Chapter 148: Crazy Things (3)

Yun Feng hadn’t spoken and the woman was a bit impatient.
“You’ll definitely be satisfied with the price I offer.
Didn’t you tame Magic Beasts just for money? Why are you acting like you’re above everyone else?”

Yun Feng smiled.
For money? She could be considered richer than the Karan Royal Family right now, but a woman wanted to give charity to her and even insisted even though she didn’t want it.
How interesting.

Yun Feng directly walked past the three of them and pretended like she didn’t see them at all.
There was only one word that could describe her feelings when she talked to these brainless people, exhausted.

“Kid, are you forcing me to kill you?” The woman shouted coldly, while the two men next to her also sent out their fighting energy.
As her servants, they also had no other choice.
Yun Feng slowly turned around when she felt the wave of fighting energy from the two level-6 warriors.
She looked at the complacent expression on the woman’s face.
The woman might have thought that she was afraid.

“Little girl, do you think you’re really impressive just because you tamed these Magic Beasts? Do you think you’re a summoner? A tamed Magic Beast is just a kitty that doesn’t have any power.
How dare you mess around with me? If you’ve realized the truth, make a deal with me obediently.
If you insist on rejecting me, I can just steal them from you.
Don’t blame me for anything that happens to you by then!”

The woman said this loudly.
She thought Yun Feng would be able to read the room, but Yun Feng still looked the same and directly ignored her, walking past her again.
The woman flew into a rage out of humiliation and she yelled fiercely, “Kill her!”

The two warriors froze for a second, then immediately rushed forward and slashed at Yun Feng.
Before the two of them could attack Yun Feng closely, a furious roar echoed around this area, “Roar… Don’t you dare hurt my Master!”

Little Fire opened its mouth abruptly as a dark red flame gushed out all of a sudden.
The two warriors were terrified.
The dark red flame struck them like lightning and burnt them quickly along the surface of their bodies!

“Argh!” The loud screaming sound of the two warriors resounded in the sky.
The woman had already turned pale when she saw this scene and she sat on the ground as she trembled!

Yun Feng took a step forward and caressed Little Fire’s head with her little hand to tell it that it could calm down.
She spinned her little hand as the blue, cold water element appeared in the air, putting out the dark red fire on the bodies of the two warriors.
The two men, who had already been half-burnt, fell on the ground at their last gasp, groaning softly.

The woman watched Yun Feng come over as she leaned backwards messily with both her hands and feet and gazed at Yun Feng with fear in her big eyes.
“You, you, you, you…” After saying this many times, she still couldn’t say the second word.
At this moment, she really wanted to bite her tongue to pieces.
Wouldn’t a Magic Beast tamed by a beast trainer lose all its original powers? What was wrong with this one? Perhaps it wasn’t tamed? How would it stay next to her so obediently if it wasn’t tamed?

The woman didn’t have the foggiest idea what was happening.
She just kept moving backwards, backwards and backwards again… She completely stopped when she reached the root of a tree and couldn’t step back anymore.

Yun Feng looked at the woman, her pale face and the fear in her eyes condescendingly.
There was disdain in her mind and she slowly waved her fair hand.
“Why? Do you have a question?”

The woman nodded subconsciously.
At this moment, she could only express herself with movements, like a baby who had just been born.
Yun Feng spread the corners of her mouth wide and gave a very cold smile.
Her black eyes were like a bottomless lake, which gave people a chill that penetrated their bones when they looked at those eyes.

“Who told you that a summoner must wear the Ring of Contract?” What Yun Feng said made the woman’s pupils shrink abruptly! A summoner, she was… she was… a summoner!

“No, no, no, no…” The woman’s lips shook and she couldn’t say a complete sentence.
Yun Feng lifted the corners of her mouth and ignored that woman as she patted Little Fire’s head with her little hand.
She didn’t go far before she suddenly looked back and put up a mischievous smile on her face.
“I was just joking just now…”

The woman’s face immediately turned pale and there was no color of blood at all.
Her body was completely paralyzed there and she could only watch Yun Feng walk away slowly, accompanied by a giant wolf, until she couldn’t see Yun Feng anymore.

“Master, why didn’t you let me kill them?” Little Fire followed Yun Feng behind and complained all the way in discontent.
This time, Yun Feng didn’t put Little Fire back in the ring anymore and it was very happy, but it was still a bit annoyed in its mind when it thought about those people just then.

Yun Feng smiled as she squeezed Little Fire’s ear.
“Kill them.
Get your hands dirty.” Meatball made a few sounds on Yun Feng’s shoulder and seemed to agree with her.
Little Fire glanced at Meatball and gnashed its teeth in dissatisfaction, as if it was saying to Meatball, “If you make any noise again, I’ll eat you with one bite.”

One human and two Magic Beasts walked ahead slowly, gradually entering the area located north of Ge Yuan, while an exceedingly raging storm started in Ge Yuan.

“Are you serious?!” In the mansion of the City Lord of Ge Yuan, an earth-shattering shout came.
The City Lord looked at his messy daughter in front of him, who had just come home, with a sullen face.
The news she brought back completely changed the expression of the City Lord of Ge Yuan.

A summoner! A summoner appeared in the Karan Empire!

As the City Lord of Ge Yuan thought about this, his hands couldn’t help but shake.
He started circling the room, while his daughter stood there silently, losing the arrogance she usually had completely.

The City Lord of Ge Yuan began thinking swiftly in his mind.
What should they do? What should they do? Should they report this to the Karan Royal Family? No, definitely not! If this summoner truly showed up in Ge Yuan and they let her go, the Karan Royal Family would exterminate his family completely out of anger!

The Karan Royal Family had been looking forward to finding a summoner for many years.
Like infertile parents who yearned for a child, they wanted a summoner like crazy.
If something went wrong, the Karan Royal Family would mercilessly burn him to ashes with their anger!

“Are you the only one who knows about this?” The City Lord narrowed his eyes and looked at her daughter.
The woman nodded without saying a word.
Perhaps she still hadn’t calmed herself from the shock she suffered just then up till now.

The City Lord rubbed his chin and paced the room more than a few hundred times.
He then finally stood still as his eyes glittered.
“We can’t let anyone else know about this, until we find that summoner!”

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