Chapter 124: Fight Against the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group (2)

Besides, Yun Feng from the Yun family had a relationship with the Mercenary Union right now and their Vice President spoke highly of her.
If the Karan Empire did anything to the Yun family, the Mercenary Union might make a fuss about it.
By then…

Kasa bit her lips.
So, were they just going to let the Mercenary Union have a level-6 mage? She couldn’t resign herself to that.
If her father knew about this, he wouldn’t accept this as well!

Not to mention everything else, Yun Feng was indeed a genius and she was on the road of magic… She was even from the Yun family as well.
Would she be able to become… a summoner?

Thinking of this, Kasa’s heart suddenly felt warm with excitement.
She thought she could take Yun Feng down with the superior status of the Karan Royal Family.
She had never thought it would end like this.
Hm, if she couldn’t do it by force, she would take a soft line with her! She didn’t believe that there would be anyone who wouldn’t yield in front of a great amount of wealth and power!

Kasa quickly took out a Sound Transmission Jade from the pocket of her clothes after thinking about this.
Such Sound Transmission Jades were unique and rare.
They were made with special materials.
Once the other party infused their fighting energy or mental strength inside, the jades would remember it and the person could directly talk to the other party.
Since they were expensive, only powerful people in the upper-class society and the members of the royal family in the four empires could have them.

Kasa put her mental strength inside as the Sound Transmission Jade slightly released a layer of luster.
“Uncle Kai, Uncle Kai!” Kasa lowered her voice as much as she could and whispered gently.
After a while, a deep, rough male voice came from the Sound Transmission Jade.

“Kasa, how’s the level assessment?”

“Uncle Kai, are you free? Come to the Mercenary Union tomorrow.
I have something to tell you, something very important!” Kasa wasn’t dumb.
If she talked about poaching the mage of the Mercenary Union in their base camp, wouldn’t she be digging her own grave?

Murong Yuntian listened on the side and only frowned slightly without saying anything.

“Tomorrow? I have a lot of things to do tomorrow.
Your father sent me…”

“Uncle Kai! If you don’t come, the Karan Royal Family will regret it!” Kasa interrupted Kai and said anxiously.

“Regret? How exactly can the Mercenary Union make the Karan Royal Family regret? You little girl, did you…”

“Uncle Kai! There’s a mage in the Mercenary Union, a level-6 mage!” What Kasa said made Kai completely speechless.
After a while, Kai’s voice came again, but he sounded much more serious.

“Kasa, are you serious?”

“Sure as a gun! I saw her attack using level 6 magic simulation today!”

“Aren’t mages all in the Masang School of Magic? Why is she in the Mercenary Union?”

“I’m not sure either.
This mage might not have reached the age of admission…”

“Kasa! Are you telling me that a kid under 12 is a level-6 mage?” Kai seemed to be a bit enraged.
Apparently, he dared not believe, and couldn’t believe, what Kasa said!

“I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true! Uncle Kai, she’s already become a level-6 mage before the age of 12.
How astonishing will she be when she grows up? The Karan Royal Family can’t miss this kid!”

“Kasa, did you tell her your identity?”

Kasa couldn’t help blushing after hearing that.
She had certainly told Yun Feng her identity, but she was almost beaten up.
Thinking of this, the anger in Kasa’s mind was suppressed by her.

“Yes, but maybe my status isn’t high enough…”

“Haha, this should be the case if what you said is true.
Alright, I’ll go there tomorrow!” Kai’s voice stopped coming and Kasa also put away the jade with a complacent smile on her gorgeous face.
Uncle Kai was a Prince.
He could certainly represent the royal family when he came here and he could probably offer quite a lot of conditions.

Hm, Yun Feng, how would you be able to stand firm under the temptation of the royal family at your age? When you start working for the royal family, I’ll definitely settle this score!

The next morning, the Level Assessment Convention in full swing was about to begin again.
The atmosphere today was obviously even more fiery than yesterday’s.
The most important point of today’s competition was the challenge by the Red Maple Mercenary Team!

Early in the morning, the Mercenary Union welcomed another heavy hitter.
Prince Kai of the Karan Royal Family came in person.
Zheng Ran greeted him with a smile.
Seeing Prince Kai rush here in a hurry, which made him look weary, Zheng Ran certainly knew what the Karan Royal Family was planning.

“Welcome your Highness.
I apologize for not greeting you outside.” Zheng Ran bowed slightly.
Kai immediately helped Zheng Ran up.
“No, no, how can Mr.
Zheng Ran bow like this? I’m just here to join in the fun.”

The laugh lines at the corners of Zheng Ran’s mouth were very obvious.
When Kasa saw Kai arrive, she couldn’t help feeling a lot happier.
There was a hint of arrogance in her gaze when she looked at Zheng Ran.
The Prince is here now.
Will the Mercenary Union still refuse to let the mage go?

Zheng Ran certainly saw Kasa’s gaze and he couldn’t help but shake his head and sigh.
There was no need for him to argue with such a kid.
People with such an identity like him wouldn’t mind this kind of naive behavior at all.

Although Kasa was somewhat precocious, she didn’t know what the Mercenary Union meant to the Karan Empire.
The Mercenary Union was an enormous creature.
Even though this piece of land belonged to the Karan Empire, the Karan Royal Family would have to get out of here sooner or later if the Mercenary Union was to make a move.
Kasa thought Kai would be able to make Yun Feng leave the Mercenary Union.
To be honest, this was an unrealistic expectation.

Kai certainly understood this as well, so he didn’t act too tough when he came here.
If he still showed the superiority and temperament of the royal family in the Mercenary Union, he would just be looking for trouble for himself.
This wasn’t the way to deal with the Mercenary Union.
So, Kai had been humble since he arrived and he seemed approachable when he talked to Zheng Ran.
This made Kasa very frustrated.
She thought her uncle would come to ask for the mage arrogantly and she didn’t expect to see such a scene.

Zheng Ran and Kai were chatting.
Even though the two of them talked about a lot of things along the way, they both knew well in their minds what they were after.
Zheng Ran chatted casually to Kai with a smile.
None of them mentioned the mage.
That kid was registered at the Mercenary Union and the royal family wanted to steal her away after seeing such a benefit.
Don’t even think about it!

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