Chapter 133: Shocking the Audience (3)

“She used magic simulation twice.
The consumption of her mental strength is too high… If I’m right, that water shield should reach its limit soon… Such a strategy that doesn’t take mental strength into account is truly reckless and stupid!” Kasa was standing on the platform.
She was definitely the one who was most familiar with mages and she also had a deep understanding of the consumption of magic.
As the level of mages increased, more mental strength was also required to perform high-level magic.
Level-6 magic simulation was a magic that consumed more mental strength.
It was fine if Yun Feng simulated only one giant beast, but she was simulating two! The existence of these two giant beasts was entirely supported by Yun Feng’s mental strength.
Even if she was an outstanding mage, this should be her limit!

Other people would certainly envy a double-element mage, but it was indeed much harder for a double-element mage to practice.
The limit of mental strength limited the frequency and time of the mages’ use of magic.
Mages weren’t omnipotent!

“Bang! Bang!” As if they were verifying this, the two simulated giant beasts let out a muffled sound and a cloud of blue and red mist exploded in the air immediately.
Looking closely, the two giant beasts that were still roaring on the ring had already vanished!

“She has reached the limit!” Kasa yelled.
Murong Yuntian next to her felt his heart tighten.
He held the railing tight, looking like he was ready to rush out anytime.

“They… They’re gone? Where are those two beasts?” The audience couldn’t help but look dazed when they saw that the two giant beasts disappeared.
Some of them rubbed their eyes, as if everything that happened just then was like a magnificent illusion.

The Commander of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group smiled ferociously.
Watching the blue shield in front of Yun Feng disappear slowly, the viciousness at the corners of his mouth gradually grew stronger as well.
Right, this was the best time to attack!

“Yun Feng, you’ll not be able to return today!” The Commander of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group rushed forward and he swung the weapon in his hand again quickly.
His level-8 fighting energy spread completely.
Even the air around was faintly vibrating with a buzzing sound!

Yun Feng slowly lifted her face and a smile also appeared at the corners of her mouth gently.
Looking at the blade flashing towards her, she didn’t seem to be avoiding it at all.
She knew he was waiting for this moment, and so was she!

“My Lady!” Wang Ming, Zhao Yan and Zhao Mingqi down the ring all shouted anxiously when they saw this scene.
Wang Ming jumped up and was about to run up there, but Zhao Mingqi pulled him back.
“Commander Zhao, let me go.
My Lady is in danger!” Wang Ming yelled.
Zhao Mingqi exerted his strength and pulled Wang Ming back.
“If you go up the ring, you’ll break the rules! My Lady will lose!”

Hearing this, Wang Ming stomped his foot fiercely and a pithole was created underneath him! He could only look at the ring with anxiousness and frustration on his face, watching the level-8 warrior back Yun Feng into a corner!

If there was no way out, why should she still find a way?

Yun Feng put up a smile on her lips and her slender hands suddenly clenched into fists.
Hearing the scattered sound of the wind and shouts around, and the faint buzzing sound that came in the air, her small body dashed forward and her fist went straight out!


A muffled sound exploded in the air.
The Commander of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group only felt a severe pain in his chest like his flesh was ground.
His eyes turned red and his eyeballs were about to pop out of the eye sockets!

He lowered his head slightly and saw that the little girl, who should have been slashed by him, appeared in front of him and her slender fist had already punched into his body all of a sudden!

“That’s… That’s impossible!” The Commander of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group said these few words.
A fist punched into his level-8 warrior body.
Which level was this power at? She was a mage.

The same smile was still at the corners of Yun Feng’s mouth.
She slowly lifted her little face and looked into the eyes of the Commander of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group, which remained wide open after he died.
“There’s nothing impossible in this world!”

“Clang!” The Commander of the Elemental suddenly knelt on the ground as the weapon in his hand slided onto the floor, creating a deep, loud noise.
Yun Feng in front of him slowly retracted her hand and looked at the blood on her hand with her black eyes.
She narrowed her eyes slightly as the tiny fire element surrounded her fist.
After a while, the back of her hand that was covered with blood already looked like before.
All the blood had evaporated.
After simulating two giant beasts and using magic, she could still continue using magic with ease.
What a terrifying mental strength this was!

Everyone was dumbfounded and the whole square was in silence.
They even held their breath.
The two Deputy Commanders of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group suddenly collected themselves and looked at the Commander who died kneeling on the ground, shouting into the air sorrowfully!

“He’s… He’s dead… What exactly happened just then?” Kasa looked at the dead level-8 warrior kneeling on the ground and felt a chill down her spine.
What exactly happened when the two of them had contact just now? Why did he die just like that?

“Yun Feng’s punch penetrated his body.” Murong Yuntian standing next to her said coldly.
This made the expressions of Fitch, Kai and Zheng Ran change.
The three of them certainly saw that scene just now very clearly.
The astonishment in their minds couldn’t be described in words anymore!

“Yuntian, that’s impossible! She’s a mage.
How would she be able to punch into the body of a level-8 warrior? Have you heard of a mage whose strength is comparable to that of a warrior? This is absolutely… absolutely impossible! She must have used magic at a close distance at that moment.
This must be the case!” Kasa said quickly.
Perhaps she was trying to dispel the doubts, the astonishment or even… the fear in her mind!

The others also remained silent and they all looked at Yun Feng with a deep gaze.
How could they possibly believe what Kasa said? The truth was right in front of their eyes!

Yun Feng was a mage, but she killed a level-8 warrior with her fist directly!

“This… This…” Kai mumbled while sitting in his seat.
This kid had given him too much shock, so much that he couldn’t believe it and dared not to believe it anymore!

“She’s a warrior and should be at level 7!” Murong Yuntian said with certainty again.
Everyone’s expression changed abruptly.
There was only one thought in their minds.
It turned out someone who was both a warrior and a mage truly existed!

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