheer up.
Watching her brother leave, Yun Feng clenched her fists secretly.

“Kid, your Qi meridians are broken.
What are you planning to do?” The ancestor’s voice came.
When the ancestor knew Yun Feng’s Qi meridians were damaged, he was enraged.
If he was still alive, he would have completely exterminated the Lin family with a lift of a hand.


“I won’t give up.
Although my Qi meridians are broken, there are certainly other ways for practicing.
I’ll hold this grudge against the eldest son of the Lin family!”

Qi meridians were the most important things for becoming a warrior.
If the Qi meridians were broken, a person would be destined to not be able to go further on the road of warriors.
This was a disaster for the people on the East Continent.
Due to physical reasons, most people on the East Continent could only go on the path of warrior if they wanted to succeed.
If they failed to become a warrior, they could only be people at the bottom of the East Continent, living a lowly life.
The Lin family was truly vicious and evil to break Yun Feng’s Qi meridians, but this also meant that the Lin family couldn’t go too far in their future path.

Preying on other people’s things, hurting people maliciously and being so cruel, they would get what they deserved after all.

The next morning, a petite figure appeared on a mountain in Chunfeng Town.
She ran from the foot of the mountain to the mountainside and from the mountainside to the top of the mountain, going back and forth, repeating again and again.
She didn’t stop even though she was drenched in sweat and was panting.
She was Yun Feng.


Even if her Qi meridians were broken, there were other ways of practicing.
She might not be able to become a warrior, but this didn’t stop her from getting a strong body! Yun Feng immediately decided to use the most common and most primitive way to strengthen her body.
Although her body wouldn’t be as strong as that of a warrior, it would still be way better than that of a normal person!

Her ancestor showed his unconditional support.
Even though it didn’t matter if Yun Feng became a warrior or not, she was seriously injured after all.
If she could practice to become a warrior, her achievement would definitely be greater!

Day after day, three weeks had passed.
In these dozens of days, Yun Feng exercised her body every morning and quietly communicated and merged elements when she returned home.
At night, she did intensive training for her body again.
She was exhausted, so much that she even lost her energy, but she never gave up!

Sweat soaked her clothes time after time and she kept running back and forth on the mountain with her heavy body.
Finally, her body became soft and she fell on the ground.
Yun Feng panted heavily and felt like her chest was about to explode.
A fire was burning fiercely.
She still wanted to climb up and continued running, but her body didn’t listen to any of her commands anymore.

Suddenly, Yun Feng felt a chilling energy infuse into her hot body slowly, like rain that fell on boiling lava.
The heat in her body gradually receded and the energy that was almost exhausted was continuously injected into her body, into her muscles and even into every cell again!


Yun Feng sat up in shock as she felt the strange energy inside her body.
She had no idea what was going on, but she could obviously feel that her body recovered again in just dozens of seconds!

“What happened…” She looked around her body and didn’t find anything suspicious.
Then, Yun Feng stared at the black jade pendant on her chest.
She could clearly sense that the chilling energy was transmitted from the jade pendant into her body.

“Kid, what happened? Some kind of energy suddenly rushed into your body.
This energy… seems like… vitality…” The ancestor whispered his guess in Yun Feng’s mind.
Yun Feng immediately understood what was going on and she stood up.
The muscles of her body were no longer sore, as if her body suddenly became extremely light after getting this unlimited energy.
Yun Feng pushed her feet and she sped forward rapidly like an arrow.
She surprisingly found that she could now easily finish the distance that made her breathless earlier and she wasn’t even panting!


Yun Feng pondered for a while carefully and still didn’t really understand after all, but what her ancestor said gave her a bit of an idea.
“Such energy seems to be able to change your body slowly.
If it goes on like this, your body will totally be comparable to that of a warrior!”

Yun Feng was thrilled.
Although her Qi meridians were damaged, God didn’t take away all her hope.
She could still strengthen her body.
A body as strong as that of a warrior was something she needed.
She wasn’t really interested in martial arts!


“Alright! Keep practicing!” Yun Feng raised her arms and yelled.
Her black eyes became more fiery.
She would be able to achieve her goals, she definitely would!

Another few days of practice had passed.
The mysterious energy inside the black jade pendant oozed out at an extremely low speed, but it was already enough to nourish Yun Feng’s body.
Eventually, that mountain couldn’t fulfil Yun Feng’s needs anymore.
Yun Feng even carried some iron blocks and sand bags on her sometimes.
She had to take everything that could add weight with her.
After a few days, Yun Feng could move around the mountain effortlessly and easily with a hundred catties on her body.

As her body strengthened, there should have been some changes in her figure as well, but Yun Feng’s appearance didn’t change a bit.
The girl’s delicate and beautiful body was still soft and slim.
The only difference was that the strength of the cells inside her body underwent a very thorough transition.
As Yun Feng felt the powerful energy in her body, she was in an especially good mood.
People of the Yun family didn’t know about her secret training.
Seeing Yun Feng’s become happier day by day, Yun Jing was a little relieved in his heart as well.
Even though it was a pity, it was already the greatest fortune that Feng was still alive.


That day, Yun Feng was sitting in her room quietly, communicating with the elements around her.
Through the communication in this period of time, Yun Feng’s mental strength and the power of the elements had become more integrated.
The elements might even get close to Yun Feng’s mental strength and mingle with it.
Yun Feng closed her eyes and felt a sense of harmony when the elements merged with her mental strength.
She felt that something appeared faintly in her brain.

Yun Feng’s mental strength slowly wrapped around the elements and the elements didn’t resist at all.
A strange harmonious feeling rose at the bottom of Yun Feng’s heart.
When her body moved slightly, her mental strength surged out more fiercely and enveloped the elements layer by layer.
The ancestor noticed the fluctuation of Yun Feng’s mental strength.
After looking into it out of curiosity, his black eyes suddenly widened!


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