Chapter 120: Killed in a Second (1)

“A wand with six… six holes… and six… six crystals?” The level-6 warrior was completely dumbfounded.
His eyes stared right at the wand in Yun Feng’s hand.
The six Magic Beast Crystals on it were shining with faint brilliance, as if there was rich energy inside.

Everyone in the venue gasped at this moment and went into silence for a second.
Then, cheers burst out again, like lava that gushed out of a volcano, so enthusiastic and endless!

“Red Maple! Red Maple! Red Maple!”

Zheng Ran turned his head to the side slightly and saw Fitch’s extremely stunned expression as his laugh lines at the corners of his mouth became longer and longer.
The moment Murong Yuntian saw Yun Feng take out the wand, his pupils shrunk.
A trace of shock and deep curiosity flashed through his handsome face that had always been expressionless.

Kasa directly stood up and ran to the fence of the platform.
She wished that her body could go a few hundred meters further.
Her huge eyes stared at the wand in Yun Feng’s hand firmly.
“That’s impossible.
That’s impossible.
She’s a mage… Her wand… has six holes and six crystals… Uncle Fitch!” Kasa turned around in a hurry and yelled at Fitch.
Fitch’s expression changed slightly.
He understood what the princess of the Karan Royal Family meant.

“Hey, Zheng Ran, she’s a mage…”

Zheng Ran nodded with a smile and didn’t answer him.
Fitch’s face tightened again and he didn’t know what to say.
When Kasa saw this, she was a bit anxious.
She immediately came in front of Zheng Ran.

“Senior Zheng Ran! Mages belong to the Masang School of Magic! They’re elite forces that belong to the Karan Empire!” Kasa’s majesty of being a member of the royal family burst out.
Her superiority as a princess was undoubtedly shown at this moment.
Even though the person in front of her was the Vice President of the Mercenary Union, even though he was a master with the same level as Fitch, Kasa was still speaking loudly.

Zheng Ran’s smiling face darkened a bit.
He looked at Kasa.
“So, your Highness, do you mean the royal family of the Karan Empire is going to poach someone from the Mercenary Union?”

Kasa was instantly speechless.
She stood there with her face flushed, while Murong Yuntian looked at Zheng Ran on guard.
He sensitively noticed that this middle-aged man, who always smiled, seemed to be a little enraged.

“Ahem, your Highness, if this little girl shows up here, she has apparently registered at the Mercenary Union.” Fitch said to Kasa.
“But…” Kasa still wanted to say something, but Murong Yuntian pulled her back gently.
Fitch smiled at Zheng Ran.
“Kasa is a bit anxious.
She’s just eager to recruit talents…”

Some sweat appeared faintly on Fitch’s forehead.
He didn’t forget that this was the base camp of the Mercenary Union.
If they really made a move to steal the girl here, they would just embarrass themselves.

Zheng Ran put a smile on his face again.
He didn’t say anything and he gazed back at Yun Feng, looking at that short, powerful wand in her hand.
The corners of Zheng Ran’s mouth rose slowly.
Kid, you indeed have a card up on your sleeve.
How many other surprises will you give me?

The few big shots on the stand had a heated discussion, while the mercenaries on the side had already become fanatical.
Looking at the wand in Yun Feng’s hand, countless people immediately became passionate and excited.
Even the four Commanders of the five-star groups gritted their teeth fiercely!

Six holes and six crystals, this meant that this little girl had already reached level 6… She reached the next level in just a dozen days and she was even a mage.
How… was that possible?

What kind of a monster did the Red Maple Mercenary Team recruit? She advanced to the next level at such a high speed! With this genius mage, wouldn’t the strength of the Red Maple Mercenary Team become much more powerful?

“I… I…” The eyes of the level-6 warrior looked full.
The fighting energy that surged out of his body earlier had all shrunk back.
How could he, an early-level 6 warrior, possibly fight with a level-6 mage? Besides, he came from the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group, the sworn enemy of the Red Maple Mercenary Team! How would he end up good?

Yun Feng watched the level-6 warrior open his mouth as he trembled and an extremely evil smile slowly appeared on her little face.
The wand spun quickly on her palm as she held it steadily in her hand.

“Snake of Water, come out!” As Yun Feng whispered softly, a dazzling brilliance suddenly burst out of the six Magic Beast Crystals on the wand.
Blue water element appeared immediately in the dimension around the wand and quickly formed a giant blue python, dazzling everyone’s eyes like a fascinating trick.

“Magic, this is magic…” Everyone watching this couldn’t take their eyes off.
People on the East Continent still had a strong desire for mages.
After all, there were tons of warriors.
If they could become a mage, they would be able to stand out from the crowd with head and shoulders above others.

“Level 6 magic simulation!” Kasa yelled as she opened her eyes wide and looked at that giant blue python.
That was a level 6 magic simulation.
To be precise, only mages who had reached level 6 could use all kinds of elements to create the form of animals.

Fitch’s heart also tightened.
Level 6.
How old was that kid? Level-6 mage.
Even the most talented students at the Masang School of Magic would probably be twenty years old when they reached level 6! For other ordinary mages, they would at least be forty years old when they reached level 6!

How old was she? A level-6 mage? Such a person was under the Mercenary Union? Would the Karan Royal Family go crazy?

Murong Yuntian firmly stared at Yun Feng with his black eyes.
His mind was slightly shocked by such powerful magic.
What Murong Yuntian was thinking right now was that if he fought with her, would he have the confidence to beat her with his level-8 strength? A silent enthusiasm rose slowly in his body.
It was a kind of excitement of encountering a powerhouse, a kind of impulse to prove himself!

The moment the giant blue python appeared, the level-6 warrior who fought with Yun Feng felt his legs like jelly and he fell on the ground messily.
That look couldn’t help but make people sigh.
Was this how a level-6 warrior should look like? However, the level-6 magic was too shocking.
People felt a sense of coldness just by looking at this giant blue python and those entirely blue eyes seemed to be the bridge to hell.

“I, I, I…” The giant python stared at the level-6 warrior with its eyes.
The dimension around his body dropped gradually and his body also became numb.
There was a gorgeous smile on Yun Feng’s little face as she opened her red lips gently, “Go!”

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