Chapter 138: Let’s See How You Regret It (1)

The Mercenary Level Assessment Convention this year had an unexpected winner, the Red Maple Mercenary Team which astonished everyone else.
There were also other mercenary groups that have advanced to the four-star level in the three-star mercenary group challenges, but no one cared about these mercenary groups that also deserved to be graduated, under the halo of the Red Maple Mercenary Team.

The momentum of the Red Maple Mercenary Team was as high as the sky and was unstoppable.
After moving into the four-star area, the base of the Red Maple Mercenary Team became more than two times larger.
With the only level-6 mage in the Mercenary Union and six mid-level mineral veins, the Red Maple Mercenary Team immediately became the leader among the four-star groups.
Although the Red Maple Mercenary Team was new to the four-star level, their status had already been deeply rooted in people’s minds and couldn’t be shaken!

The Red Maple Mercenary Team had already gained back the strength they lost during that brutal fight.
Besides, due to the mid-level ores, the overall strength of the Red Maple Mercenary Team was also increasing steadily and had already become one of the top among the four-star groups.

Normally, mercenary groups that had just entered the four-star level must work hard for a period of time before they could stand firm among the four-star groups.
This was a process that every four-star group must go through, but not the Red Maple Mercenary Team.
The few four-star mercenary groups that rose to the top relying on their strength all came to the Red Maple Mercenary Team to establish a relationship with them right after they moved into the four-star area, like they were as close as brothers who wore the same pair of pants.

The treatment the Red Maple Mercenary Team got made those mercenary groups, which had just risen to the four-star level and still had to work hard, so jealous that their eyes turned a bit green.

However, even though they were envious and jealous, nobody dared to provoke the Red Maple Mercenary Team easily anymore right now.

With a level-6 mage, six mid-level mineral veins and a group of elite members with a weapon with six holes and six crystals each, wouldn’t they just embarrass themselves if they provoked the Red Maple Mercenary Team?

Yun Feng had been at ease these days.
The level assessment had already ended and everything of the Red Maple Mercenary Team was on the right track.
She wanted to go out and gain some experience at first, and had never thought that she would stay on the Shiny Plains for such a long time.
In these three months, Yun Feng became the backbone and the mental support of the Red Maple Mercenary Team.
With Yun Feng here, the hearts of the mercenaries of the Red Maple Mercenary Team were all full of enthusiasm.

Meanwhile, Yun Feng was in her room and Meatball was released again.
It was swinging its claws while gnashing its teeth at Yun Feng.
Yun Feng looked at how dissatisfied Meatball was with a smile as she poked its chubby body with her finger.
“Alright, I’ll be getting out of here soon.
I’m sorry for keeping you inside this period of time.”

Meatball put down its claws after hearing what Yun Feng said, but it still pointed its butt at Yun Feng angrily.
Yun Feng smiled speechlessly and poked Meatball’s butt with her finger.
Meatball swept the back of Yun Feng’s hand with its fluffy tail as Yun Feng picked it up with one hand and swayed it side to side.
It seemed that Meatball was still pissed and it pointed its little butt at Yun Feng.

Yun Feng was speechless.
She was thinking how she should tell Zhao Mingqi that she was leaving.
It was time for her to go out and gain experience.
She believed that they would understand as well.

“My Lady.” Zhao Mingqi’s voice came from outside the door.
Yun Feng got up and walked to the door, while Meatball quickly rushed to Yun Feng’s shoulder and leaned against Yun Feng’s cheek with its fluffy body.
Yun Feng smiled.
This little thing was truly interesting.

She opened the door and saw Zhao Mingqi standing outside.
When Zhao Mingqi saw Meatball on Yun Feng’s shoulder, he couldn’t help but feel startled and his eyes immediately widened.
This was the first time Meatball showed up in front of Zhao Mingqi.
It was indeed surprising that a Magic Beast appeared here.

“My Lady, this… this is…” Zhao Mingqi looked at Meatball and didn’t know what to say.
Their Young Lady had already given them a lot of surprises, and now another one? A Magic Beast? Their Young Lady had a Magic Beast!

Yun Feng smiled.
“Uncle Zhao, what’s wrong?”

Zhao Mingqi subconsciously looked at Yun Feng’s hand.
Yun Feng also knew what Zhao Mingqi was thinking.
Zhao Mingqi’s thought was right.
She was a summoner, but a summoner who didn’t like to wear the Ring of Contract.

Zhao Mingqi looked away, but his gaze also stayed on Meatball for a while before he said, “My Lady, someone came to see the Commander of the Red Maple Mercenary Team.”

Yun Feng smiled.
“Uncle Zhao.
You’re the Commander of the Red Maple Mercenary Team.
Why did you come to find me?”

Zhao Mingqi smiled in embarrassment.
When Yun Feng just came to the Red Maple Mercenary Team, he could still treat himself as the Commander.
And yet, after going through so many things, Yun Feng was the one who took the Red Maple Mercenary Team to their current height step by step.
Like every other member, Zhao Mingqi had recognized Yun Feng as the real Commander of the Red Maple Mercenary Team in his mind!

Yun Feng also knew what Zhao Mingqi was thinking.
She really had no intention in taking the position of Commander, but it was now impossible for her to reject it.
“Who came for the Red Maple Mercenary Team?”

Zhao Mingqi smiled happily when he heard Yun Feng ask this question.
Even though their Young Lady didn’t admit that she was the Commander of the Red Maple Mercenary Team, she would definitely step up as the leader when something really happened to the Red Maple Mercenary Team.

“It’s someone from Park City.
He said he’s from the Murong family.”

Meatball on Yun Feng’s shoulder suddenly gnashed its sharp teeth at this moment.
Zhao Mingqi was startled when he saw this.
He thought what he said pissed this fluffy little thing off and he quickly stepped back as he was worried that Meatball would attack him abruptly.
Yun Feng gently caressed Meatball’s body with her finger and smoothed its hair.
Under Yun Feng’s comfort, Meatball finally calmed down.

The Murong family… Yun Feng gave a playful smile.
It seemed that the decline of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group made the Murong family lose the tree that shaded them from the sunlight.
And now, they had to find another tree.
She had never thought the Red Maple Mercenary Team would become the second choice of the Murong family.

Zhao Mingqi only kept smiling when he saw that Yun Feng wasn’t talking.
He didn’t really understand what Yun Feng meant.
He just waited on the side quietly.
Yun Feng pondered for a second.
“Who came for us?”

“It’s just someone who delivers the message.
He said the members of the Murong family are waiting at the tavern in Ge Yuan.”

Yun Feng nodded.
Not everyone could enter the Mercenary Union and the Murong family couldn’t possibly get in whenever they wanted either, so they could only send someone here to deliver the message.
Yun Feng thought for a while.
“Postpone this.
Let us just finish our business first.”

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