Chapter 142: Set Off Again (1)

Who would have thought the daughter of the Yun family, Yun Feng, would be a mage? Who would have thought she would be so successful in the Mercenary Union? Who would have thought she could reach level 6 at such a young age?

If he had known about these things, the Murong family would be the one who wasn’t enough for Yun Feng! If they had known, they would never have canceled that engagement even if they died.
They would hold onto this tree, the Yun family, even if they died!

However, now, the engagement had been canceled and what he said earlier also cut off the slightest relation between the Yun family and the Murong family.
There was truly nothing left!

“Well… Yun Feng, we can negotiate for the sake of the older generation…” After pondering for a while, Murong Ze could only make use of their connections.
It was fine before he said this, but after he did, Yun Feng’s face completely darkened.
“For the sake of the older generation? Mr.
Murong, you’re talking about the relationship of the older generation with me? What did the older generation of the Murong family do? When Murong Ran came to Chunfeng Town arrogantly, she yelled in front of my father, saying how lowly and down-and-out the Yun family is and that we’re not good enough for the Murong family! Why? Are we good enough for you now?”

Murong Ze stood there with his old face looking red and pale.
Thinking about his savage, wayward and useless daughter, he truly didn’t know where to vent his anger.
He didn’t want to send her to cancel the engagement at first, but his father just spoiled her.
She said she wanted to go and his father really allowed her to.
Thinking of what Murong Ran once said, Murong Ze even had the intention to choke her to death.
He was also blaming the old man of the Murong family, his father, in his mind.

“Well… Well…” Murong Ze was speechless because of what Yun Feng said.
He was so embarrassed that he didn’t know what to say.
They were the ones who despised the Yun family, and were also the ones who wanted to hold onto them right now… The Yun family used to have a marriage arrangement with the Murong family.
If the Murong family didn’t cancel the engagement, how would they be like this now… Murong Ze gritted his teeth.
Who could he complain about? Who could he blame? He was also one of the people who supported canceling the engagement.
The Murong family really barked at the wrong tree this time! They missed a cash cow!

“Let’s go.
I’ll walk myself out.” Yun Feng glanced at Murong Ze coldly and saw his struggles and regret as she strode out.
Zhao Mingqi looked at Murong Ze in disdain and despised what the Murong family did.
If it weren’t that Yun Feng didn’t say anything, he would have punched Murong Ze already.
He was looking to be beaten saying things like that about their Young Lady!

After walking out of the tavern, the ray of warm light shone from the sky and landed on Yun Feng’s face warmly.
This beam of light seemed to shine into the bottom of her heart, dispelling the small piece of darkness lurking inside.
The anger in her mind was finally released.
The corners of Yun Feng’s mouth slowly curled up.
This matter was finally settled.


Murong Ze rushed back to Park City where the Murong family was located with a sullen face.
After Yun Feng left, he didn’t stay in Ge Yuan any longer.
When Murong Ze returned to his home in Park City, he ran into his father’s room without saying anything.
Murong Shuli was also sitting there anxiously.
Apparently, he was worried about this trip as well.
Seeing Murong Ze back, Murong Shuli immediately started asking him about the trip in concern.

“How was it, Ze? How did things go?”

Murong Ze made a “hm” sound furiously and sat in the chair with resentment all over his body and his face.
Murong Shuli was a bit confused when he saw this.

“How did things go? Hm! Father, do you know who the real leader of the Red Maple Mercenary Team is?

Murong Shuli shook his head.
How would he know? “Who? Is the matter not dealt with?” Murong Shuli had always believed in Murong Ze’s communicative ability.
He never had to worry when Murong Ze dealt with the family’s matters.

“You know this person too, father.
Her relationship with the Murong family…” Murong Ze gritted his teeth when he said this and he was so enraged that his eyes turned a bit red.
When Murong Shuli heard this, he thought it was an old friend of the Murong family and he was immediately delighted.

“An old friend of the Murong family? Isn’t that even better? Things should be much easier!”

Murong Ze burst into laughter.
Murong Shuli couldn’t help but frown as he looked at Murong Ze acting like this.
“What’s wrong with you, Ze? Why are you acting so weird after you came back?”

Murong Ze smiled wryly with deep powerlessness in his tone.
“Father, the real leader of the Red Maple Mercenary Team is Yun Feng, Yun Feng of the Yun family in Chunfeng Town!”

“What did you say?” Murong Shuli’s eyes popped out instantly and he also got up at once.
He looked at Murong Ze with an astonished face, as if Murong Ze was making a huge joke.

“Not only that, the level-6 mage of the Mercenary Union is also with the Red Maple Mercenary Team and Yun Feng, that kid, is the level-6 mage!”

“Clap!” The armrests of the chair were crushed to pieces by Murong Shuli out of agitation.
The scraps and residue flew out of his hands.
Murong Shuli widened his eyes firmly as blue veins appeared on his arms!

What did he do? What did he do? He canceled the engagement arrangement with the Yun family and shut a level-6 mage out of his door!

“Father, the Murong family suffered a huge loss this time.
We truly suffered a huge loss… It won’t help even if we feel regretful.
That little girl trapped me into saying a lot of unfeeling things to cut off the last bit of relation between the Yun family and the Murong family.
And Xiao Ran, the provocative words this useless girl said to the Yun family when she went to Chunfeng Town last time have already made Yun Feng feel disappointed with the Murong family!”

Murong Shuli couldn’t hold his anger any longer.
Half of his face flushed.
He was so agitated that he couldn’t even say a word.
This was a mistake, but who was going to make up for this mistake?

Murong Shuli suddenly seemed a few years older and he slumped into the chair.
“It’s my fault.
It’s all my fault…” He murmured.
If he didn’t cancel the engagement, Yun Feng would have been the daughter-in-law of the Murong family.
She became a level-6 mage at such a young age.
Wasn’t such a talent amazing? However, what had they done? They rejected such a genius! They threw her away by themselves!

Murong Shuli also smiled wryly and he looked into the eyes of his son, Murong Ze.
Both of them had the same thought in their minds.
The Murong family was the one who wasn’t enough for the Yun family right now.
They wouldn’t be able to get back this daughter-in-law even if they begged the Yun family.
The members of the Yun family were insistent.
They would never change anything they said easily!

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