Chapter 147: Crazy Things (2)

Yun Feng nodded.
As the Yun family developed, they must have a momentum that was stronger than the others! If members of the Yun family each had a Magic Beast as their mount.
How glorious would that be?

Yun Feng had no idea that even the Karan Royal Family had just a few Magic Beast mounts and they even spent a lot of effort and money on them.
If the members of the Yun family truly had one each, the Karan Royal Family would probably be jealous as well.

She put the Beast Taming Technique back again.
She didn’t need this right now.
After sitting for a while longer, she felt that Little Fire was very close to her.
Yun Feng stood up in satisfaction and flicked the grass on her body off.
Suddenly, she found that there were a few other auras, apart from Little Fire’s!

“Little Fire, have you been followed?” The minds of Yun Feng and Little Fire were connected, so she immediately contacted it.

“Those few fucking humans keep chasing after me along the way.
Master, you gave me only half a day.
How would I have time to deal with them? I just can’t believe they followed me all the way here.” Little Fire said in annoyance with impatience in its voice.
If it weren’t for Yun Feng’s order, it would have dealt with these people first!

Yun Feng smiled.
“It’s alright.
You don’t have to mind those people.”

Little Fire made a “hm” sound and sped up even more.
After a while, Yun Feng saw a beam of dark red light flashing towards her.
Little Fire only made soft sounds when its body touched on the ground and its robust body jumped gently, rushing towards Yun Feng.

“Little girl, run!” A loud shout sounded, followed by a wave of powerful fighting energy.
Little Fire was annoyed.
It swayed its tail hard and broke up the wave of fighting energy rushing towards it.
Its body was already standing before Yun Feng without hesitation.

Yun Feng narrowed her eyes and saw three people dashing over swiftly from nearby.
Two of them were level-6 warriors.
It seemed that they made the attack just then to protect her?

“Swish, swish, swish!” Three figures immediately showed up, two men and one woman.
They looked like they were all in their twenties and they looked at Yun Feng with different expressions.
The two young men both seemed nervous when they saw that Little Fire was standing in front of Yun Feng.

“Little girl, don’t move.
We’ll take care of this animal!”

Yun Feng didn’t move.
She raised her eyebrows slightly and looked at the three of them as she remained calm.
That woman glanced at Yun Feng quite impatiently.
“What are you doing? Catch this Fire Cloud Wolf!”

“But if we make a move, that little girl…”

“Do you want to die? That little girl came here to dig her own grave.
It’s none of our business! I want that Fire Cloud Wolf.
I want it to be my mount!”

Little Fire suddenly roared.
What the woman said deeply humiliated it and stripped it of its dignity.
“Roar…” A heat wave with dots of fire shot to the three people at a high speed.
The two men used their fighting energy to form a shield immediately, barely resisting Little Fire’s attack.
When the heat wave passed, the three of them were out of breath.

“What are you waiting for? Catch it!” The woman seemed to be enraged.
She pointed at Little Fire and shouted with anger on her face.
Little Fire’s claws penetrated deep into the ground and it had already showed the sharp teeth in its mouth.
It was just that Yun Feng didn’t instruct it to make a move, or it would have torn the woman’s throat to pieces right away!

Yun Feng looked at them with coldness in her eyes.
If she was truly a little girl who accidentally came here, she would probably have died immediately.
This woman didn’t take people’s lives seriously at all.
She only cared about her own desires.
Such a person… was like trash, which was disgusting to look at.

“I want that too!” When the woman saw something, her eyes brightened.
She stared at Meatball on Yun Feng’s shoulder firmly.
That greedy gaze made Meatball’s fur stand on up and it growled at the woman as it gnashed its teeth.

The two Magic Beasts next to Yun Feng were a bit irritated and those two men also didn’t know how to react after hearing that.
That Magic Beast apparently belonged to the little girl.
How were they supposed to take it?

“Kid! I saved you once.
Give that little thing on your shoulder to me!” The girl said arrogantly and didn’t notice how obedient Little Fire was in front of Yun Feng.
If Yun Feng was really a normal person, how would she still be able to stand there and talk right now? The few people here would probably have been in Little Fire’s stomach.

“Saved me once? When did you see that I needed your help?” Yun Feng smiled coldly with a trace of disdain on her little face.
She needed this woman to save her? They were the ones who should be asking for help.

“Do you know who I am? How dare you talk to me like that?” The woman’s face turned cold and her gaze also became vicious gradually when she looked at Yun Feng.

“Who are you? Tell me.” Yun Feng stood there with a relaxed look.
Little Fire stared at these people in front of it with its fierce eyes.
It was just waiting for Yun Feng’s order to tear these three people apart.

“I’m the daughter of the City Lord of Ge Yuan! Kid, don’t force me to be harsh on you…”

Yun Feng directly yawned.
The fierceness on the woman’s face froze in embarrassment, while the faces of the other two men also twitched slightly.
Yun Feng patted Little Fire’s head casually.
“Let’s go.
How boring.”

Little Fire groaned in annoyance.
it glanced at the three of them reluctantly with its vicious eyes and it followed behind Yun Feng.
The three people couldn’t help but feel dumbfounded.
What was wrong with that Fire Cloud Wolf? What was its relationship with that little girl? It followed her so obediently just like that!

“Stop!” The woman shouted as the two men next to her also reacted.
The two of them then ran past the woman and chased after them, stopping in front of Yun Feng.

“Is there anything else?” Yun Feng asked lazily.
She was also a bit annoyed.
The woman stared at Yun Feng firmly and glanced over to her hands, as the two other men.
When the woman saw Yun Feng’s empty hands, she seemed to be relieved.

“Kid, I can’t believe such a small child like you can be a beast trainer.
I’ll offer you a satisfactory price.
I want these two.”

Little Fire and Meatball immediately looked like they couldn’t tolerate it after they heard what she said.
The air around Little Fire abruptly rose to a nearly distorted temperature, showing how enraged it was right now.

Yun Feng caressed Little Fire’s head and squeezed its ear.
The temperature around Little Fire slowly dropped, but it was really furious.
Fuck, this woman wants me to be her mount? You want a Mutated Magic Beast to be your mount? Do you think you’re God?

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