Chapter 134: Surrendered, All Surrendered (1)

“Yun Feng, give me your life!” The eyes of the two Deputy Commanders of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group couldn’t help turning red when they saw their Commander die kneeling on the ground miserably.
A loud, furious shout came out of their throats.
Blue veins appeared on both of their necks and the weapons in their hands also vibrated violently.
That was the fierce infusion of their fighting energy!

“Argh!” An endless roar broke out in the air and also broke the silence just now!

“My Lady!” Wang Ming jumped up as he watched the two level-7 warriors attack Yun Feng at the same time.
They were so fast that nobody could dodge at all!

Yun Feng lifted her black eyes and she suddenly swung her hand forward fiercely, shooting out a beam of dazzling light from her palm.
The man with faded scars on his face, who jumped into the air and took a slash with his weapon, screamed.
He fell onto the ground from the sky messily like a broken kite and Yun Feng’s short, delicate wand was impressively in his chest with half of it already pierced deep inside!

Penetrating his heart with a wand!

“I’ll kill you!” The terrifying scar on Greedy Wolf’s face immediately became extremely ferocious.
His face that wasn’t so ugly before also became like a demon from hell at this moment.
Blood-thirst and viciousness burst out of his eyes!

Yun Feng didn’t stop her movement.
She immediately made a rapid turn and looked straight at Greedy Wolf’s extremely ferocious face!

“You want to kill me?” Yun Feng said coldly as she avoided the sword that Greedy Wolf slashed sideways.
Her hand reached towards the dead Deputy Commander on the side and the wand that had originally been pierced deeply into his body suddenly vibrated slightly, shooting over from the dead body!

“Plop!” She caught the wand, which carried warm blood and a light pungent smell of blood, with her hand.
This undoubtedly made Greedy Wolf more furious.
Two of the top elites of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group were killed in a heartbeat by this kid, who seemed to be completely harmless, in front of him! He couldn’t accept this no matter what and the resentment in his mind wouldn’t go away if he didn’t kill her!

“Fire flame.” Yun Feng whispered as a bright red flame burnt in her palm.
The fire in her fair palm grew larger and larger.
People around couldn’t help but gasp when they saw this scene.
Magic, Magic again!

“That’s impossible! She still has the mental strength to use magic? How… How is that possible?” Kasa stared at the scene in front of her eyes firmly and was a bit startled.
Didn’t the two magic simulations and the few water-element and fire-element magic earlier consume her mental strength? Hadn’t the disappearance of those magic shown that her mental strength had reached the limit? Even a high-level powerhouse couldn’t possibly restore their mental strength and use magic again in just a few seconds!

Unless… her mental strength had reached an unbelievably powerful level! Such a thought came to Kasa’s mind.
After that, she shook her head and immediately denied herself.
Someone from the East Continent… How would someone from the East Continent, who was born with physical restrictions, have such powerful mental strength?

“This kid did it on purpose…” Zheng Ran narrowed his eyes and looked at Yun Feng’s moves.
Thinking about the two magic beasts that suddenly disappeared just then, it didn’t seem like her mental strength had reached the limit as Kasa said.
Instead, the kid kept another card up her sleeve…

Greedy Wolf on the ring saw the jumping fire element in Yun Feng’s palm and his eyes widened, as if his eye sockets were about to crack! “She can’t be using magic again…” Greedy Wolf murmured as a high temperature then came right at him.
His heel landed on the ground abruptly and spinned at a high speed.
A small pithole was created on the ground by Greedy Wolf’s movement.
Greedy Wolf’s eyes were full of fear.
This was too creepy, too… frightening!

Yun Feng watched Greedy Wolf run with coldness in her black eyes.
“How many times do I have to tell you that there’s nothing impossible in this world? Go!” As Yun Feng shouted, the jumping fire element in her palm that was eager to move suddenly turned into a ferocious beast’s head and the faint growl of the beast burst from the flame!

“Argh!” After a scream, Greedy Wolf’s entire body was swallowed by the ferocious beast’s mouth.
The smell of his body being scorched by the fire came and a few more gentle popping sounds could be heard.
The moment the red flame disappeared, Greedy Wolf was nowhere to be seen!

This flame devoured everything of Greedy Wolf, leaving no residue at all!

The throats of the audiences became even tighter at this moment.
The cheers from earlier had already disappeared right now.
Only pairs of eyes flashing with madness and astonishment, and mouths that couldn’t be closed, were left!

Yun Feng’s petite body stood on the ring with two lifeless dead bodies next to her.
One was lying, the other was kneeling, and the last one had already vanished completely from the world!

“The… The… The Red Maple Mercenary Team… wins!” The judge’s announcement ended the battle.
The few members of the Red Maple Mercenary Team showed a completely dumbfounded look.
Wang Ming had one leg on the edge of the ring, while Zhao Mingqi and Zhao Yan were also hung on the side of the ring.
Yun Feng’s neat and clean attacks just then made the three of them totally stunned.

When the judge announced the result with a tremor in his voice, the three of them finally had a feeling of realization.
They won.
The Red Maple Mercenary Team won!

“Yay! We won.
We won!” Zhao Yan was the first to cheer.
At this moment when everyone was in silence, Zhao Yan’s loud cheers were like the fuse.
In a blink, people who remained quiet earlier all shouted their heads off again!

“Red Maple! I support you! I’ll follow you from now on!”

“Me too!”

“Me too! I’ll follow you!”

Wang Ming and Zhao Mingqi felt like they were waking up from a dream and they both burst into laughter.

Hearing the hearty, cheerful laugh on the side of the Red Maple Mercenary Team, she lifted her little face and looked at everyone, who was cheering and shouting for them around the square.
A great passion rose in her heart and the back of her small body also seemed more upright and towering!

“She’s a talent…” Kai looked at Yun Feng and said softly.
His eyes were full of excitement.
The Karan Royal Family must get her, they must!

Zheng Ran looked at Yun Feng with a smile and shook his head.
“No, she is a genius, a powerful genius…”

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