Chapter 125: Fighting Against the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group (3)

“Kasa said that a mage joined the Mercenary Union?” Kai said on the platform and casually looked down.
The crowd of mercenaries were making a clamor of voices.

“Yes, the Mercenary Union is quite lucky.” Zheng Ran crossed his arms as he sat in the chair leisurely with a smile.

“Mages are no big deal.
How many do you want, Mr.
Zheng Ran? You can just tell me.” Kai said.
He was quite arrogant.
Zheng Ran looked below without turning his head or replying.

“Now that the Mercenary Union has a mage, you don’t have to worry about us, your Highness.”

Kai’s face twitched.
He was truly given a cold shoulder.
“The mercenaries of the Mercenary Union are all warriors, and suddenly, there’s a mage.
It’s a bit inappropriate.
Don’t you think, Mr.
Zheng Ran?”

When Zheng Ran heard this, he was still smiling.
“Your Highness, do you mean the Mercenary Union shouldn’t accept mages?”

“I didn’t mean that, but this mage should stay somewhere she belongs.”

“Oh? And where is that?”

Kai smiled.
“Of course, a place where this mage wants to go.”

When Zheng Ran heard this, he slowly turned his head to the side.
“If that’s the case, why don’t you go to ask the mage directly, your Highness?’

Kai was waiting for Zheng Ran to say this.
He just wanted to poach the mage fair and square.
If the mage agreed, Zheng Ran wouldn’t be able to stop him!

“Haha, Mr.
Zheng Ran, if you say so, I better accept it than reject you.”

Zheng Ran turned around and slowly got up.
“Please enjoy today’s competitions, your Highness.”

Kasa also heard them on the side and she couldn’t help feeling delighted.
She was worried that the Mercenary Union wouldn’t give Uncle Kai a chance to meet the mage directly, but now, it was great.
The Mercenary Union made this suggestion themselves! With Uncle Kai up this time, how would there be any problem?

“Mercenaries, yesterday was an enthusiastic day.
I’m sure you must be thrilled as well!” Zheng Ran stood on the platform and said slowly.
His voice echoed around the square clearly as cheers burst out of all the mercenaries, proving their excitement.

“Today will be the most exciting day of the level assessment and the battles will be the most intense.
Three-star to five-star challenges will be held today.
I hope all the mercenary groups can obtain the best result in the challenges.
The convention now begins!”

Following Zheng Ran’s announcement, there was another burst of cheers in the square.
The judges next to each ring were all announcing the names of the challenger and the challenged.
The mercenary groups hopped on the ring one by one, starting their intense competition.

According to the level rules, the challenges from the three-star groups started first.
This was also the reason why people had already been so excited once the convention began.
Fitch, Murong Yuntian and Kasa on the stand were all staring at the rings firmly with slight anticipation on their faces.

“Fitch, it seems that you have a favorite team?” Kai sat next to Fitch and saw that this middle-aged man, who had always been serious, surprisingly had a trace of anticipation and excitement on his face right now, so he couldn’t help but feel curious.
Looking carefully, Murong Yuntian was also like this, and so was his niece!

Fitch burst into laughter and didn’t hide his emotions at all.
“Kai, you’re a day late.
Yesterday’s battles were wonderful.” Kai frowned and also understood what Fitch was talking about.

“Are you talking about that level-6 mage?”

Fitch nodded.
“Just watch.
You’ll soon see her in the three-star challenge.”

Kai felt a bit shocked after hearing that.
The level-6 mage was in a three-star mercenary group? He couldn’t help but gaze at those rings on the square.
That mage was really interesting.

“The Red Maple Mercenary Team is challenging the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group!” A judge yelled with an excited look and he was also extremely thrilled in his mind.
To be honest, he had been looking forward to this battle for a long time and he couldn’t wait for the competitions of other groups to finish immediately.
This was the highlight!

The judge’s voice was immediately flooded by the tide of cheers.
Some mercenaries stood up, waved their hands and shouted out one name.
“Red Maple! Red Maple! Red Maple!”

“Is the Red Maple Mercenary Team this popular?” Kai was slightly startled when he saw this scene.
The mercenaries in the venue were all yelling this name.
Wasn’t this a bit too much? Wasn’t the Red Maple Mercenary Team just a three-star mercenary group?

“Kai, the Red Maple Mercenary Team is the three-star mercenary group that the mage joined! They had a brilliant performance yesterday!” Fitch explained on the side as his body leaned forward uncontrollably, hoping to see clearer.

“I see…” Kai’s eyes also moved to that ring as everyone’s gaze gathered there, as if it was the only ring on the square!

“Teams of the two mercenary groups, get ready for the battle!” The judge also shouted with more enthusiasm after hearing the cheers.
He lengthened his neck and yelled with his eyes turned slightly red as well.

In all the loud shouts, nobody noticed the atmosphere of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group.
A small thundercloud floated in the clear sky.
The three Commanders sat there with a long face, but they still repressed their emotions secretly.
Looking at the ring, there was one thought in the minds of the three Commanders.
The mage? The mage would be absent today!

The five warriors of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group walked to the ring with a dirty look.
The audience around the square seemed to have ignored them directly and kept shouting the name of the Red Maple Mercenary Team.
The five masters of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group were all at level 6 or above.
Yun Feng was right.
The one with the highest level among them was at level 7.
If the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group knew what the Red Maple Mercenary Team would do to them next, the three Commanders would probably have gotten on the ring themselves.

Rather than the five-star group, the biggest enemy of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group was the Red Maple Mercenary Team!

“Fuck, we’ll let you scream and let you shout! When the mage of the Red Maple Mercenary Team doesn’t show up, I’ll see if you’d still yell!” The level-7 warrior mumbled.
What he said made the few others chuckle and they all looked at the front with evil intentions.
The members of the Red Maple Mercenary Team still hadn’t arrived, but they believed that even when they did, there wouldn’t be five of them! Without that mage, how would the Red Maple Mercenary Team still defeat them with those dregs?!

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