Chapter 141: Let’s See How You Regret It (4)

“Commander Zhao! We don’t need much.
We just want that mage to help us.
How difficult is that?” Murong Ze was worried that the negotiation would be over when he saw Zhao Mingqi leaving, so he immediately softened his tone.
Zhao Mingqi slowly turned around.
“That mage is right here.
Murong, you should just ask her yourself.”

Murong Ze was startled.
She was here? That level-6 mage? He looked around.
When he saw Yun Feng, his pupils shrank abruptly.

Zhao Mingqi clenched his fists and said with a sullen expression, “That’s right.
She’s the level-6 mage of the Red Maple Mercenary Team.”

Even though Murong Ze had been through a lot, he couldn’t keep his calm expression at this moment either.
This kid in front of him was a level-6 mage? What the hell!

“I’m sorry for not recognizing you.
Please excuse my rudeness.” He was indeed a member of the Murong family.
His speed of improvising could be seen.
He was still looking disdainful earlier, and now, he suddenly became extremely respectful.

Yun Feng smiled and stood there without changing her expression, letting Murong Ze size her up back and forth.
Murong Ze was so surprised that his heart was like a stormy sea, constantly rolling and roaring!

She became a level-6 mage at such an age.
No wonder the Red Maple Mercenary Team could rise to become a four-star group and could shine in the level assessment this time.
It was all because of the presence of this mage!

“What’s your name? Do you mind telling me?” Murong Ze smiled very humbly.
After all, he was just a senior in front of a level-6 mage.
Even a level-8 warrior had to yield if he was asking a mage for help.

The smile at the corners of Yun Feng’s mouth slowly became wider and was full of coldness.
“The Murong family also knows my name.”

Murong Ze was delighted in his mind and his face was also full of joy after hearing that.
The Murong family knew? Perhaps her family were old friends of theirs? Or someone else? If the Murong family has some relation with this mage, everything would be easier!

“My Lady, are you the daughter of a friend of the Murong family? Judging by your age, you’ll definitely have a promising future.
I wonder if you’re already engaged?” Murong Ze really thought he had a chance.
He was already starting to build a relationship with Yun Feng.
It wasn’t bad for this level-6 mage to marry his talented son.
It was quite a perfect match.

“Why? What do you mean, Mr.
Murong?” Yun Feng asked.
Murong Ze chucked even more happily after hearing that.
“My Lady, do you know Murong Yuntian?”

Yun Feng smiled.
“Yes, of course.”

“Haha, Yuntian is my son.
My Lady, if you don’t mind, my son is a fine-looking man and he can be considered quite a match for you.”

After hearing that, Yun Feng couldn’t help feeling sad for Murong Yuntian at the bottom of her heart.
Murong Yuntian, how miserable is your life? You didn’t know you were engaged when you were still in your mother’s womb, and now, your father wants to arrange another engagement for you again without you knowing.
Saying that you’re a puppet seems to be the most appropriate.

“If your son is so outstanding, there must be a lot of girls who like him.
Why did I hear that Master Murong is engaged?”

Murong Ze became slightly embarrassed.
“Don’t get it wrong, my Lady.
That was just a silly arrangement made by the older generation.
I’ll be honest with you.
My son did have an engagement before he was born, but it has already been canceled.
The family my son had an engagement arrangement with was the declined Yun family.
Hm! The members of the Yun family should think about whether their status is enough for Yuntian! The girl who used to be engaged with my son, Yun Feng, isn’t capable at all and she wants to climb onto the Murong family.
She’s dreaming! Don’t worry, my Lady.
The engagement has already been canceled.
Yun Feng of the Yun family has nothing to do with the Murong family!”

Zhao Mingqi widened his eyes as he listened to the side.
What? Their Young Lady had such a relationship with the Murong family? The anger in his mind also burnt more fiercely.
Murong Ze’s belittling words and disdain completely angered Zhao Mingqi.
He really wanted to punch him, but he couldn’t make a move because his Young Lady wasn’t doing anything either.
He could only repress his anger and wait for his Young Lady’s instructions.

Yun Feng stood there quietly with the same smile at the corners of her mouth.
“So, does Yun Feng of the Yun family really have nothing to do with the Murong family?”

Murong Ze nodded.
“Don’t worry, my Lady.
She truly has nothing to do with us! Right, I still haven’t asked your name yet.”

Yun Feng smiled and looked at Murong Ze’s flattering face.
She gazed down slightly as the smile at the corners of her mouth turned cold.
Murong, my name is Yun Feng.
Yun Feng from the Yun family in Chunfeng Town!”

The world stopped, truly stopped at this moment.
Murong Ze stood there with a stiff face.
The smile on his face had now turned into an expression that was uglier than crying.
He looked at Yun Feng in front of him with eyes, which were glittering with unknown emotions.
Nobody could tell how much regret and how much anger there was.

Murong Ze moved his mouth, but he couldn’t make any sound at all, like a duck with its throat stuck, looking extremely hilarious.

“What… What did you say…” After a while, Murong Ze finally regained his voice.
He felt like the world was spinning.
She said she was Yun Feng, Yun Feng from the Yun family in Chunfeng Town.
The person whom he kept belittling was her?! The declined Yun family, their status that wasn’t enough for the Murong family, Yun Feng who wasn’t capable at all… This… This… This… He really gave himself a slap in his face harshly!

Yun Feng looked at Murong Ze’s speechless face and smiled coldly as she got up.
When Zhao Mingqi saw Yun Feng stand up, he quickly went over.
“My Lady, we…”

Yun Feng waved her hand.
The fact that she was Yun Feng was already enough to make the Murong family extremely regretful.
Just let them experience the taste of it! Yun Feng pushed open the door and was about to walk outside.

“Wait!” Murong Ze collected himself like he realized something.
Seeing Yun Feng leaving, he shouted with an extremely anxious look that had a trace of embarrassment, frustration and regret.

“Why? A lowly person who isn’t good enough for the Murong family like me, tickles your fancy again, Mr.
Murong?” Yun Feng turned around and said coldly to Murong Ze.
Murong Ze flushed and felt extremely regretful!

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