Chapter 122: Killed in a Second (3)

Ever since Yun Feng reached level 7, her fire magic element had also risen to the standard of level 7 because of her contracted Magic Beast.
In comparison, the other four elements that were relatively weaker than the fire element seemed to have broken through some kind of barrier.
Their level soared suddenly all the way to level 6!

Yun Feng had now mastered the magic of five elements.
The fire element was at level 7, while the water element, wind element, earth element and thunder element were at level 6.
If other people knew about this, even the principal of the Masang School of Magic wouldn’t be able to sit tight.

Yun Feng suddenly stood up from the bed and opened the windows with both of her hands, looking outside with her black eyes.
“What brings you two here?”

A tall, handsome young man and a beautiful young girl with a similar age were standing in front of the door of the Red Maple Mercenary Team in Yun Feng’s sight.
Yun Feng narrowed her eyes lightly.
That young girl was a level-5 mage, while the young man’s strength was above hers.
He was a level-8 warrior and was kind of a genius.

“Little girl, can we talk for a second?” Kasa lifted her head and looked at the little girl at the window on the second floor.
She gave a friendly smile, making her seem like she was easy-going.

Yun Feng raised her eyebrows.
Was this girl treating her like a child? Haha, interesting… She hopped outside gently with her small body and slowly landed on the ground without making any sound.

After seeing this, Kasa was even more delighted in her mind.
She wanted to step forward and grab Yun Feng’s little hands, but Yun Feng avoided her slightly.
“Who are you? Why did you come to see me?”

Her indifferent tone made Kasa a little shocked.
Kasa thought Yun Feng was just a kid and she didn’t expect such a deep feeling.
It looked like she had underestimated Yun Feng.
Thinking of this, Kasa also became serious and started talking in an adult-to-adult manner.

“Hi, mage.
I’m the princess of the Karan Empire, Kasa, and he’s Murong Yuntian from Genius Academy under the Karan Empire’s School of God of War.”

The corners of Yun Feng’s mouth slowly lifted as she glanced at the handsome young man, who was standing silently on the side, with her black eyes.
That cold, iceberg-like handsome face seemed to be slightly uncomfortable when Yun Feng gazed over.

Yun Feng looked at Murong Yuntian a few times.
Murong Yuntian, the man from the Murong family whom she had that ridiculous engagement with… He was quite powerful, but… she was still not interested.

“Ahem! I still haven’t known your name?” When Kasa saw that Yun Feng was always looking at Murong Yuntian, she couldn’t help feeling upset, so she coughed on purpose.

Yun Feng looked away slowly.
“My name is Yun Feng.”

Murong Yuntian’s lips moved slightly, as if he was repeating this name and trying to remember it.
Yun Feng also understood when she saw his unmoved look.
It seemed that the Murong family treated the engagement with the Yun family as their biggest humiliation.
The person involved was even this elite of the Murong family, Murong Yuntian.
So, they certainly chose to hide it completely.

“Yun Feng? You’re from the Yun family, that Yun family?” Kasa’s eyes brightened and glittered when she looked at Yun Feng after she heard Yun Feng’s name.
Yun Feng then nodded calmly.

“That’s great! Then, you don’t have a reason to reject me!” Kasa gave a bright smile and seemed to be relieved.
There was a relaxed look on her face, as if she didn’t have to worry about anything anymore.

“What exactly do you want?” Yun Feng asked again patiently.
To be honest, she didn’t have any good impression on the Karan Royal Family.
The time when the summoner of the Yun family was born was certainly glorious and the Karan Royal Family also respected them back then.
And yet, the moment the Yun family declined, the respect they got from the Karan Royal Family at the beginning immediately turned into disdain.
In these years after the Yun family moved from the Imperial Capital, had the Karan Royal Family asked about them once? Did the Karan Royal Family lend the Yun family a helping hand during their most difficult times?

The summoner of the Yun family fulfilled his responsibilities for the Karan Empire and contributed to the growth of the empire.
The Yun family also treated the empire wholeheartedly, but what did they get in exchange? When they had no use anymore, the Karan Empire just abandoned them and threw them aside!

“You’re a member of the Yun family, so you should know the relationship between the Yun family and the Karan Royal Family.
You also have the obligation to become the power of the Karan Royal Family!” Kasa stood there with pride and arrogance on her face, as if this was a great honor for Yun Feng and Yun Feng should accept it quickly, taking the initiative to risk her life and work hard to give everything to the Karan Royal Family!

A sneer appeared on Yun Feng’s little face.
“Nobody can boss the Yun family around.”

When Kasa heard this, she couldn’t help but look furious.
After knowing that Yun Feng was from the Yun family, Kasa treated Yun Feng as the type of person who should do anything for the Karan Royal Family.
She had never thought she would hear such a reply, which aroused anger in her mind.

“Yun Feng, do you know the identity of the Yun family?”

“Oh? What identity? Please enlighten me.”

“Enlighten you? Didn’t your father tell you that the Yun family is the lackey of the Karan Royal Family?”

This completely made Yun Feng’s face darken.
Murong Yuntian’s expression changed and he immediately pulled Kasa behind him.
Kasa didn’t know why, but the next second, she sensed the chaos of the elemental forces around her.

Kasa’s expression changed.
“How dare you attack me?!”

Yun Feng didn’t say anything, but her actions proved everything.
I’m going to beat you up!

Yun Feng narrowed her eyes slightly and looked at Murong Yuntian, who suddenly appeared in front of Kasa and blocked her completely.
At this moment, a layer of thin white fog rose gradually on Murong Yuntian’s body.
That was his fighting energy, his level-8 fighting energy!

“Yun Feng, Kasa is the princess.” Murong Yuntian looked at this little girl in front of him with his black eyes.
Under the power of his level-8 fighting energy, her expression didn’t change at all, which made Murong Yuntian a bit shocked secretly.
Although Kasa behind him did say something that was a bit too much, Murong Yuntian must stand in front of her because of her identity.

“Yun Feng! This is the Karan Empire!” Kasa yelled as the anger in her mind only increased.
Even though this little girl before her was quite powerful and was a talent, she was wrong if she thought this could make the Karan Royal Family yield! The Karan Royal Family had only yielded to one person, which was the summoner of the Yun family!

Yun Feng’s face darkened even more and her little face with perfect facial features seemed a bit terrifying.
She didn’t say anything else.
The chaotic elements around had already revealed Yun Feng’s psychological state at this moment.
They treated the Yun family as their lackeys.
The Karan Royal Family really overrated themselves!

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