Chapter 139: Let’s See How You Regret It (2)

Zhao Mingqi also nodded after hearing that.
He didn’t want to respond to the Murong family either.
What Yun Feng said spoke Zhao Mingqi’s mind.
After Zhao Mingqi left, Yun Feng returned to her room and sat on her bed to think about the invitation from the Murong family.
The more she thought about it, the more she found it interesting.

“Kid, are you going to take the Murong family down a notch?” the ancestor chuckled and said.
There was a teasing smile on his handsome face.

Yun Feng nodded.
“Of course.
He came for the Red Maple Mercenary Team, but the Red Maple Mercenary Team has no reason to respond to him.
Just let him wait.
We must act in a lofty attitude.”

Meatball on Yun Feng’s shoulder wiggled its little butt with a complacent look.
The ancestor also burst into laughter and said that Yun Feng was really smart.
Yun Feng gave a big smile.
Murong family, since you came here yourselves, don’t blame me for humiliating you.

Everyday life in Ge Yuan was busy and anxious.
People who lived here had a very fast pace of life.
Besides, since there were many mercenaries traveling in and out, Ge Yuan also had a restless environment.

In the largest tavern in Ge Yuan, Murong Ze had already been waiting here for more than five days.
In these five days, he changed from being calm at first, to being anxious afterwards and being fretful right now.
He was fretful not only because he was about to use up the money he brought this time due to the level of consumption here.
What made him more anxious was that there hadn’t been the slightest news coming back from the Red Maple Mercenary Team.

Murong Ze had already paced the room more than a few hundred times back and forth.
He was about to wear a hole in the floor of the room.
This shouldn’t be like this.
He’d sent someone to invite the Commander of the Red Maple Mercenary Team every day.
They should write him a letter no matter what and give him a reply to tell him if they were coming or not! And now, great, his invitation fell on deaf ears.
He didn’t even know if he should leave and could only stay here… In order to maintain his façade, he rented the most expensive room.
He couldn’t just keep waiting here day by day!

“Knock, knock!” Someone knocked on the door.
Murong Ze took a deep breath and adjusted his mind as he went to greet his visitor.
When he opened the door, the attendant of the tavern was standing outside of the door and looking at Murong Ze with a smile.

Murong, we’ve already prepared the information you need.
Please have a look.” The tavern attendant gave Murong Ze a thick stack of documents.
The smile on Murong Ze’s face immediately turned into disappointment as he took the documents casually.
The attendant then left after saying goodbye.

Murong Ze returned to the desk with the thick stack of documents in his hands and threw them onto the desk.
When he was about to continue pacing the room, the information on one of the pages caught his attention.

The evaluation of the combat strength of the Red Maple Mercenary Team: Has the only mage who has joined the Mercenary Union in the last few centuries, level 6.
The strength of the whole group is maintained between level 4 and level 6.

This made Murong Ze’s eyes pop out immediately.
He stared at the first part firmly.
Level-6 mage… “A level-6 mage, the Red Maple Mercenary Team has a level-6 mage!” Thinking of this, Murong Ze’s heart started to burn out of excitement.
If he could establish a relationship with the Red Maple Mercenary Team, the Murong family would also bask in the light of the level-6 mage of the Red Maple Mercenary Team because of this relationship!

What kind of benefits and effects could a level-6 mage bring? It would be an inestimable future! If the Murong family could have such assistance, their future development… Thinking of this, Murong Ze was so enthusiastic that there was a raging storm in his heart.
He must build a bridge between the Murong family and the Red Maple Mercenary Team, he must!

It had been five days.
Someone in the Red Maple Mercenary Team announced every day that a man was here to invite the Commander of the Red Maple Mercenary Team and Zhao Mingqi also sent that person away patiently every time.
He didn’t really understand why their Young Lady was doing this.
If she didn’t want to go, she could just reject the invitation, but he didn’t say so.
She just sent the messenger back.
It was truly a bit difficult to see through their Young Lady’s mind.

Yun Feng started patiently playing this waiting game with the Murong family.
Murong Ze was staying in the most expensive tavern.
After receiving the news, Yun Feng kept putting off replying to the invitation.
It had already been ten days now.
Murong Ze still didn’t seem to be leaving.
Yun Feng also understood that it was meaningless for her to keep doing this.
The Murong family must have found out something about the Red Maple Mercenary Team through a certain channel.
If not, they wouldn’t have held onto the Red Maple Mercenary Team and waited till the end.

The next day, someone came again.
Zhao Mingqi was about to ask him to leave again patiently, but Yun Feng came over.
“Uncle Zhao, if the other party is so sincere, we may just as well meet him.”

Zhao Mingqi was relieved, and so was the man who delivered the message.
He had been annoyed these few days.
And now, he had finally done his job.

“My Lady, are you coming with me tomorrow?” Zhao Mingqi asked Yun Feng.
Tomorrow was the day he was meeting Murong Ze.
Yun Feng nodded.
“Uncle Zhao, you’re the Commander of the Red Maple Mercenary Team.
I’m just going to join in the fun.”

Zhao Mingqi smiled speechlessly.
Their Young Lady never claimed credit for herself.
It seemed that the members of the Yun family all liked to ask other people to work for them… Thinking of one of the two founders of the Red Maple Mercenary Team, the summoner of the Yun family, Zhao Mingqi smiled wryly.
Luckily, their Young Lady didn’t leave the second day.

The next day, Yun Feng and Zhao Mingqi came to Ge Yuan Tavern at the agreed time.
Since the Mercenary Union was a semi-closed world, people in Ge Yuan didn’t really know the mercenaries.
The two of them didn’t catch anyone’s attention when they walked in the crowd.

After arriving in Ge Yuan Tavern, a staff member soon came to lead the two of them to Murong Ze’s room.
When Murong Ze opened the door, Yun Feng saw the enthusiasm and excitement that flashed on his handsome face.

Murong Ze was very passionate when he looked at Zhao Mingqi and he immediately invited him in.
When he saw Yun Feng, he couldn’t help feeling confused.
“Commander Zhao, this is…”

Zhao Mingqi smiled.
“This is my niece.
I’m taking her with me this time.
Murong, you wouldn’t mind, would you?”

Murong Ze lifted the corners of his mouth.
You’ve already brought her here.
If I say I mind it, are you going to kick her out? Looking at Yun Feng’s innocent face, Murong Ze also pondered in his mind.
It wasn’t a big deal for this little girl to hear what they were going to talk about.
She wouldn’t understand much anyway.
Thinking of this, Murong Ze also put this aside.

“Haha, of course.
Little girl, have a seat!” Murong Ze smiled at Yun Feng.
Yun Feng didn’t even bother to look at him.
She found a chair herself and sat down.
Murong Ze was startled when he saw this.
Seeing that Zhao Mingqi wasn’t going to rebuke Yun Feng, he also put her rudeness behind him casually.

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