Chapter 143: Set Off Again (2)

“I just hope that Yun Feng doesn’t hold any grudge against the Murong family…” Murong Shuli said after a while.
When Murong Ze heard that, he smiled wryly and shook his head.

“Father, do you think that girl still has the Murong family in her eyes right now?”

Murong Shuli’s face darkened when he heard that and he seemed to be a few years older again.
Other than the talented Murong Yuntian, the Murong family had nothing else at all right now.
The development of Murong Ran as a mage would never be able to compare to Murong Yuntian’s development, but Murong Yuntian had already left the Murong family and had no feelings for the family.
The Murong family really wasn’t in a position to look at Yun Feng again.

Something suddenly came to Murong Shuli’s mind and his face was full of anger.
“When Xiao Ran comes home again, I’ll keep her under confinement!” Thinking of Murong Ran’s personality and her sharp tongue, Murong Shuli was truly regretful.
If he had sent someone else to the Yun family back then, there might still be turning back right now.
However, there was no “if” for anything at all.

Murong Ran, who had already gone to Masang School of Magic, had no idea that her willfulness back then made the Murong family lose a treasure that they could have had that others would envy for a few lifetimes.


After dealing with the Murong family, Yun Feng returned to the Mercenary Union.
Things here had ended and she should also embark on a new journey.
After all, even if she spent all three years here, she wouldn’t have any improvement.

Little Fire had already contacted Yun Feng a few days ago.
The three level-7 masters, who went to attack her sullen father, had already been dealt with easily by Little Fire.
Since Little Fire had been hiding for too long, Yun Feng allowed it to go around alone during this period of time.
It wouldn’t be too late for her to inform Little Fire when she confirmed her next training location and ask it to meet her there.

What she had to do right now was certainly to say goodbye to Mr.
Zheng Ran of the Mercenary Union.
Although Yun Feng didn’t need anyone’s permission to leave, it was a matter of politeness.
After all, Zheng Ran had been very nice to her and the Red Maple Mercenary Team.
She should tell him about it before she left.

Yun Feng talked to Zhao Mingqi for a bit and went to the core area of the Mercenary Union alone.
It was certainly very smooth along the way.
After the level assessment, Yun Feng could be considered as a popular figure in the Mercenary Union.
Everyone knew her and she caught people’s attention wherever she went.
After all, she was the only level-6 mage who was so young in the world! And she was even a member of the Mercenary Union.
This was an even greater glory!

Yun Feng came all the way to Zheng Ran’s office.
When she was about to knock on the door, Zheng Ran’s voice sounded, “Yun Feng, come in.”

Yun Feng smiled.
She didn’t know how powerful Mr.
Zheng Ran was, but he shouldn’t be someone simple if he could be the Vice President of the Mercenary Union.

She pushed the door open and entered.
Zheng Ran was sitting behind the desk, looking at Yun Feng with a smile, as if he had already known that she was leaving.
Yun Feng wasn’t surprised at all.
Zheng Ran was a powerful figure, so he would certainly know what she was thinking.

“I’m here to say goodbye to you, Mr.
Zheng Ran.” Yun Feng smiled and cupped her hand in the other at Zheng Ran.
Zheng Ran looked at Yun Feng and got up with a smile.

“Are you leaving for training?”

Yun Feng nodded.
“It’s a bit too relaxing here.
I originally came out for training, so it’s time for me to set off now.
All matters of the Red Maple Mercenary Team are already on the right track.
I don’t need to worry about them anymore.”

Zheng Ran looked at Yun Feng in satisfaction.
It was rare to have someone with such a mature personality at a young age.
This kid was an outstanding person who could do great things.
If she continued developing with such talent, she might even surpass those old guys one day.

“Yun Feng, you’re at level 7, right?” Zheng Ran asked with a smile.
Yun Feng nodded and replied honestly, “I’ll be honest with you, Mr.
Zheng Ran.
I’ve indeed reached level 7 already.”

“Great, great.
You’re really outstanding.” Zheng Ran nodded and walked to Yun Feng, patting her small shoulder with his big hand.
He gazed at Yun Feng with affection in his gentle eyes, like an old man looking at a younger generation who was about to leave for a long journey.

“Be careful when you’re out there.
Keep an eye on everything!”

Yun Feng froze for a second, then spread the corners of her mouth and smiled.
“Don’t worry, Mr.
Zheng Ran.
I’ll take care of myself.”

Zheng Ran nodded.
“About your talent as a mage, I know that I can’t keep you here.
Masang School of Magic won’t let go of a genius like you and that’s where you should go.
It’s a place where you can get beneficial help for your magic.
The Mercenary Union isn’t selfish enough to ruin your future in order to own you.
You can rest assured.”

Yun Feng nodded.
Zheng Ran, since I’ve already joined the Mercenary Union, I’ll certainly be one of you.
This is something that will never change! But I must go to Masang School of Magic as well.
My brother is studying there.
About the Karan Royal Family behind Masang School of Magic, you don’t have to worry about it, Mr.
Zheng Ran.”

Zheng Ran nodded.
All he wanted was just Yun Feng’s words.
Nobody would be willing to let someone like Yun Feng leave, but she wasn’t withdrawing from the Mercenary Union, which made Zheng Ran feel gratified.
Zheng Ran’s hand moved slightly as a gorgeous ring appeared in front of Yun Feng.
Zheng Ran then put it in Yun Feng’s hands.

“This is a gift from the Mercenary Union and me.
It’s always better to bring something with you when you go out.
You’ll find everything you need inside.”

Yun Feng didn’t try to be dramatical.
She just took the ring and felt that Zheng Ran was really worried about her.
Yun Feng smiled.
Zheng Ran, don’t worry.
I’ll be careful.
I’ll be back after three years!”

Zheng Ran burst into laughter as he caressed Yun Feng’s head with his big hand.
“Alright, I’ll wait to see your results after three years.”

Yun Feng also laughed.
Even though there was a huge difference between the age and strength of the two of them, they imperceptibly became closer at this moment.

After walking out of the Mercenary Union, Yun Feng went straight to the base camp of the Red Maple Mercenary Team in the four-star area.
Seeing the base that was more than two times larger than the former one of the Red Maple Mercenary Team, Yun Feng was also content in her mind.
The red maple at the entrance was unusually dazzling.
Yun Feng walked inside and found that everyone was gathering in the main hall on the first floor when she pushed the door open, as if they were waiting for her.

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