Chapter 136: Surrendered, All Surrendered (3)

After hearing that, Zhao Yan couldn’t help but frown slightly.
He then smiled at ease.
“Father, why did those strangers come to the Red Maple Mercenary Team?”

Zhao Mingqi pondered as the corners of his lips curled up and a strong sense of pride shot out of his eyes.
“What else can it be? They’re here for our Young Lady for sure.”

After everyone sat down in the room, Zheng Ran and Yun Feng happily chatted in a low voice.
Kai and Kasa looked anxious on the side, while Murong Yuntian and Fitch seemed calm.
After all they couldn’t be regarded as members of the Karan Royal Family.

“Ahem!” Kai coughed a few times softly when he saw that Zheng Ran wasn’t introducing him.
Zheng Ran gazed over and looked like he had just noticed Kai.

“Right, Yun Feng, I still haven’t introduced this man to you.
This is…”

“You don’t have to introduce him to me.
If I’m right, this must be someone from the Karan Royal Family.
Am I right?” Yun Feng smiled as she gazed at Kai.
Kai felt a bit embarrassed to be looked at by such a kid.
He collected his mind quickly.
“That’s right.
I’m Kasa’s uncle, the brother of the current Emperor, Prince Kai.”

Yun Feng’s expression didn’t change a bit after hearing that.
Kai was a bit frustrated when he saw this.
Wouldn’t an ordinary person normally be shocked and feel flattered after knowing their dignified status, not to mention she was just a kid?

Kasa wasn’t surprised anymore.
Yun Feng still dared to attack her after knowing she was the princess of the royal family.
This was already enough to prove that Yun Feng didn’t take the Karan Royal Family seriously.

“Why are you here to see a small mercenary like me, Prince Kai?” Yun Feng asked softly.
Zheng Ran sat there with a smile and didn’t say anything else.

When Kai heard this, he felt like this was his chance to rope Yun Feng in.
“I came here on behalf of the Karan Royal Family this time.
Yun Feng, your strength should be invested in a greater future, instead of… What I mean is that the Karan Royal Family needs you!”

Kasa looked at Yun Feng with a proud face, as if she was waiting to see Yun Feng’s surprised expression.
Her identity as a princess might not be enough, but this was the prince! Wasn’t it enough for the prince to come for her in person?

Kai and Kasa both had the same expression.
They were both members of the royal family, so they would certainly have the same face.
Yun Feng didn’t say anything after hearing that.
Kai couldn’t help feeling startled.
He glanced at Kasa, while Kasa smiled a bit embarrassedly.

“Yun Feng, Uncle Kai came here on behalf of the royal family! If you have any request, just tell him!”

Kai nodded approvingly.
It was indeed a bit inappropriate for a Prince to say this.
Yun Feng only chuckled when she heard what Kasa said.
“Is the Karan Royal Family trying to poach me away?”

Kai burst into laughter after hearing that.
“You can also say so.
Talents like you are highly desirable everywhere.”

Yun Feng retained her smile when she heard this flattering remark.
She glanced at Zheng Ran who was sitting next to her.
Zheng Ran, what do you think?”

Zheng Ran chuckled happily.
“The Mercenary Union doesn’t restrict the freedom of mercenaries.
If you want to go, you certainly can.”

Kai couldn’t help feeling delighted after hearing this.
He thought he would have to put in some effort to poach someone from Zheng Ran, but it seemed that it was quite easy right now.

Yun Feng looked at the excitement in Kai’s eyes with coldness in her mind.
She didn’t have any good feelings towards the Karan Royal Family at all! The Yun family were their slaves? Perhaps they were in the past… And yet, from now on, from the moment Yun Feng took responsibility for everything of the Yun family, they were nobody’s slaves anymore!

Kai gave Kasa a signal when he saw that Yun Feng still hadn’t said anything after a long time.
Kasa understood what Kai meant.
She started spitting out a large number of offers, like promotion in rank and position, money and jewelry, houses and men, everything.

Yun Feng sat there unmoved and her eyes didn’t even blink.
Murong Yuntian showed a smile at the corners of his mouth when he saw this.
“If these things still don’t interest you, what do you want?” Kasa asked.
Yun Feng looked at her.
“The Karan Royal Family may not be able to give me what I want.”

Hearing this, the faces of Kasa and Kai couldn’t help but darken.
What couldn’t the Karan Royal Family offer? The entire Karan Empire belonged to the Karan Royal Family.
The only thing they couldn’t give her was the authority in their hands, the throne high above!

“Yun Feng, this is an invitation from the royal family.
We came here with sincerity.
Don’t you disrespect us.” Kai immediately looked cold.
Even though you’re a rare genius, even though the Karan Royal Family really needs you, we can’t let you mess around and make requests randomly.
The tolerance of the royal family also has a limit!

Yun Feng’s lips curled up and she shook her head with a smile.
“If the Karan Royal Family can’t give me what I want, I can only thank you for your kindness.’

Zheng Ran next to her had a smile in his eyes as he listened.
He curled up his lips at Kai cunningly like an old fox.
Kai was so enraged that he almost stomped his feet.
Luckily, his dignity as a member of the royal family stopped him, or he would truly lose his demeanor.

“Your Highness, I’ve done what you requested, but Yun Feng rejected you herself.
You should also give up.” What Zheng Ran said made Kai widen his eyes.
He glanced at Yun Feng a bit reluctantly and finally made a “hm” sound.
However, he got over it as he pondered in his mind.
Masang School of Magic would definitely not let go of such a mage.
Since she would definitely be admitted to Masang School of Magic in the future, she would be under the Karan Royal Family by then as well!

Thinking of this, Kai was also relieved.
The most important thing right now was not to fall out with her.
If not… there would be a huge problem.

Kai had just stopped trying to poach Yun Feng when Fitch suddenly chuckled.
Zheng Ran looked at him.
“Fitch, don’t tell me that you want to take her away from me as well?”

Fitch smiled joyfully after hearing that and he stared at Yun Feng with his glistening eyes.
She had reached such a level at this age.
How could the School of the God of War let go of this seedling?

“Haha, nobody would let go of such a good seedling!”

Kai was even more thrilled when he heard this.
If the School of the God of War of the Karan Empire got her, she would also be under the Karan Royal Family! “You’re right, Fitch.
This kid will have a great development in the School of the God of War with her potential.”

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