Chapter 132: Shocking the Audience (2)

“A double-element mage.
Oh God, she’s a double-element mage!” Kasa mumbled.
Her breath had already become messy.
She couldn’t believe the scene she saw in front of her eyes.
A double-element mage, there hadn’t been any double-element mage at Masang School of Magic the last few centuries and there was one here, in the Mercenary Union!

Kasa was extremely frustrated when she thought of the fact that Yun Feng belonged to the Mercenary Union.
She thought Yun Feng was just a talented genius on the road of magic, but it turned out she was a double-element mage!

If the teachers at Masang School of Magic knew that there was a double-element talent in the Mercenary Union, how would they react? Not only Masang School of Magic, when the Karan Royal Family knew about this, her father might even come to poach her away in person!

Double-element mage… Yun Feng wasn’t only a double-element mage.
She was a five-element genius!

Zheng Ran, who had been smiling on the side since the beginning, couldn’t help but feel a bit shocked.
Looking at the blue and red giant beasts next to Yun Feng, he chuckled softly.
Zheng Ran’s eyes were full of surprise.
The Mercenary Union had never had a mage before, and when they did, they got an absolute treasure.
A double-element mage… Haha, kid, you truly astonished me.
If the President sees this, his jaw will definitely drop in shock.

At this moment, Murong Yuntian’s handsome face, which rarely had any expression, was covered with enthusiasm.
His heart that rarely had fluctuations also thumped a few times at this moment.
Murong Yuntian gently put his hand on his chest.
His heart was still racing excitedly.
Yun Feng… Murong Yuntian said this name softly.
He had never thought that the girl that made his heart pound right now had already gone past him.

A blue giant python, a red giant wolf, these two enormous beasts stood on both sides of Yun Feng and let out a beastly growl.
“Since you said the competition should be fair, it’ll certainly be three against three.” Yun Feng raised the corners of her mouth and swung the wand in her hand.
The blue python opened its huge mouth that was full of sharp teeth.
“Sizzle…” The giant wolf also opened its mouth wide fiercely.

The roar of the two giant beasts brought the audience to the verge of going crazy.
Everyone was shouting with a flushed face and some were looking at everything happening in front of them dumbfoundedly.
“Fuck, what’s that red thing…”

“Fuck, you don’t know? It’s magic.
The mage of the Mercenary Union is a double-element mage!”

“Holy shit! This world is crazy.
The Red Maple Mercenary Team will definitely win!”

The three Commanders of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group all felt a chill in their hearts when Yun Feng performed double-element magic.
They had never thought she would be a double-element mage!

“What should we do?” Greedy Wolf asked the Commander softly as he stared at Yun Feng opposite him with viciousness in his eyes.
Two giant beasts and one mage, such a lineup was difficult enough for them to deal with.

“Don’t panic! Even though mages have impressive magic, don’t forget that their bodies are weak! When one of us gets close to her body, then…”

The Commander of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group stayed cool-headed in such a dangerous moment.
He was quite something.
He could still analyze the situation so calmly, which showed that his mind was stronger than that of normal people.
The other two Deputy Commanders were enlightened after hearing that and the tension and anxiety they had earlier also disappeared.
The weak body of a mage wouldn’t be able to withstand a few punches from a warrior.
Once they could get close to this mage and attack her, she… Hm, she would become disabled even if she didn’t die! On such a ring, what could the others do after they killed a mage? Nobody could say anything!

The three of them made up their minds and they all had their own job.
Their fighting energy surged out in a blink and they also took out their weapons.
Just like those of the members of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group who fought just now, their weapons had four holes and four crystals as well!

A smile slowly appeared on Yun Feng’s face when she saw this.
She suddenly pointed her wand forward as the giant python and giant wolf jumped up.
The blue snake dashed forward fiercely, while the giant wolf hopped with fiery red light slashing through the sky!

“Beasts, let me take your life!” A loud shout came.
The two Deputy Commanders of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group rushed towards a beast each and started fighting with the giant python and the giant wolf respectively.
Yun Feng watched everything happening before her eyes with a smile.
“I’ll play with you nicely.”

The Commander of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group saw the opportunity and he dashed forward with his weapon.
His level-8 fighting energy struck through the air with the momentum that could split mountains and crack the ground, like a hard axe.
The wind it caused also made people’s skin painful!

“Water shield!” Yun Feng shouted.
When the level-8 fighting energy was coming at her quickly, a light blue shield spread abruptly and blocked in front of Yun Feng firmly.
The weapon of the Commander of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group hit the surface of the shield, creating layers and layers of ripples.
The Commander was slightly shocked.
His level-8 fighting energy dissipated! Level-6 magic, how… how was this possible?

“Fire arrow!” The fire element formed an arrow that penetrated the water element shield terrifyingly.
The expression of the Commander of the Elemental immediately changed drastically after seeing this.
He raised his weapon and put it in front of his chest to block the arrow!

“Clang!” The fire arrow clashed against the weapon hard, creating some sparks.
The Commander of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group was also forced to take a few steps back.
A heat then spread from his weapon to his palm and the burning sensation in his skin immediately hit.
The Commander instantly mobilized his level-8 fighting energy to his hand to stop the burning sensation.

So strong… The Commander of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group narrowed his eyes and looked at Yun Feng.
Was this the power of a mage? If the warriors didn’t break through her magic defense, they wouldn’t have a chance to attack at all! The magic of mages wasn’t limited by distance as well.
They were completely at a disadvantage in the current situation!

He turned around and looked at both sides.
The two Deputy Commanders were entangled with the two giant beasts and weren’t at an advantage at all.
The giant beasts formed by magic didn’t have a concrete body! The attacks of the two Deputy Commanders didn’t work on these two beasts at all and even put them in an extremely difficult situation instead.

The Commander of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group didn’t launch any attack by himself.
Attacking blindly would only waste his power.
Mage wasn’t a profession that had no weakness at all! Looking at the layer of light blue shield in front of Yun Feng, the Commander of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group narrowed his eyes viciously.
The mental strength of a mage was also limited! And this was a weakness that mages couldn’t avoid no matter what!

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