“Kid, do you see black and white as well?” The ancestor mumbled.
Even if Yun Feng said she could, the ancestor wouldn’t be surprised.
Yun Feng opened her eyes and shook her head slightly when she heard the question.
“I’m sorry to let you down, ancestor.
I don’t see black and white.”

The ancestor took a deep breath.
He felt like his body and mind suffered a huge blow.
People were indeed stronger generation after generation.
He was old already and someone would surpass him after all.

“Ancestor, what’s wrong?” Yun Feng asked.
Why did the ancestor look like he had taken a hit?

“Kid, do you know how many colors I saw back then?”

Yun Feng smiled.
“Six to seven, I guess.”

Her ancestor shook his head as he smiled wryly, as if he was completely defeated.
“Ah, I really have to admit that I’m old.
Little girl, if you and I were in the same generation, the legendary me at that time would probably have been nothing at all.”

Yun Feng was a bit shocked.
Perhaps… the ancestor didn’t see as many colors as she did?

“Kid, you’re the only summoner in the Vast Continent who can see five colors in the last few thousand years.
If those old guys were still alive, they would have been ashamed after knowing about you.”

She was the only summoner who could see five colors? Yun Feng pondered for a while.
Right, there were only seven elements and she saw five of them.
Seeing her ancestor’s defeated look, she thought she should have talked less just then.

“Girl, you have a promising future.” The ancestor smiled joyfully.
After all, this was the descendant of the Yun family, the pride of the Yun family!

Yun Feng nodded.
Five colors? She shouldn’t bite off more than she could chew.
She should stand on solid ground and practice them one by one.
She didn’t want to be someone who knew everything, but was not good at anything.
She must do her best!

“There are advantages and disadvantages of having five kinds of elements.
It’s a good thing that you’ll be powerful, but the consumption of your mental strength will also become much greater.” What the ancestor said was a bit heavy and very serious.
Yun Feng wasn’t arrogant or proud because she could see five colors.
Instead, she listened to the teachings of her ancestor humbly and kept nodding.

Seeing how humble Yun Feng was, the ancestor felt pleased.
Talented young people, especially those geniuses, always had a kind of arrogant temperament.
Their talents, which were far greater than those of the others, made them superior forever and they also developed a complacent nature.
And yet, Yun Feng didn’t have it in her.
She was an unusually humble person.
Even though she had enviable talents, she wasn’t arrogant and was humble and mature instead.


The ancestor nodded.
This girl would definitely become someone who could shake the continent, and the Yun family… would also stand on the highest point again, perhaps even higher than that!

“Don’t worry, ancestor.
I’ll be earnest and practice hard.
I’ll never be inordinately proud of my talents and look down on others.”

“Pretty good, kid.
You have a mature mind.
This really doesn’t seem like a quality people your age can show.
The third important element for becoming a summoner is the Array of Contract.”

“The Array of Contract is something only summoners have and is the only way of taming Magic Beasts.
Since there are very few summoners, the Array of Contract is also a unique ability summoners have.
So, summoners never tell anyone anything about their Array of Contract.
The two points we talked about earlier can be achieved by mages too, but they’re not capable of achieving the third point.
The key to becoming a summoner is whether you can create your own Array of Contract!”

Creating her own Array of Contract? Yun Feng was astonished.
She thought there would be some kind of a model for the Array of Contract.
She didn’t know that the summoners would keep it a secret.
That made sense.
The Array of Contract was the only way of taming Magic Beasts.
If it circulated around, the advantage the summoners had wouldn’t exist anymore.
Everyone wanted to have strong powers and Magic Beasts were the key for the summoners to surpass the mages and warriors.


“How can I create my Array of Contract? What should I do?”

The ancestor shook his head helplessly and said with a bit of remorse.
“I can’t help you with that, but I can tell you that the Array of Contract is based on understanding.
You have to communicate with the power of the elements with your own mental strength and try to understand it slowly until you realize your own meaning of contract.”

“Then, how long does it take?”

“Haha, I may scare you if I tell you.
Maybe one day, maybe one year, maybe decades.”


Yun Feng was shocked and she immediately gave a wry smile.
Of course, how would it be so easy to become a summoner? Who knew when she would realize the meaning of the Array of Contract? Maybe she wouldn’t understand it her entire life.
No wonder there were so few summoners.
How many people could persevere until the end?


“Kid, with your talents, you’ll be able to soar on the road of magic.
You don’t really have to become a summoner.”

Yun Feng shook her head with determination and perseverance in her black eyes.
“I can only be successful if I persist.
As long as I don’t give up, success won’t give up on me as well!”

“Good, good.
You’re indeed different, kid! While you’re realizing the Array of Contract, you can also improve your mental strength.
The stronger your mental strength, the smoother your realization.
You can look into things about warriors during this period of time as well.”

Yun Feng nodded.
From now on, there were too many things she needed to do.
She was destined to not be the girl of the Yun family who used to hide behind her brother and father anymore.
From this moment, she would come to the front bravely.
From this moment, she would courageously carry the burden of the Yun family on her shoulders!


In the next few weeks, Yun Feng stayed in the house and constantly communicated with the power of the elements with her own mental strength under the guidance of her ancestor.
Yun Feng gradually felt that the mental strength in her spiritual space, which seemed chaotic at first, had already become clearer and mellower.

After several weeks of communication with the elements, Yun Feng felt the mental strength in her body become unusually powerful.
Even her body had a subtle sensation.
She felt fresh and could see the elements in the dimension more clearly.

The ancestor was very satisfied with Yun Feng improvement.
It pleased him to see that she could achieve this in just a few weeks.
Besides, Yun Feng kept working hard and didn’t have the thought of lazing around at all, which made her ancestor gratified.


This day, Yun Feng was communicating with the elements sitting on her bed.
Suddenly, she heard a voice from afar.
After the communication with the elements, Yun Feng’s hearing and eyesight also became more impressive.
She could hear sounds clearly from very far away.
She slightly opened her eyes.
After waiting for a while, Yun Feng saw her brother Yun Sheng walk in.

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