“Feng, have you missed me these few days? Yun Sheng came in with a beaming smile.
He reached over and lifted Yun Feng high up.
Yun Feng didn’t know how to react.
She wasn’t a child anymore.
Why was her brother still treating her like a kid?

She nodded obediently and Yun Sheng’s smile became even wider.
Yun Sheng had pretty strong mental strength in his body, so he could practice magic.
He wasn’t always at home right now, but was learning things about magic in the Magic Preparatory School in Chunfeng Town and he had been prepared to take the admission test of a magic institute next year.

Counting the days, it was the day her brother came home for the holidays.
Things happened to Yun Feng the last time and Yun Sheng ran back from school without taking a leave.
Of course, he was punished when he went back.
And now, it was the first time he was home after returning to school so he missed Yun Feng very much.

“Brother, is magic easy to learn?” Yun Feng asked casually.
Yun Sheng thought she was just curious, so he told her about it in detail.
Yun Feng listened to him quietly and felt that what Yun Sheng said was obscure.
She wondered if the teachers at the Magic Preparatory School really knew magic or not.

“Which element of magic do you practice?” Yun Feng looked at Yun Sheng in anticipation.
Yun Sheng smiled with embarrassment.
“Feng, I don’t really have great talent, so I only practice magic of the water element.”

Yun Feng nodded.
She knew from her ancestor that the magic of each element was in fact not simple.
No matter which element it was, various states would be derived.
For example, water mages who were also known as the Gods of Healing.
The ancestor told Yun Feng that advanced magic of the water element didn’t only have healing power, but usually had attacking power that was comparable to that of the warriors as well.
If a warrior underestimated a water mage, he would suffer a great deal.

“Keep going, brother.
Magic of the water element is impressive!” What Yun Feng said made Yun Sheng happy.
He hugged Yun Feng in his arms and kissed her.
His sister had been his treasure since she was small and was also someone who brought him joy.
Although he had to carry all the burdens of the Yun family after his little brother died, it might sound a bit heavy, but he was willing to work hard for his father, his sister and the Yun family, no matter how difficult it was!

“Brother, you still haven’t seen father yet.
Let’s go.
We’ll go together!” Yun Feng said as she walked out holding Yun Sheng’s hand.
Yun Sheng shook his head helplessly.
Ever since that disaster, Feng seemed to have changed a lot.
She wasn’t as scared of her father as she used to be, but was more willing to get closer to him.
Even though their father, who had always looked solemn, wasn’t so used to it, Yun Sheng still saw the joy at the bottom of their father’s eyes.

They walked outside as they spoke and laughed, and they found their father in the study.
Meanwhile, Yun Jing was looking at the account book in his hands seriously, as if he was worrying about something.

“Father!” Yun Feng’s bright shout made Yun Jing raise his head so he saw his son and daughter come in.
Yun Jing glanced at them indifferently.
He didn’t reprove them for disturbing him suddenly and just asked them why they were here.

Yun Feng smiled slightly.
“Father, brother came home after a long time.
He misses you, so we came to see you.”

Yun Sheng immediately looked embarrassed after hearing that and dared not look at his father.
He only glanced at Yun Feng reproachfully.

Yun Feng chuckled.
Her father and brother were too dull.
They could even risk their lives for their family.
Why should they repress their emotions like this?

Yun Jing was also a bit embarrassed.
He indifferently said “hm” and didn’t speak anymore.
Yun Sheng stood there and had no idea what to say.
After pondering for a while, something finally came to his mind.
“Father, about Feng’s admission to the Martial Arts Institute three months later…”

Yun Jing was a little shocked when he heard this.
He lifted his head and looked at Yun Feng deeply.
This gaze gave Yun Feng a feeling that something bad was about to happen.
After a long time, this solemn man sighed deeply, as if he was exhausted.

“Feng, you can’t go to the Martial Arts Institute.
You… should just be an ordinary kid without worrying about anything.”

Hearing what he said, Yun Feng and Yun Sheng were both startled.
Yun Sheng stepped forward.
He couldn’t believe what he heard.
“Why? Give me a reason.”

Yun Jing closed his eyes gently and frowned tightly.
When he opened his eyes again, his face was full of pain.
“I wasn’t planning to tell you this.
It’s too cruel for Feng.”

Yun Sheng’s face darkened once he heard this and he clenched his fists hard.
Yun Jing said again, “Fine, if you want a reason, I’ll tell you.
When Feng was hurt by the eldest son of the Lin family, her body wasn’t the only thing that was injured, but also… her Qi meridians.
Feng, your Qi meridians have been damaged.”


Her Qi meridians… had been damaged! Yun Feng’s mind felt blank.
Then, fires of anger burnt at the bottom of her heart.
Her Qi meridians, the Qi meridians she needed to become a warrior, were damaged.
The Lin family, what a vicious Lin family!

“Damn it, the Lin family!” These words popped out of the gaps between Yun Sheng’s teeth.
The muscles all over his body tightened.
Yun Feng noticed clearly that the water element around her brother became chaotic.
She immediately grabbed Yun Sheng’s hands.
Yun Sheng was a little shocked.
He then held Yun Feng’s little hands in distress.
How would this happen to his sister?

“Sheng, I was also enraged when I found out about it and I wanted to run to the Lin family right away, but I’m glad that Feng is alright.
As long as she’s alive, I don’t care if she can become a warrior or not.”

What Yun Jing said hit Yun Feng’s heart fiercely.
For someone who could only become a warrior, having her Qi meridians broken was like dashing all her hopes and destroying her future.
If it wasn’t for her, Yun Feng would only be able to be a normal person her entire life even if she really survived, but how would she be different from a useless person?

“Brother, father, I don’t really care if I can become a warrior, but I feel ashamed for not being able to ease the burden of the Yun family!”


Yun Sheng looked at Yun Feng feeling sorry.
He didn’t know why such a miserable thing would happen to his sister and the hatred for the Lin family in his heart became stronger.

Yun Jing sighed helplessly and waved at his two children, asking them to leave.
Yun Feng and Yun Sheng didn’t say anything else.
The news made the three of them frustrated and overshadowed.

Yun Feng wouldn’t truly be sad.
It didn’t matter if she couldn’t become a warrior.
She would become a summoner and a mage instead! She would step the Lin family, that vicious Lin family, underneath her feet sooner or later! Seeing Yun Sheng’s gloomy face, Yun Feng couldn’t bear it, but it wasn’t time to tell her brother the truth yet.
Yun Feng could only keep it at the bottom of her heart and say sorry to her father and brother, who were truly worrying about her.


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