Chapter 140: Let’s See How You Regret It (3)

“Commander Zhao, first of all, congratulations to the Red Maple Mercenary Team for advancing to the four-star level successfully.
It’s truly something to celebrate.” Murong Ze smiled elegantly, while Zhao Mingqi nodded with a smile.
He was a bit frustrated.
Where exactly did the Murong family come from? They came all the way here to establish a relationship with the Red Maple Mercenary Team?

Murong, I don’t like going around the bush.
You can just tell me what you want.” Murong Ze’s expression changed slightly after Zhao Mingqi said this.
He had prepared a huge number of kind words, but he couldn’t say any of them right now.

“Well… Being straightforward is good.
I like talking to straightforward people as well!” Murong Ze burst into laughter and changed his roundabout strategy.
Yun Feng watched with coldness in her eyes.
There were indeed many tricksters in the Murong family.
They talked accordingly when they met different people.
They were really professional in sucking up to someone.

“Commander Zhao, since you’re so straightforward, I’ll just cut the crap.
It’s simple.
The Murong family wants to work with the Red Maple Mercenary Team.
You can set any conditions.”

Murong Ze said as he looked at Zhao Mingqi with a smile.
Zhao Mingqi subconsciously gazed at Yun Feng and wanted to ask their Young Lady for her opinion.
To be honest, the Mercenary Union didn’t allow mercenary groups to work with families.
Even though there wasn’t a regulation that was clearly stated, it had become a rule in private.
The Mercenary Union strove to establish a clear boundary with all parts of the Karan Empire.
Of course, there were groups that didn’t treat rules seriously like the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group.
And after experiencing the benefits, the Murong family also ignored this rule of the Mercenary Union and thought they could take down the Red Maple Mercenary Team with their favorable conditions.
You can set any conditions.
What reason do you have for not cooperating with me?

Zhao Mingqi saw Yun Feng lowered her face and didn’t declare her stance, so he couldn’t help smiling.
Murong, I’m afraid… we can’t work with the Murong family.”

Murong Ze seemed to have known that Zhao Mingqi would say this.
The smile on his face didn’t diminish at all.
“Don’t say no yet, Commander Zhao.
We can discuss it together.”

Murong Ze also had one thought in his mind.
Most mercenaries were like that.
They were the kind of people who would risk their lives for money.
As long as they were given absolute benefits, all of them would yield! However, Murong Ze was wrong.
The Red Maple Mercenary Team was an exception!

“Commander Zhao, money isn’t a problem.

Murong, that’s not what I meant.
It’s the problem of the rules of the Mercenary Union.”

Murong Ze couldn’t help but smile after hearing that.
“Rules are set by people, so they certainly can be changed as well.
I can assure you that our cooperation won’t bring any problem to the Red Maple Mercenary Team.
Everyone’s just taking what we need.”

“Taking what we need? How are we taking what we need?” Yun Feng suddenly looked up and asked Murong Ze.
Murong Ze felt a bit strange and he couldn’t help frowning.
Being questioned by a kid, he couldn’t really accept it in his mind.

Zhao Mingqi looked at Yun Feng.
Yun Feng was sitting in the chair with the fingers of her hands interlaced.
The maturity she showed at this moment was surprisingly comparable to that of the two men in front of her.
Murong Ze narrowed his eyes and observed her for a while, realizing that the kid before him wasn’t as simple as he thought.

“The Murong family will provide the Red Maple Mercenary Team with all the necessary conditions, intelligence, tools, and other things.
You should know the relationship between the Mercenary Union and the Karan Royal Family.
It’s very inconvenient to be a mercenary in the Karan Empire.”

Yun Feng didn’t say anything.
She just looked at Murong Ze, while Murong Ze continued, “Of course, the Murong family isn’t a charity.
The Red Maple Mercenary Team only needs to give 5% of your ores to the Murong family.”

The Shiny Plains, which produced the most amount of ores, was occupied by the Mercenary Union.
The best way to get ores quickly was to establish relationships with the mercenary groups but it was really difficult for people outside to do so.
If they could establish a partnership with a mercenary group, they would be able to earn quite a huge amount of income with just the ores.
5% was already considered as a small percentage.

Yun Feng remained silent and Zhao Mingqi certainly had nothing to say as well.
The atmosphere fell silent all of a sudden.
Murong Ze thought the Red Maple Mercenary Team wasn’t satisfied with this condition, so he immediately smiled at Zhao Mingqi.
“Commander Zhao, this is of course a condition made in the past.
It doesn’t apply to the Red Maple Mercenary Team.”

When Zhao Mingqi heard this, he also pondered in his mind and finally understood slightly.
His face couldn’t help but darken.
Murong, you mean?”

Hearing what Zhao Mingqi said, Murong Ze thought there was still hope for the negotiation to continue.
He raised his voice slightly and had already become so enthusiastic that he didn’t see Zhao Mingqi’s expression.
“What I’m saying is that if your level-6 mage can do something for the Murong family…”

Zhao Mingqi immediately banged on the back of the chair hard with a sullen look and the back of the chair shattered to pieces in an instant.
Murong Ze froze for a second.
He didn’t understand why Zhao Mingqi had such an attitude.

“Commander Zhao, what’s wrong?”

Zhao Mingqi didn’t say anything.
The anger in his mind was already burning.
You want my Lady to be a coolie for you and use her as an exchange condition.
Fuck you! Don’t even think about it!

“No, I won’t agree to this!” Zhao Mingqi replied.
Murong Ze was a bit upset after hearing this.
Logically, the Murong family would get the short end of the stick if they gave up the condition of the ores in exchange for the mage, but Zhao Mingqi still wasn’t satisfied with it!

“Commander Zhao, that mage is a member of the Red Maple Mercenary Team after all.
Don’t you even have the authority to command a member of your group?”

Zhao Mingqi’s face became even darker after hearing this.
Murong Ze was trying to anger him on purpose.
If this person was Tuoba Gang, he would probably have agreed to Murong Ze’s request.

Yun Feng listened on the side quietly.
She had a new understanding of the tactics of the Murong family again and she couldn’t help but snicker, “Mr.
Murong, I think you didn’t listen carefully.
Uncle Zhao said no.”

Murong Ze glanced at Yun Feng.
“You don’t know anything, kid.”

Zhao Mingqi almost couldn’t repress his anger anymore as he sat there.
Even though he had never had any relationship with the Murong family before, he didn’t want to establish any relationship with them starting from this moment!

Murong, I think this will end here.” Zhao Mingqi got up with a sullen face.
He felt like his Young Lady had been greatly humiliated and he only wanted to beat up this arrogant man in front of his eyes harshly.

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