Chapter 135: Surrendered, All Surrendered (2)

Kai turned around and glanced at Zheng Ran with an extremely complicated look.
Would the Mercenary Union let go of such a person? His mind was immediately shrouded in a layer of thundercloud.
Kai’s black eyes gazed at Yun Feng again as he clenched his fists on the sides of his body silently.
No matter what conditions she made, the Karan Royal Family would give it all this time!

The Mercenary Level Assessment Convention this year finally ended.
Some were happy and some were sad.
The competitions every year were amazing, but the ones this year made people’s hearts hot out of excitement!

The Red Maple Mercenary Team, which was supposed to lose their strength and be downgraded to the two-star level, showed one miracle after another in the level assessment this year.
The addition of that mage greatly increased the strength of the Red Maple Mercenary Team all of a sudden.
The wand with six holes and six crystals that made people jealous… Legends were made one by one and a resounding name was engraved in everyone’s mind, the Red Maple Mercenary Team!

Meanwhile, the base camp of the Red Maple Mercenary Team had become a sea of joy! The faces of every mercenary were covered with pride and pleasure! From now on, the Red Maple Mercenary Team wouldn’t be a three-star mercenary group anymore.
Four-star, the Red Maple Mercenary Team had already become a four-star mercenary group!

“My Lady, there’s a long queue outside the Red Maple Mercenary Team… That’s truly…” Zhao Mingqi looked at the queue of mercenaries outside the door of the Red Maple Mercenary Team and was extremely delighted and emotional in his mind.
The Red Maple Mercenary Team made a huge splash in the level assessment this year and they caught everyone’s attention.
After the convention ended, the mercenaries followed them like crazy, like bees to honey.

Yun Feng also looked at the long queue outside, the end of which couldn’t be seen at all, a bit speechlessly.
She was truly stunned by the enthusiasm of the mercenaries.
It turned out their appeal could be so terrifying…

“It’s all because of my Lady! The Red Maple Mercenary Team will become famous this time!” Zhao Yan looked outside and said with an indescribable pride in his tone.
Thinking of his attitude towards Yun Feng at the beginning, Zhao Yan was still feeling embarrassed.
If it weren’t for Yun Feng, how would the Red Maple Mercenary Team have such glory? Without Yun Feng, the Red Maple Mercenary Team might have been downgraded to a two-star mercenary group…

“No, the Red Maple Mercenary Team also has its own charisma.
This is good.
The power that the Red Maple Mercenary Team lost can be restored very quickly.” Yun Feng smiled lightly as Zhao Mingqi nodded after hearing that.
Once the level assessment ended, Wang Ming immediately led some of his men to the Shiny Plains.
According to the rules, since the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group lost, their level-4 mineral veins would naturally belong to the Red Maple Mercenary Team as well!

Wang Ming took his men to take over the mineral veins.
Then, the Red Maple Mercenary Team would have four mineral veins they got from the four five-star groups and two from the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group right now.
They had already gotten a total of six mineral veins!

In the entire Mercenary Union, even the five-star groups didn’t have as many mineral veins as Yun Feng! No five-star group on the Shiny Plains would dare to fight over the territory with the Red Maple Mercenary Team.
It wasn’t that they had nothing else to do! The level assessment this time made the status of the Red Maple Mercenary Team soar, becoming second only to the five-star groups.
Even though their strength was still a bit weaker than that of the five-star groups, the Red Maple Mercenary Team was undoubtedly the uncrowned king in terms of popularity!

There was suddenly a commotion in the long queue outside.
The mercenaries lining up all made way automatically.
Yun Feng and the others certainly saw this scene as well.
When she saw several people coming over from afar, the corners of her mouth curled up and she went up there to greet them.

Zheng Ran.” Yun Feng gave a sweet smile.
Her innocent, childlike face looked very cute and sweet when she smiled.
Nobody would have thought that such a little girl would be able to take down a four-star mercenary group!

The Evil Wolf Mercenary Group could be said to be existing in name only at the moment.
Their few senior members were already dead.
Although the remaining members weren’t weak, they would only be extremely embarrassed street rats that everyone wanted to beat in the three-star level, where different kinds of people jumbled up, due to the bad reputation of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group in the past, the decrease in their level, and the loss of all their original property.

Zheng Ran came in with a smile.
Kai and the others were certainly behind him as well.
They had caught many people’s attention along the way.
Everyone knew that these strangers were people who showed up on the platform together with their Vice President, so their identities wouldn’t be ordinary.

Yun Feng glanced over the few of them with indifference in her eyes.
She didn’t focus on them and she gazed back at Zheng Ran again.
Once Zheng Ran entered the house, he looked around.
“Hm, the Red Maple Mercenary Team should move to the four-star area tomorrow.
That’s what you won.”

Zhao Mingqi and Zhao Yan were both thrilled when they heard that.
Did the Vice President of the Mercenary Union come here in person to congratulate the Red Maple Mercenary Team? That was such a great honor! And all this happened because of the presence of their Young Lady!

“Let us talk on the second floor.” Zhao Mingqi said as he glanced at the few people behind Zheng Ran.
He knew that they all had a superior status.
Zheng Ran looked at Kai and Kai nodded.

“Kid, you really surprised me.” Zheng Ran and Yun Feng walked side by side.
One of them was the Vice President of the Mercenary Union, the other was a mercenary registered under the Mercenary Union, but their backs didn’t make people feel like there was a gap between them.
Both of them were champions!

Kasa sized up the furnishings in the house of the Red Maple Mercenary Team with her big eyes and pursed her lips a bit disdainfully.
Her eyes were full of contempt.
Zhao Mingqi certainly saw her expression and his face couldn’t help but flush slightly.
The furnishings of the Red Maple Mercenary Team were very simple and they had always been thrifty.
They had never thought they would have such a glorious day, so the furnishings seemed a bit ragged looking at them right now.

Murong Yuntian looked around and said in affirmation, “This place is pretty nice.”

Zhao Yan burst into laughter after hearing that.
He had quite a good impression on Murong Yuntian.
When he was about to put his hand on Murong Yuntian’s shoulder, he felt a trace of coldness surging out of Murong Yuntian’s back all of a sudden.
Murong Yuntian turned around and looked at Zhao Yan with coldness in his black eyes.
Zhao Yan lifted the corners of his mouth with embarrassment as he retracted his hand.

The few of them walked to the second floor.
Zhao Mingqi opened a door to let them enter.
Zhao Yan also wanted to follow them inside casually, but Zhao Mingqi pulled him out.

“Father, why did you drag me out?” Zhao Yan asked in confusion.
Zhao Mingqi closed the door carefully and took his son to somewhere far away before speaking softly, “Those aren’t someone people of our level can have contact with.”

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