Chapter 119: First Battle (4)

“My Lady, I’m up!” Wang Ming burst into laughter and also hopped on the ring.
The members of the Red Maple Mercenary Team weren’t worried at all.
Wang Ming was at level 6 right now.
The other party wouldn’t be able to beat him, unless they sent out the master they borrowed from the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group.

Wang Ming’s result was soon out.
“Second round, the Red Maple Mercenary Team wins!” As the judge shouted, Wang Ming jumped off the ring with a smile and the cheers around surged like a tide.
Wang Ming looked at the people who were cheering for them in the surroundings and gave a foolish smile.
“I can’t believe the Red Maple Mercenary Team can be so popular one day…”

The others also laughed and subconsciously looked at Yun Feng.
Right, there was also a day when the Red Maple Mercenary Team was so famous.
They could be so glorious right now only because their Young Lady came.

Yun Feng smiled lightly as she looked at the ring in front of her and stretched her body.
“It’s finally my turn.”

Yun Feng hopped gently onto the ring.
The five members of the Sandstorm Mercenary Group on the opposite side all held their breath, while people on the stand cheered even more enthusiastically when they saw Yun Feng.
The name of the Red Maple Mercenary Team sounded through the sky, as if it was about to fly out of this vast world!

“Zheng Ran, when did the Mercenary Union start recruiting such young kids?” Fitch narrowed his eyes and looked at Yun Feng.
He glanced over Yun Feng’s body a dozen times.
The more he looked at her, the more he felt that this little girl wasn’t simple.
There was also a faint feeling of jealousy in his heart.
If this girl could come to the Royal Army…

“The future starts from the younger generation.
The Royal Army can recruit soldiers directly from the School of the God of War.
Why can’t we recruit kids as well?”

Zheng Ran looked at Fitch with a smile, while Fitch lifted the corners of his mouth in embarrassment.
The standard of the Royal Army had really gone from bad to worse in recent years.
They couldn’t even wait for those kids at the School of God of War to graduate.
They directly recruited the students from the school to join the army.
Thinking of this, Fitch was a bit embarrassed.

The Karan Royal Family gave its all to catch up with the level of the Mercenary Union.
As the General of the army, even though Fitch could express his opinion, the senior personnel of the royal family were still the ones who made decisions.
What else could he do if they wanted to catch up with the Mercenary Union? He could only try to complete the mission that was simply impossible to complete in frustration.

The Mercenary Union in the Karan Empire was just a branch of the union.
There were already hundreds of mercenary groups in a branch and a few hundred level-7 and level-8 masters.
There were also level-9 masters.
How would the army of the Karan Royal Family be able to catch up with such a level of strength?

The Mercenary Union continuously recruited new blood every year, and so did the School of the God of War of the Karan Empire.
However, an experienced mercenary and a talent who only knew empty talk, were simply not comparable at all.

When Fitch thought about the young people at the School of the God of War, who didn’t have any actual combat experience but were cocky, he felt a bit of a headache.
Murong Yuntian was already a more outstanding talent among them.
He came from a pretty good background and was extremely talented, but he wasn’t really domineering, which surprised Fitch a lot.

“Fitch, don’t even think about poaching that kid.” Zheng Ran said with a smile as he focused his gaze on Yun Feng’s little face.

Fitch chuckled after hearing that.
“She’s just a talented kid.
Aren’t there a lot in the School of the God of War?”

When Zheng Ran heard what Fitch said, he slightly turned his head to the side.
“Really? Haha, then I’ll be at ease.
If not, I’ll be ready to fight with you…”

Fitch’s body shook gently.
Zheng Ran wanted to fight with him for this little girl? Was this little girl really that impressive? Even the Vice President of the Mercenary Union regarded her with special respect?

Almost everyone was gazing at Yun Feng, like flashing lights in the sky that surrounded her.
Yun Feng didn’t seem to see them.
Her beautiful eyes looked at the front gently.
The tallest man among the five members of the Sandstorm Mercenary Group slowly walked out and jumped onto the ring.

“You’re that level-5 mage?” The man sized Yun Feng up.
He would be lying if he said he wasn’t surprised.
Nobody would be able to imagine that her strength would be so terrifying when they saw Yun Feng’s age.
However, what he didn’t expect was that Yun Feng hadn’t been at level 5 for a long time anymore.

The few members of the Red Maple Mercenary Team smiled secretly, while Zhao Yan glanced at the man representing the Sandstorm Mercenary Group in disdain.
“Heh, my Lady isn’t a level-5 mage anymore…”

Zhao Mingqi looked at the two people on the ring and shook his head slightly.
“The opponent of my Lady is a level-6 warrior.
How many strikes do you think it’ll take for her to knock him down on the ground?”

Zhao Yan immediately became spirited.
He said excitedly, “Of course, one strike, definitely one strike!”

Wang Ming burst into laughter and showed a silly smile.
“You and I have the same thought, Young Master.
One strike!”

Zhao Mingqi also nodded.
Right, their Young Lady could deal with this man with one strike.

Yun Feng didn’t answer the man opposite her.
She only said indifferently, “Are you sure you don’t want to surrender?”

The level-6 warrior from the Sandstorm Mercenary Group was a bit startled when he heard this.
He then laughed wildly.
“Why do I have to be afraid of a level-5 mage? It’s not a big deal.
I’ll tie with you!”

Yun Feng raised her eyebrows.
“Oh? Tie with me?”

The level-6 warrior only felt coldness coming right at him after hearing that.
An inexplicable sense of danger surrounded his entire body and the feeling of facing a strong enemy appeared quietly.
This little girl in front of him gave him a feeling that he wouldn’t be able to defeat her and that feeling was getting stronger…

The level-6 warrior shouted suddenly as his level-6 fighting energy burst out and flowed around his body, slightly dispelling the suffocation that was about to make his mind numb.
If he exerted himself, he would be able to tie with a level-5 mage.
Besides, how much stronger could she get in just a dozen days? Mages on the East Continent weren’t comparable to warriors.
They were born with restrictions on their physique!

The level-6 warrior pondered as the confidence in his mind increased a bit.
His eyes didn’t avoid Yun Feng anymore, as if there was even a hint of fighting spirit.
When Yun Feng saw his expression, her lips curled up and she smiled as she put her little hand slowly into the sleeve of her clothes.
“You just won’t give up until you see your grave?”

When she took her hand out of the sleeve of her clothes, there was a short, powerful wand in her hand! And there were six Magic Beast Crystals inserted on that wand!

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