Chapter 145: Set Off Again (4)

Yun Feng smiled.
“Are you very happy to go around this period of time?”

“Hahaha, of course.
Master, you suffocated me too much.
With your permission this time, I must go completely crazy!”

“Hm, that should be enough for you.
I’ll give you half a day to catch up with me.”

“Master, are you kidding me? Half a day?”

Yun Feng curled up the corners of her mouth with an evil expression, while Meatball on her shoulder also looked ferocious.
“There’s no room for discussion.
If you can’t catch up with me in half a day, I’ll continue to keep you inside.”

Yun Feng cut off her thoughts and burst into laughter.
The last word Little Fire yelled was “master.” It should have relaxed enough during this period of time.
If a Mutated Magic Beast couldn’t catch up with her in half a day, then she should also lay Little Fire off.

“Let’s go! We have to try to make it unable to catch up with us.
Haha!” Yun Feng gave a hearty laugh.
Meatball jumped and flipped its body on Yun Feng’s shoulder and rubbed its fluffy fur against her face.
Yun Feng moved her legs as her body flashed, turning into a beam of light that dashed straight ahead.

Rays of warm sunlight shone on the dense woods, forming mottled shadows on the ground.
A small figure with an innocent face and gentle, gorgeous facial features, was sitting under a giant tree and resting lazily.
Yun Feng was sitting there relaxingly at this moment.
Feeling that the distance between her and Little Fire was getting shorter and shorter, the smile at the corners of her mouth became even wider.
A Mutated Magic Beast was indeed something.

Yun Feng looked at the ring and waistband.
She knew that she shouldn’t show people her property, so she put the ring and the waistband away.
Since she didn’t have anything to do right now, she was thinking to see what was inside.

Yun Feng took out the waistband Zhao Mingqi gave her.
She slightly closed her eyes and saw the things stored inside the waistband.
There were truly all sorts of things, including food, necessities and clothes.
There was really everything, things that were very useful.
Yun Feng smiled.
He prepared quite thoroughly.
Looking at the side, there was a small hill of ores!

Yun Feng blinked.
This hill had at least a thousand mid-level ores! Looking at the pile of glittering ores, Yun Feng smiled speechlessly.
These people of the Red Maple Mercenary Team were really worried that she wouldn’t have enough clothes to keep warm and enough food to eat.
These ores were enough for her to use for more than a decade even if she splashed out.

After looking at the waistband, Yun Feng put it back into the bracelet and took out the ring Zheng Ran gave her this time.
She gazed at this small ring.
Was there also some food and clothing in it?

She shook her head gently.
Zheng Ran didn’t have the qualities of a babysitter.
Yun Feng closed her eyes and the things stored inside the ring.
When she saw these things clearly, she couldn’t help but feel astonished.
The Vice President of the Mercenary Union was indeed extraordinary.
He was so generous with his gifts!

Yun Feng closed her eyes and focused as a bright white jade that was the size of a hand appeared on her palm.
“Kid, Zheng Ran is quite generous.
That’s a Sound Transmission Jade that only the members of the royal family and powerful heavy hitters can have.
You can’t even buy it with money.” The ancestor’s voice sounded and he chuckled.
Yun Feng caressed this cold little stone with her hands.
She knew that this was like a communication device.
As long as the information of a person was recorded inside, she would be able to contact that person wherever she was.

Yun Feng put the Sound Transmission Jade back as she closed her eyes to search again.
The space in the ring wasn’t really large, but the things were all valuable.
There was also a small pile of ores in the space of the ring.
Judging by the quality, these should be high-level ores.

“High-level ores…” Yun Feng couldn’t help lifting the corners of her mouth speechlessly as she looked at the hundreds of high-level ores.
Zheng Ran could really take out more than a hundred ores all at once.
Yun Feng searched again.
There were a few thumb-sized ores lying quietly on the sides of the small pile of high-level ores.
These ores were glittering faintly, as if there was an extremely violent energy inside.

Yun Feng opened her eyes and looked carefully at the stone lying on her palm.
The ancestor suddenly sounded excited.
“Kid, Zheng Ran is really nice to you.
He’s even willing to give you ultimate ores.”

What? Ultimate ores? Yun Feng couldn’t help but widen her eyes as she looked at this thumb-sized stone.
There had never been any ultimate ore found in the Shiny Plains and the yield of ultimate ores was miserable low.
It was already pretty good to have one in the royal family.
And now, Mr.
Zheng Ran gave her a few all at once… She could break through the advanced level.
The energy of these ores could take her up a whole level!

Yun Feng calculated carefully.
If she absorbed the energy from all four pieces, she would be able to reach at least the Commander Level!

The Mercenary Union had never found any ultimate ore, so these must be Mr.
Zheng Ran’s personal property.
Zheng Ran really gave it all out.
Even though his heart ached a bit, Yun Feng was worth treating like this.
Ultimate ores were things that everyone was crazy about, comparable to their enthusiasm for the Magic Beasts, but Zheng Ran gave her a few at once, which was quite a huge fortune.

If Yun Feng was willing to sell one of them, she wouldn’t have to worry about her living her entire life.

The stone in her palm was glittering with faint luster, as if it carried a strong sense of temptation.
Yun Feng had been gazing at the ultimate ore for a long time and she couldn’t put it down.
She didn’t notice that Meatball on her shoulder that had always been very lively suddenly quieted down.
As it stared at the ultimate ore in Yun Feng’s hand with its big grape-like eyes, shining light surged in its eyes and its mouth also opened slowly, looking like it was about to drool.

“Swish!” Yun Feng felt that the weight on her shoulder became lighter.
A black shadow flashed in front of her eyes and came quickly right at her palm.
Yun Feng subconsciously clenched her fist tight, but the ore on her palm had already vanished in just a blink.
The black shadow just then also turned back into Meatball’s chubby body, landing on Yun Feng’s knee.
It was holding that ultimate ore with its little claws underneath the fluffy fur.

“Meatball, give it back!” Yun Feng thought Meatball was fooling around again.
She reached her hand out and asked this little thing to hand over the ultimate ore.
Meatball made a few “hm” sounds as it held the ultimate ore with its claws and stared at it firmly with its black and glistening eyes.
In the end, it opened its mouth and swallowed the ore all at once!

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